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  1. 12v Accessory Socket

    In Car Entertainment
    Hiya Guys. I have a grand scenic 2007. There are no rear accessory sockets under the rear seats & no wiring either. Whats the best way of cutting a hole in the plastic to fit one? Ive got all the bits & ive just put the centre console in with no problems now want to fit sockets in the back under...
  2. Additional 12v socket

    Has anyone added another socket in their kangoo before? I have a blank panel I can mount one on and want to splice it into the existing sockets wiring. Just unsure on +/- and earth orientation as the wiring colours seem to change throughout all the components. TIA.
  3. Renault trafic T1100 Leisuredrive

    Campervan Chat
    Hi all, i have recently bought a 1996 trafic leisuredrive campervan, 90.000 on the clock, it good working order. i have owned it for 2 weeks but there are just a couple of things i need your advice on. 1) this is the more serious of the 2, when i had it MOT'd last week, it began to overheat on...
  4. Espace IV Short to 12V Steering lock **Fixed**

    Hello Everyone Have been using this forum as a guest for some time now, great place for renault information could not have got as far with my car without it. I have had my Espace IV 3.5 V6 in renovation for the last 2 years have pretty much solved every problem with it but this one i am lost...
  5. Phone charger and 12v Centre console adapter not working

    Good afternoon. I drive a 2007 1.9dci Scenic. I have a problem with glove box Phone charger and Centre console 12v adaptor. I have googled this problem and have seen that most of the problem is possibly a fuse. I understand that usually the fuse that runs the centre console and glove box...
  6. Kangoo van towbar wiring ~ missing perm 12v

    Hi, I have a kangoo van 2011. I have bought and fitted a tow bar with no issues. I have feed the electrics cable into the area of the rear nearside light cluster to pick up most of the required signals for my bypass relay. The problem I have is finding a 'permanent' (ie when ignition is on) 12v...
  7. Grand Scenic lll 12v charger

    Can one change the 12v charger under the second row of seats to a dual usb charging point I have seen some that look like they would swap like for like is this a simple job to do
  8. trafic 17 plate 12v sockets

    Hi everyone found the 12v socket plug in the rear os door pillar:smile2:cheapo socket of the bay and it works with engine running !! My question is in the handbook it states there is another socket in the load area, the fuse is installed no38 in the manual but cant find any wires for it or...
  9. Trafic 2016 12v Accessory Socket

    Having just got a 2016 Trafic Sport 120, I find it only has one 12v accessory (cigarette lighter) socket in the cab, on the dash to the left of the centre console above the drop down cup holder, which is disappointing! I took off the cover for the "multimedia" connection point in the centre...
  10. Megane 08 no 12v passenger window Fuse OK **Fixed**

    This is a non Temic window motor. The fault was on when I bought the car. No power to passenger window, will not work from driver or passenger switch. Traced the wiring for 12v and it is fed through the drivers door going to the switch there first. Followed it all the way back to drivers door...
  11. 06 Trafic minibus 12v socket not working.

    Hi, I have an 06 Trafic minibus. The 12v socket in the rear is not working. I am sure it is probably just a fuse. Would anyone know which fuse it is. Thanks in advance, Dave
  12. 12V Test Lights and Airbags ?

    Is this true, should we avoid using incandescent test lamps when undertaking electrical fault finding in cars fitted with airbags ? Using a Test Light
  13. Grand Scenic 3 12V port not working

    Hi, i have same problem. My 12v port stopped working and I treid to check fuses but wwhich fuse is which? No numbers on panel or diagram in manual? Did you resolve?
  14. 12v sockets

    Hi, got an 07 1.9dci tourer 130,down to the last few jobs now before the spain trip,12v socket at front doesn't work,thought it could need changing as it looks pretty well worn, but on checking,i find another in the rear load area,looks unused,still got the cap on,this isn't live either, as I've...
  15. Switched power to 12V sockets on Grand Scenic III

    I have front and rear facing dash cams, but notice that power to the sockets isn't cut when the car is parked. So my question, is it possible to change the behaviour of the car to cut the power, rather than having to unplug them manually?
  16. 2002 16v 1.2 Clio intermittent complete loss of acceleration

    Hi all, Unfortunately another issue with my Clio, however at least it's an excuse to tinker! Car is a 2002 12v 1.2 MK2 (D4F) Expression. Recently I've noticed that my accelerator occasionally seems to completely fail and not provide any acceleration (throttle is not opening at all, as if I...
  17. 2002 Clio 16v D4F 1.2 misfiring

    Hi all, I've recently been having problems with misfires on my 2002 1.2 16v Clio Expression (D4F engine I believe). I only noticed the problem when my amber check engine light started flashing, so I limped the car home and an OBD reader pointed at codes P0440 - EVAP Emission Control System...
  18. Trafic number plate light not getting 12v

    Any common places for wiring fault on this one? May just end up running a new wire. The bulb holder is pretty corroded also. The joys!!!
  19. 24v connected to 12v stuff ?

    hi all i am tracing all the wires in my camper and have found out that my leisure batt neg is connected to starter batt pos, which i have since found out this is called using batteries in series to get 24v the prob i have is i dont know of anything in van that is 24v and have tested stereo...
  20. How to remove 12v socket 2004 Trafic ?

    After sorting out my door open light issue I'm now onto problem no2. The 12v socket on my 2004 Trafic doesn't work, checked fuses all ok. It looks very worn and battered so I'm going to remove it and check the wiring at the back and replace the socket itself. Is there an easy way to gain...