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  1. Renault master 2010 mark 111

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I am at a total loss , the van has manual locking . The drivers door wouldn***8217;t lock so I ordered a new barrel fit it no joy . The key just goes round all the way. I have replaced the locking mechanism also and once again no luck. Any ideas ???
  2. Laguna 111

    General Chat
    I am going to buy a Laguna 111 estate, 2 questions: Which is the best engine? How good is the automatic box? Thanks for your replies
  3. Espace Mk 111 not starting or charging.

    Hi all, I have an Espace in France, used continuously for 4 to 5 months of the year and maybe 5 to 6 times, for two weeks at a time other than that. Battery negative disconnected before departing, connected on arrival, never any problem starting. Last week went over and car wouldn't start, so...
  4. Clio 111 modus and Kangoo Indicator/light stalk

    For sale
    Purchased this last week for what we thought was faulty - Turns out it needed a New fuse/relay board now its been fixed this is surplus to requirements £55 including uk postage (signed for) Paypal for payment if intrested In original packaging
  5. Megane 111 reversing lights fuse identification

    Hi I have a 2009 Megane 111, and the reversing lights do not work, I firstly thought that the reversing switch was faulty, so I replaced it, but still they did not work, checked both bulbs, they are ok. The rear wiper sweep also does not happen when you put the car into reverse, but the rear...
  6. Mk 111 Megane spare

    Wheels & tyres
    I have a mk111 Megane with Kaleido alloys with 205/55/16 tyres and inflation kit. I bought a steel spare from the garage and was given a 6.5J 16 H2H et 47 with a 205/60/16 tyre. I queried the tyre size and was told this was correct, the difference being to suit a steel wheel and that the...
  7. Clio 111 problem

    If the clio 111 is not used for a month or so it brings on the service light and messages re injectors and filters and will not rev above 3000rpm I have it reset and all ok till left again. They tell me it's something to do with the accelerator wiring or throttle box bad connection. Has anyone...
  8. Tom Tom navigation not working Megane 111

    Tom Tom navigation in Megane 111 stopped working and now says no maps found. Any one got any ideas. Thanks.
  9. Megane 111 replacement engine failure

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    i purchased a megane 1.5 dci from Quicks (evans halshaw) took the car back after 2 weeks with engine noises to be told nothings wrong only for the timing belt to snap 2 days later, Renault renewed the engine with (58k) on what EH said was done on a recall,no paperwork /guarantee warranty...
  10. Laguna 111 3 4WS 4 Control Issue

    Steering and Suspension
    Steering fault warning light has been coming on and off for several weeks now, intermittently with no specific action initiating it. Checked all the main components (Fluid, Rack, UJ's, Column, etc) and nothing apparent so continued to drive to let the fault develop. This morning I noticed the...
  11. Laguna 111 O/S dip beam not working.

    Hi, the O/S dip beam on my 2010 sport tourer has stopped working. Very easy to get at the bulb which I changed but it still doesn't work. I don't suppose the headlights have separate fuses or is this shivering feeling I have because I will have to take it to a dealer? Any help very much...
  12. Rear brake pad change 2008 lag 111 initiale

    Hi, im new on here, so excuse my ignorance. I need to change the rear pads on the laguna Mk 3 estate, it has an electroinc handbrake button. Is it possible to release it to change the rear pads, or is the whole thing a no go area, and a garage job only ??:confused: I cant find anything on...
  13. Laguna coupe workshop manual

    Tools & equipment
    Hello all, I have always relied on Haynes manuals for maintaining my vehicles but note they dont do one for the Laguna 111 coupe. Can anyone advise where I can obtain a workshop manual (electronic or hard copy). Many thanks, John
  14. Laguna 111 one touch window opening

    For no apparent reason the front windows are playing up. The rear ones are fine but the one touch on both front windows doesn't work and on holding the button down on either window the window works but stops every couple of inches going up or down I know the seals can sometimes cause this as the...
  15. Mk 111 Espace turbo removal..

    Hi to all again... Just working through my bucket list ..have just removed the turbo on my 20 year old B110 Messenger... replaced the seals and bush bearings etc then had it balanced and set up ... back on and whistling dixy... I have searched through various posts reguarding turbo removal on...
  16. Laguna 111 Card reader fault

    I have a laguna 111 1.5 deisel 2010, When inserting key card and pressing the start button the dash board lights up insert key. i have had some one out to it, Tried to program new key card but that wasnt the problem. I have a fault code read and its saying power to the card reader. Does any...
  17. Laguna 111 spare

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi folks About to drive from Ireland to Southern Spain in newly acquired 2011 Laguna 111. Not delighted with the tyre repair kit in the boot. Long journey to depend on it. Few questions Have you guys used this kit ? Will the tyre get far if I have to use it ? Can I get a rim from another...
  18. Renault Laguna 111 CDTi service.

    I have a 2010 Laguna 111 2.0dci 150 FAP estate which has done 107000 trouble free miles. It is telling me it needs a Renault service as it had an oil service last time Renault have quoted me £160 which is cheaper than my indie but according to their spec only includes an oil and filter change...
  19. Where is my Cabin Filter (Grand Scenic 111 2010)

    Heating & cooling
    Ok so I thought I would do the four year service myself after being quoted £600+ by my friendly local Renault garage. Engine Air filter and Engine Oil filter done with the help of some youtube videos. BUT I am buggered if I can find the Cabin Air filter. First I pullled the glove box off as...
  20. Laguna 111 tourer brakes

    Hi, My 2010 Laguna 111 2.0dci sport tourer is going to need discs and pads soon. Has anyone done this job and if so do I need specialist tools or is it a relatively easy DIY job? I have changed discs and pads before. My local indie wants a Kings ransom to do it.