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  1. Laguna Mk1 Phase 2 1.6RT Secondary Cat Rattle

    Hi all Seem to have a hollow, growly metallic rattle in the exhaust, which occurs at low revs and higher engine loads; usually when pulling away in traffic in 2nd, or up hills when I really ought to have changed down a gear... I *thought* it was due to loose heatshields which I've finally...
  2. megane 1.6rt limp mode

    I have a99 megane alize automatic 1.6rt which I bought about a year sat on my drive for about 9months and the battery went was working perfectly before the battery died.i bought a new battery and the engine management light came on the dash.i took it to a renault dealer and there...
  3. megane 1.6rt petrol

    when i start the engine up on a morning when its cold the engine idles erratically for around 10 minutes before it settles at around 500 rpm, can anyone advise me as to the problem, thanx in advance
  4. Noisy auxiliary belt tensioner bearing - 2001 Scenic 1.6RT

    Morning everyone, Had to get the clutch replaced this week after 127k! Whilst it was in, the garage told me that the auxiliary belt tensioner bearing is very noisy. I'm unsure of the part I need to source and hopefully replace myself. Can anyone point me in the right direction with a photo...
  5. megane 1.6rt

    engine idles erratically for the first 10 minutes when started
  6. megane year 2000. 1.6rt 16v petrol

    can anyone tell me what product number for a tdc sensor i need for my car, thanx
  7. megane 1.6rt year 2000

    just got home from work (didnt think id make it ),the car seemed to loose power when i put foot down to accelerate harder it made no difference, when the car lost power the revs went up to 3000 rpm without my foot on the pedal, it was like this for nearly 5 miles , can anyone shed any light on...
  8. megane 1.6rt year 2000

    hi guts, my rear door will not open from the outsude of the car, it opens from the inside so im guessing a rod or a clip etc has come away from the handle on the outside of the car, can anyone advise me how i get the door panel off and how i may fix this problem,thanx in advance
  9. megane 1.6rt petrol yrar 2000

    hi, i went to start my car this morning, the engine turned over but would not start, there is fuel in the tank, i sprayed electrical components with wd40 still no joy, the battery has no gone flat due to me trying to start the car, has anyone any ideas as to what the problem could be as i am at...
  10. drivers seat, megane 1.6rt w reg

    i think a bolt has come out of the seat , iv had a look on the bracket but there is some kind of piston seated where i need to get to tighten the bolt , any help will be much appreciated, regards,pete
  11. Renault megane scenic 1.6rt 1998

    For sale
    Hi guys Having just bought a laguna dci we are selling our scenic! It has Mot to end February 2013 Tax to end June! Electric windows/mirrors Twin electric sunroofs Alloy wheels with great tyres Cd player with iPod/mp3 connection It is in overall great condition . I have sprayed the sills and...
  12. w reg megane 1.6rt

    i am having problems with car erratic idleing,when i set off from a stand still i have to rev to around 2000rpm as if not the car feels like its gona stall, also when car in motion when i depress clutc the revs jump to between 2000 and 3000 rpm, i paid 45 pounds at gararge for them to run...
  13. Stalling or cutting out Megane 99 1.6RT

    Hi I didnt know quite where to post this but thought it may help offer a possible cure for meganes that cut out. I have a 1.6 and lent it to my sister in law who said it cut out on her 5 times each time she pulled up at a junction...and in one case refused to start. It had been fine for me so...
  14. Failed Emissions - Laguna I 1.6RT

    Hi there, I thought my Laguna 1.6RT (K4M engine) would sail through the MOT but alas the Emissions Test got the better of her! I think the Lambda sensor is buggered and the engine runs hot so could it also be a faulty temp sensor? The Emissions test was as follows: 1st Fast Idle Test CO...
  15. renault megane 1.6rt 16v

    i have a 2000 plate renault megane 1.6rt 16v,in idle it seems to shake a bit, the gear stick shakes aswell only in idle when i am stopped at traffic lights etc.i have just had the ignition coils all replaced all 4 of them,has any one any ideas at all is it the tuning etc thanks tony
  16. Mk1. Megane 1.6RT sport blocked sunroof drains

    Please help if you can. Our megane has had awful leakage problems. The footwells have filled and I believe, seeped through to the rear ones too. After peeling back the carpets and headlining, I have discovered that the leak has been caused by blocked sunroof drain holes. The amount of tolerance...
  17. Renault Laguna 1 - 1.6 Won't Start*FIXED*

    HI Guys, planned to travel home today from the scottish borders however one of the roads are closed so me and my partner had to turn back, we filled a fiver worth of petrol and headed back but the car wouldn't start the battery seemed ok, so jumped started and got home but wouldn't start...
  18. Megane faulty indicators 1.6RT

    Hi, Can anyone help. I have a 97 megane 1.6 RT, the indicators are becoming faulty. Sometimes the left side will not work, more often the right side will not work. I can get them starting by a quick flick of the drivers door window switch ! but I want to correct it. I know the steering wheel...
  19. 1.6RT Starting Problem

    I wonder if anyone can help? I have a 97 1.6RT Scenic which seems to have an electrical fault. The car will sometimes not start (has been getting progressively worse) because there is no electrical power. You have to open the door with the key as it will not open with the remote, the interior...
  20. Megane Scenic 1.6RT EASY Gearbox Fault

    Let me start by saying hello, I'm a new member and after looking around the site decided to join due to the vast knowledge on here and the helpfullness of members. Now my problem.... I have a 1997 Megane Scenic 1.6RTe Easy This is a rare model in that it has a semi auto gearbox, a gearlever just...