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  1. megane 165

    General tuning
    Tell a lie timed 0-60 in 8.33 secs today....pitch as black and 0 degrees Celsius.....but still not impressed (a bag of sh.....) need more power I n a budget...what can I a remap my first port of call
  2. GT 165 Mods? Ideas please :)

    Tuning & Modding
    So I have just bought a GT 165.............. but well I want it modded........... The initial things I was done are: New alloys..... I wanna see if I can get 18" comfortable, got my eye on the assassins. I want the upholstery redone...leather (my dad is an upholsterer and can do this) I want a...
  3. For sale 165 65 r 15 new tyres on the rim

    For sale
    3 x 165 65 r 14 brand new tyres on the rim,Central hub hole is 60mm.These are NOT part worn but NEW £60.The mud on them is when i got them out for the pic,they have never been on a car...Hinckley..... call or text 07721637364
  4. 1984 1.65 trafic camper auto sleeper

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    hi am new to this form can any 1n tell me what gearbox oil this takes thanks and olso best place to get a powersteering rack for it cheers
  5. laguna 2.0 turbo 165 remap?

    Performance Partners
    Thinking about getting my 2.0t petrol remapped , not bothered about more power just want better MPG any thoughts? Cheers....
  6. 2005 Megane 165 engine vibration at idle when cold

    Hi, 1st time posting here, hopefully in the right place. I've just bought a 05 Megane 165 2.0T and am having problems. When the engine is cold there's a lot of vibration through the car. It drives fine, gear changes are smooth and once the engine warms up it almost goes away. On the motorway...
  7. Dinn's many threads on his Laguna III 2008

    General Chat
    Hi. I discovered I got water gathered in rear tailgaite light. As a car has got still warranty I contacted dealer I had bought it from, but they didn't reply to me. I had a previous issue with that dealer due to electric fault in my car (loom) and to sort it I had to contact Renault main office...
  8. Megane 165 GT for sale

    For sale
    28000 miles, 5 door, service history, 7 months mot, blue, professionally wrapped bonnet 2008 57 reg drives excellent no problems,remapped, piper cross panel filter, prima racing dump valve, forge turbo blanking plate. Please check my photos for pics email me if interested I can always send more...
  9. Focal PS 165 in Laguna I?

    In-car entertainment
    Hi guys I would like to know if anyone here has built in some proper performance speakers (lower high-end) in their Laguna I. I am thinking of getting myself some Focal PS 165's or Hertz EKS165's. Although I have a great head unit (JVC KD-SH1000), I never had the money afterwards to replace...
  10. Dials change from 225 onto 165 GT

    General tuning
    Does anybody know if the speedo dials would need coding to my car or if it would be direct replacement if I was to take the dials from a 225 onto my GT?
  11. Does a exhaust of a megane 225 fit a megane gt 165?

    General tuning
    Will the exhaust From a renaultsport megane 225 fit directly to a megane gt 165???
  12. 2008 Megane GT 165 tuning recommendations

    General tuning
    :d hi I've recently purchased a GT 165 and was wondering if any tips on modification or good websites to use as can't find much for this model
  13. 2007 Laguna FSH cheap but 165,000 miles

    Cars & motoring
    2007 Laguna Estate 2.0 150 diesel dynamic It has FSH the seller reckons its Renault, it has documented cam belt changes. I assume that the this mileage a fair bit would have been replaced. It's £2700 or offers, is it worth looking at or best avoided? What is the higher mileage someone has...