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General Information

: 1994
: Renault
: Laguna I Phase I 2.0RT
: Persian Red
: Almost a barn find. Had been garaged for 8 years when I got it (1 owner, FSH) in 2012. Had only done 13,494 miles from new and 4 miles since last dealer service. Fitted new battery, freed stuck clutch, pumped up tyres and started first time. Sailed through MoT (as it has on each subsequent occasion). Recent clutch, cambelt, brakes (2019).To date has still only done 40,500 miles.


: Fitted full set of door cards from a 1996 1.6RT Sport to replace peeling originals. Thanks eBay! New mats (as OEM). Otherwise original.
Wheel and Tire
: Original 14" steelies (can't be arsed with alloys). Trying for a set of new wheel trims ('Malaga' - Renault part 7700828736) but even used ones are like hen's teeth. Looks like it'll have to be a refurb job. I might get round to it one day....


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You lucky fellow, what a great score! Was it as shiny as that when you got it?
I've got a 1995 Laguna RXE, 2.0 (1998 c.c.) manual and It looks almost identical to yours, except mine's a white one. I like it a lot.
Well done.

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Hi Oz. Apologies for the late response - haven't checked in for a while. Thanks for your comments. No it wasn't so shiny when I got it! I drove it down to the car wash trailing cobwebs like something from the Addams Family. After that it looked like this. And as it belonged to my late stepfather it didn't cost me a penny. I know how lucky I was....