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  1. 60 plate megan coupe 160 bhp

    my airbag light keeps coming on after or if i move the drivers seat. Been told today it is a micro with under the seat. As i move it back the airbag light comes on . When returned it goes off. If the seat is back it gets further away from the sensor. It is a part of the seat loom. Is this a...
  2. 2007 mascott 160 turbo

    hi my name is steve I have a mascot 2007 160dxi with a Creamed turbo. I caNT SEEM TO get a replacement to fit as the banjo fitting on the oil feed on the new one is bigger any ideas?????????????? cheers
  3. Renault Master 3.0 160 loss of power after driving through water *FIXED*

    Other models
    Hello all, new to the forums as a member but have been reading them since i bought "the tank" earlier in the year. I have a Master on a Mascott chassis with the 3.0 litre 160 bhp Nissan engine. I was driving on the motorway in very heavy rain last week. The van in front went through a huge...
  4. clio speedometer showing 160 at 40mph

    Help! my daughter has just passed her test and bought 2001 clio grande 1.2, there were eratic speedometer readings, needle boucing between 0-160. she told me tonight that speedo seemed to act okay until an electric window was activated. I took car out for drive with lights and heater fan on...
  5. Selwonk's MG ZT-T 160+

    My mottah!
    Apparently, it's not all doom and gloom at Longbridge. There are chances of a last ditch effort to clinch a deal that will get _some_ manufacturing restarted at the MG Rover plant in Birmingham So - maybe it's time for us MG owners to celebrate! The hearse Specification Engine -...