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  1. Looking for suitable stereo advice for a 2004 DCI (100)

    In-car entertainment
    Hi All, Just looking for advice on what stereo would be best to buy for my Clio listed above. Looking to spend no more than 100-150 for either a second hand one or new. I'd want speakers to be compatible with the stereo also and what would go together nicely. if you give me some advice or...
  2. Renault tragic 1.9dci 100 06 plate poor starting

    Renault tragic 1.9dci 100 year 2006 will not start if I turn key but. if I turn on ingnition on leave for 30 seconds or so it will start goes to 900 revs then drops after 10 seconds then goes back to 900 revs it's as tho I need pressure to build up before it will start any ideas guys and girls ????
  3. Clio dci 100 intermittent power loss

    My Clio Clio 100 , keeps intermitently loosing powe, I've disconected the Maf Sensor, now it runs fine No power loss, no loss of mpg, no smoke, Starts fine even when freezing, Do I need the Maf connected.?
  4. Rear disc/bearing change for Clio dci 100.

    Hi guys, it's been a while since I've posted on here. Recently it has come to my attention that my brakes have been getting a little lazy, so with my MOT looming I figured I should sort them out. I recently changed the front discs and pads, which proved a bit awkward, but I got there in the...
  5. Trafic sl27 dci 100 Engine management light

    I have a low mileage trafic I've replaced the boost pressure sensor and the air pressure sensor but the light remains on saying a boost pressure fault remains. The van is a 2002 with only 62k on the clock and seems to drive OK although I'm mainly drive around town. Please help if you can any...
  6. Renault tragic 1.9dci 100 engine issues

    Hi, I'm new here so please bear with me! OK I have a renault trafic 1.9dci 100 on an 03 plate. I recently changed the fan belt as was squealing. Very straightforward and was appeared fine. However the other day I heard what appeared to be belt damage and then the engine started running as rough...
  7. Flushing fuel lines and tank Trafic dci 100

    Would it be ok to use paraffin as a flushing cleaning agent for the fuel lines and tank providing that a final flush is done using clean diesel. I also intend to attach a second fuel filter whilst flushing, is this also permissible. Many thanks Mervynd
  8. Trafic 1.9 100 poor starting / swarf in fuel filter **Fixed**

    Recently my 2003 Trafic has developed starting issues, I have replaced sensors to cam and crank and also glow plugs and fuel filter element,no dirt or swarf was evident in the filter casing at this time The starting problem remained. The van has an electric fuel priming pump which appears to be...
  9. renault clio mk3 1.2 turbo 100 best modifications

    General tuning
    Hi, I have a clio mk3 1.2 turbo 100 and was wondering if anyone had some advice on the best modifications and what will fit the car, thanks.
  10. 2006 renault trafic 1.9dci 100 only selecting some gears

    recently changed clutch, clutch master and slave cyclinder. after completing the job took the van for a spin only managed some gears but unsure what gears they were. can anyone help with diagnosis to this asap?
  11. Clio dCi 100 gearbox very stiff

    Bought a dCi 100 Clio the other day and the gearbox is a bit stiff. I've been told and seen quite a few different things, I'm going to do a gearbox oil change anyway because the car has done 202K. I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem or has had the problem and how was it...
  12. Power steering reservoir Clio dCi 100

    Hi all, may seem like a stupid question but where is the power steering reservoir located on a dCi 100 Clio?? In the manual and load of other pictures it shows it next to the coolant bottle, but when I look there is nothing there? Anyone shed any light on this? Thanks
  13. Trafic 1.9dci 100 gearbox issue

    So the gearbox on my 2004 trafic went from being noisy to finally going bang. I have now got another pk6, but it's a pk6018 from a Laguna. My old box is a pk6025. So my question is will it fit & how much difference is their in gear ratio? Thanks
  14. trafic 1.9 dci 100

    any recommendations on the best oil to use on the pk6 gearbox
  15. scenic 1.5 dci (100) injectors

    Hi folk,s In my haynes manual it says that the injectors need to be programmed into the onboard compluter, one of my injectors is making a loud ticking/puffing noise, and I can get replacement injectors from ebay, but do they relly need coding? Thanks Jazpa:confused:
  16. traffic 1.9 dci 100 swb rev problems

    Hi there. Im new to the site so hello to all members. I have a 05 traffic and it starts up but only revs to 2500. The engine ticks over lovely and i have had it plugged into the diagnostic machine with no faults. Could it bethe maf ? It just seems to bounce at this amount of revs. I have a video...
  17. clio 1.5 dci 100 fault code map sensor

    I am running out of ideas. Since buying the car it has lost power with glow plug light coming on when revving hard. After reading posts I have checked and cleaned and tested egr. Seems to be ok. Replaced fuel filter. Replaced map sensor. Checked Watergate. Checked glow plugs. Problem seems to be...
  18. Need Help, Renault master 2.5 dci 100 2007

    Hi Guys I've got a problem with my renault master, bought the vehicle last year and had a problem with the maf sensor, the plug had broken apart and i had to attach the wires to the pins with small connectors instead of buying a loom. now and again it would stop running or go into limp mode...
  19. clio dci 100 problem

    I bought a 2004 clio dci 100 in february. I noticed that if I revved it near 4000 I had a sudden loss of power and the glowplug/water in fuel light came on for a few seconds. This sometimes happened at 3500 revs. I cleaned the egr, same problem. I then changed the fuel filter and it seemed to...
  20. Master 2.5dci 100 poor starting

    Hi everyone. Ive had this van for a few years and this fault remains. Poor starting from cold. Once it has started once its fine, and runs all day without a blip. It had 4 injectors refurbished by bosch a few years back and a 2nd hand high pressure pump, also a new solenoid fuel regulator on the...