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  1. Alternator Cable 1.5dCi (2004/54 reg)

    Lots of lights on the Clio (battery, abs, STOP, ...) and hardly turning over. But eventually fired so electric windows etc sluggish. Son called AA and they think it's a break in the main alternator lead ... it is over 14 years old and a Renault! So they managed to get him home with a...
  2. megane 1.5dci oil filter dimensions??

    hi im new to this forum so i hope im not gonna ask a dumb question lol i have a 2011 renault megane 1.5dci and wanna do an oil change,when i put my reg in one of the online car parts websites it says there are multiple fitment details for my car,without going under car to measure size of filter...
  3. Clio mk2 1.5dCi - water pump failure?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all, I'm wondering/dreading what this might be... Driving somewhere local today (in the pouring rain) I put the fan on full blast to clear the windscreen. I then noticed the stop and engine management lights come on. They then went off briefly then came back on a bit before going off...
  4. Megane 2 1.5dCI - smoke problem ( Solved )

    Hello everyone, Recently I bought a cheap Megane 2 1.5dCI with 82hp and it had a huge smoke problem. Sometimes the smoke was a dense blue cloud and some times not so much. So I removed the EGR, intercooler pipe (that one that is curved), PCV valve, PCV pipes, the inlet pipes coming from the air...
  5. Looking for Renault laguna 3 1.5dci torque App Parameter Info

    Ask the Experts
    Looking for Renault laguna 3 1.5dci torque settings, Request to please share.
  6. 2003 clio II 1.5dci, warning lights coming on??

    Hello!! New here. Happy to have this resource to draw from and contribute to!! I am new to this car, and have been fixing issues as much as i can. The current problem that i have not been able to sort out is a number of warning lights come on at around 110-120km. Once i back off they go out...
  7. Scenic MK3 1.5dCi 95HP poor milleage

    Hello to all, I have problem with high fuel consumption in Scenic MK3 1.5dCi (95HP - now mapped to 125HP) (I talked to few mechanics, they say its at least one liter per 100km to high). I cant get lower than 6.5l/100km while driving mostly highways. And 7l/100km while driving mostly town...
  8. Renault modus 1.5dci

    Hi everyone I***8217;m in need of some help please I have recently bought a Renault modus 1.5dci 2004 with 78000 miles on and I***8217;m having problems starting it I***8217;ve tried priming the fuel with the primer until it goes hard but yet it still won***8217;t start off the key, but when I...
  9. Clio MK4 1.5dci steering rack question

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello, My steering rack on my Renault Clio 2013 Mk4 diesel dCi 90 needs replacing. If I'm not mistaken the part number 490018225R I am looking at possible replacements. The OEM steering rack bought from Renault is well over £500. I found a Lizarte steering rack for around £160. Who makes the...
  10. Is anyway to disable all sensor Renault laguna 3 1.5dci?

    I am getting Injection Check message randomly but mechanic not able to understand why it's coming as it's comes not frequently so not sure what exact condition it's triggering. there I am finding way to disable all sensor Renault laguna 3 1.5dci. Also I have driving test so I don't want it...
  11. 2006 Scenic 1.5dci Won't start with the button ** Sorted **

    Hi All I'm hoping someone can help me, this morning my car decided not to start though everything looks fine. Doors unlock and the normal press brake/clutch to start messages appear. When i press the start button the immobiliser light comes on solid for a few second then goes out but the car...
  12. Grand scenic iii 1.5dci 6 speed manual clutch

    Hi, first timer here! Can someone please give me a rough idea how much a replacement clutch would cost at a local garage? Thanks Si
  13. 1.5dci fuel filter

    Hi all, i am looking to service my 07 mk11 1.5 dci megane. I tried to order a new diesel filter but the parts company arent sure which filter to get, he said there are a few options. I have had a look at how to vids and they had paper filters but when i searched in an online shop they looked...
  14. Help! 1.5dCi Fuel Filter Removal

    Okay, so I actually have a Nissan Micra, BUT it has the 1.5dCi engine. I've tried asking on the Micra forums, but nobody wants to even help :mad: Right, so I've been following Guy's steps on how to change the diesel fuel filter on a K12 (Nissan Micra K12 - Repair jobs under the bonnet). I've...
  15. Clio II 1.5dCi what's best tool for alternator?

    Hi All, Calling anyone who has changed an alternator on a Clio II 1.5dCi (02 reg) please - the lower mounting bolt is quite hard to get to, my normal spanners and socket are a bit short. Is a long breaker bar or a longer offset ring spanner the best tool to get to it? Cheers in advance
  16. All Dashboard lights flashing (Clio 1.5dCi 2007

    General Chat
    Hi All My daughter's 2007 Clio 1.5 dCi has something wrong. Battery is always flat for few weeks. few days ago jump started and went to garage and they said no electrical problem but battery. New fully charged battery fitted. All is OK. Travelled 200 miles and back to London yesterday no...
  17. Renault Megane 1.5dci Expression - Engine Failure Hazard

    Help and advice needed please - my Megane went into limp mode and the warning light said Fuel injection error in November. I called recovery and a new cam shaft sensor was fitted. This did not fix the problem, the fuel injection was checked and bypassed but this didn't solve the problem either...
  18. clio 1.5dci dynamic sat nav Samsung problems

    Hi all. Just bought a clio 16 reg. 1.5 dci.from a Renault dealer. My Samsung s9 connects fine, but all the names in the address book are back to front. Surnames then first names can I change this. Also it says my phone is not compatible with the hands free voice control on the steering wheel...
  19. Dpf advice kangoo 1.5dci

    Hi Folks , hope I can get some expert advice on this system , fault codes are DTC145392 DIFF PRESSURE SENSOR CIRCUIT . PARTICLE FILTER. PERFORMANCE OR OPERATION INCORRECT and DTC010629 INLET PRESSURE CONSISTANCY . INVALID SIGNAL , I was hoping that it would have been the pressure sensor pipes...
  20. Scenic 1.5dci Auto 2013

    Heating & cooling
    My air con seems fairly feeble. Air coming out doesn't seem that cold and fans seem to work but seem "quiet". Is this normal or does it need a regas? If so how much is a ball park for a regas?