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  1. Master 2.5dci 120, low power

    having recently purchased a Renault Master based motor home it appears to be very low on power and only revs to about 3000rpm, please any ideas what the problem might be. done 68000, cam belt replaced at 64000
  2. Key size for oil cooler replacement G9U Renault Master ii 120 2.5dci - sorted

    Hello, nowhere can I read the size of the Hex key for removing (replacing) the oil cooler that is in the housing behind the oil filter. I do not want it disassembled and found that I have such a key ... thank you all
  3. Scenic 2 2003 2.0 16v 120,000km vibration on idle

    Hello I've recently bought the above low mileage example and I'm puzzled by vibration at idlying speed. I also have the ventillation running constantly at full speed which I presume requires the resistor to be changed? Thanks
  4. Renault master 56 reg 120 van

    Driving van earlyer and the stoplight came on my dash and the van cut out started straight back up the was sluggish can anyone help me thanks
  5. 06 Dethleffs Camper van, Master dci 120 engine

    Hi. New to this . Hope someone can help. We have a camper van with Renault Master engine which was driving perfectly until 4 weeks ago when after stopping for short break would not rev or move. Have replaced MAF sensor and cleaned erg valve. One injector showed a slight fault and we had that...
  6. Master Dci 100 engine swap. Will a dci 120 engine and box be OK?

    General Chat
    Hello folks, Can't find much info on what'll work for an engine swap for my dci 100 master van. Got the chance of a good running engine and box from a dci 120, I know it's the same engine and assume all same internals and sensors etc surely just the renault map, turbo? Won't my dci 100 map just...
  7. Trafic 1.6 120 BiTurbo minibus

    Does any one know If this will pull a caravan ok as looking at buying one My old 1.9 did pull it ok but was slow Going up mountains in France but did get there Just don***8217;t wanna buy it if it***8217;s gonna struggle I know the bhp is more but the engine is a 1.6 Thanks a lot
  8. Renault mater 120 2007

    Hi guys Timing belt went on master whilst on drive on Sunday Stop light came on and all I could do was reverse back up drive New belt fitted yesterday and all seems ok Only problem is Battery seems to drain quick or isn't charging as it cut out on way home Power booster on and ok Question is...
  9. Renault Master 2.5dci 120 2006 Oil leak

    Hi first of all i noticed oil under my Master before 3 days after 2 long trips around 1000 km in general.Got under it saw that the back of the EGR valve is all oiled and that oil is dripping down not like when u open a filter but over period of 1'-15 minutes i would get 1 drop even tho engine...
  10. 2.5 Master 120 Limp mode when cold

    Hi Guys , Bit of an odd one. If i start van and let it tick over until warm and drive it its fine. If i drive it from cold it immediately goes into limp mode. After restarting when up to temp it drives fine again. Any suggestions ? Cheers
  11. 2.5dci 120 problem after flashing ecu

    Hello i have a 2009 master with 2.5 dci 120hk i flashed the ecu..after this the car runs rich on idle and it is comming up with p0089 massage... i write back org file still the same... then i took a ecu from another 2009 master with imobiliser and key and key ring.. car is starting but still...
  12. '01 Laguna 1.9dCi 120 instant faults

    Hello, My 2001 Laguna 1.9dCi 120 has faced some seriuos problems lately. I am not a native English speaker, so I do apologize for the possible mistakes... I have this car for a few years and since the first day of the ownership it does not work as other diesel cars do - there are no turbo...
  13. recode injectors failed megane 2 1.9 dci 120

    So megane been in limpmode for days 1500 max rpm after i decided to use a cheap galleto to read my files for remap its wiped my codes Its edc 16 ecu (wish i read up on this b4 o started) tried using delphi to programme back its codes not working i have dtc error DF276 injector code missing...
  14. Renault luguna expressiondci 120 may 2005

    Hi hope some one can help need new discs and pads on back can you wind brake piston out manually or does it need to be done the computer reason when you plug scanner into computer it will not communicate with the scanerhope some one can help

    I HAVE A 2005 LUGUNA EXPRESSION THINK MIGHT BE PHASE FIRST REGERSTERD IN MAY 2005 IT HAS AN ELECTRONIC Hand brake as the computer is not working yet can I change the back discs and pads can I wind caliper out or does it need to be done through the computer hope some one can help, please
  16. Help please! 2.5 DCI 120 Wont start

    Hi there I have got a Master 02 with a 2.5 DCI 120 engine. It has always fired up perfectly, however yesterday it wouldn't fire at all, after two few second cranks still nothing, on the third it finally did and then ran fine for a 120 mile journey. A few hours later it started as normal again...
  17. Trafic 120 nav

    Hi just bought a traffic sport nav van which has UK mapping on the sat nav, and was wondering how you get European mapping? Cheers
  18. Renault Master MH35 DCI 120 - No throttle response, low revs

    Hello, I've recently acquired a 2006 Master 120 DCI MWB van, I have this issue when I try and start it from cold, it will turn over but splutter and then die, it does this maybe 2 or 3 times before it starts to run and idle. I've also noticed that during the first few seconds, there is very...
  19. DCI 120 Privilege roof prblem

    Hi My name is Oli I have a Megane Privilege DCI 120 on a 2004 plate and my question is during the winter period I put my roof down on a cold morning so I could give the car a good clean, as I did this I noticed a liquid poor out on the inside of the car which I thought was just water melting...
  20. Renault Master 2009 MK II 2.5 dCi 120 heater stuck on hot

    Heating & cooling
    Heater stuck on hot . Control knob does not seem to make any difference