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  1. Trafic 2 1.9 DCI 100 Clutch Slave Cylinder

    Hi All I am in the process of changing the clutch as the slave cylinder decided to puke fluid,so doing the clutch as a matter of course. In the packet with the new slave cylinder was an o ring,but cannot see where its supposed to fit ? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Clio 3 - 1.2 TCE 100 - PCV/breather issue

    Hi all, I have recently purchased a 2007 Clio with the 1.2 TCE 100 engine, there is an odd issue with the PCV/breather pipework that I am trying to work out the solution to, I believe the actual PCV setup is in the rocker cover however my issue is the hoses on the engine. I think Renault call...
  3. 2004 Trafic DCI 100 clutch issue

    Hi, I***8217;m looking for some assistance with a clutch issue. My pedal was going soft and to the floor then occasionally getting some pressure back. I changed the master cylinder behind the pedal back bleed it with a large syringe, go a good pedal first bleed and it was good for about 4/5...
  4. Master 2.5 DCi 100 new-to-me questions

    Hi, a couple of questions regarding a 2005 Master DCi 100 (2.5) I am trying to get to know better. I was hoping to see more info in the "Driver's handbook" than I've found, but realised that this handbook covers so many differently equipped variants that it cannot be more specific than it is...
  5. My 2. 5 dci 100 appears to have 2.8 injectors.....?

    General Chat
    Hi, Baffled to hell, started stripping head and nearly off but last night I inspected the injectors and found one had a broken tip and looks like been like that for a while and they just slid out?, just typed in part number 0432193757 and it's coming up 2.8td, the 2.5 dci ones ebay look...
  6. Master Dci 100 engine swap. Will a dci 120 engine and box be OK?

    General Chat
    Hello folks, Can't find much info on what'll work for an engine swap for my dci 100 master van. Got the chance of a good running engine and box from a dci 120, I know it's the same engine and assume all same internals and sensors etc surely just the renault map, turbo? Won't my dci 100 map just...
  7. Master Dci 100 engine swap from potential same engine donor, will I have ecu issues?

    Ask the Experts
    Hi all, hope you're all having a good weekend, mines whizzing with how I go about an engine swap and cant find info. Had some bad luck after purchasing a 2004 master Dci 100 and looking like belts slipped as engines jammed up and belts are good, had a shot gearbox any way and slightly clunky...
  8. 2005 Clio II 1.5 DCi 100 for sale/breaking.

    For sale
    Well, after 5 years of ownership my Clio DCi 100 has hit a snag that I am not able to deal with. She was becoming hard to start (especially when warm), so I had her looked at by a garage... the verdict, 2 of the injectors were going crappy and leaking back badly. I was quoted £120 to fit them if...
  9. Scenic III 1.5 dCi 100 Cambelt replacement

    Car is a 2012 pre-facelift Scenic III 1.5 dCi 110. As it's six years old (and therefore overdue a cambelt change) I've bought the kit and started the strip-down, but I've hit a snag. I've got the top mounting and stabiliser removed, and teh outer plastic cover, but can't remove the inner...
  10. RENAULT MASTER II 2007 2.5 dci 100

    Hi guys wondered if anybody could shed some light on my engine. I have recently bought the above vehicle and I***8217;m trying to sort out a few teething problems. Does anybody know if this looks correct as to me looks like somethings missing and what does it do? Many thanks
  11. 2.5Dci 100 Master loud tapping sound

    Hi all... I have a 55 Master 100 Dci 2.5 Turbo diesel which was making a light rattling sound around the 2000rpm mark until yesterday when I got in to drive away and a loud tapping sound was coming from the top end near the front of the engine. Any ideas what it might be? I did think maybe a...
  12. Renault master 100

    Hi guys Another problem today Went to get the pre glow plugs changed at garage Only thing is they couldn't do it as the plugs were siezed in and he didn't want to snap them off They have to be changed but not sure if there is any way I can get any penetrating oil in to at least get some of the...
  13. Trafic 1.9 100 2005

    Hi guys just bought a trafic have a couple of problems when in 6th gear feels under powered and won't rev much my fault codes are df325 egr and df198 track 2 pedal sensor circuit, would any of these be my problem? Cheers
  14. Renault Traffic dci 100 van 2006 airbag warning light

    Hi, My airbag warning light has come on with the SERV lit up aswel. I ve researched this online and tried the options of putting my foot on the accelerator and pressing the brake pedal 3 times whilst the engine is off. Also I ve tried the re setting of the dials by pressing the button on the...
  15. Renault Traffic dci 100 central locking

    Hi, I have a renault traffic van where the passenger side door does not open with the central locking keyfob. Has anyone had similar issues could it possibly be a component part that needs changing, it s been like that since I purchased 6 months ago. Thanks.
  16. 2006 Trafic 1.9DCI 100 Starts then stalls

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and recently bought (2 weeks ago) a nice 2006 Trafic SL27 1.9DCI 100 to add to my small fleet of vehicles. I've my own refrigeration and A/C business and have been using a Peugeot Partner for most of my work but it's just a bit too small now for some of the work...
  17. Clio DCI 65 v 100

    Hi, I bought a DCI 100 a week ago and made a highly embarrassing and catastrophic error. Despite being relatively mechanically savvy I made a huge boo boo! I checked the oil and couldn't see any oil on it at all....and no markings for the level at all. I was about to go on a long journey so...
  18. Strange gear selection issue 2005 Clio DCi 100

    Hi guys. Earlier this evening I had a strange occurrence when driving my Clio DCi 100. All of a sudden, the gear lever, when pulling back for second, fourth or reverse would pull back too far (nearly reaching the hand brake lever) and there would be no gear present. First, third and fifth seem...
  19. 2004 Trafic 1.9dci 100 down on power *Fixed*

    Hi everyone, I have a trafic which i have owned for nearly two years. Its done 115,000. I've only put about 2 or 3 of those on it. It's always been a good little runner and started on the button; idling sweetly, good power, cruises easily in 6th gear even up a moderate incline. It had this...
  20. 1.9 DCI 100 exhaust smoke, disappears when turbo inlet removed?

    Having trouble with a Renault traffic 1.9dci 100. A few minutes after start up grey smoke starts appearing from the exhaust that gets worse the warmer the engine gets. I removed the inlet that comes from the air box at the turbo end and the smoke stopped. Checked intercooler ipes and there is...