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  1. For sale
    Hi guys Having just bought a laguna dci we are selling our scenic! It has Mot to end February 2013 Tax to end June! Electric windows/mirrors Twin electric sunroofs Alloy wheels with great tyres Cd player with iPod/mp3 connection It is in overall great condition . I have sprayed the sills and...
  2. Engines
    i am having problems with car erratic idleing,when i set off from a stand still i have to rev to around 2000rpm as if not the car feels like its gona stall, also when car in motion when i depress clutc the revs jump to between 2000 and 3000 rpm, i paid 45 pounds at gararge for them to run...
  3. Engines
    i have a 2000 plate renault megane 1.6rt 16v,in idle it seems to shake a bit, the gear stick shakes aswell only in idle when i am stopped at traffic lights etc.i have just had the ignition coils all replaced all 4 of them,has any one any ideas at all is it the tuning etc thanks tony
  4. Bodywork
    Please help if you can. Our megane has had awful leakage problems. The footwells have filled and I believe, seeped through to the rear ones too. After peeling back the carpets and headlining, I have discovered that the leak has been caused by blocked sunroof drain holes. The amount of tolerance...
  5. Laguna
    HI Guys, planned to travel home today from the scottish borders however one of the roads are closed so me and my partner had to turn back, we filled a fiver worth of petrol and headed back but the car wouldn't start the battery seemed ok, so jumped started and got home but wouldn't start...
  6. Engines
    Hi all, Having some problems with my Renault, which has been running fine for the last 6 months (when I bought it second hand). This evening on the way home from work, when I was going in very slow traffic, the car started jerking (sorry, no other way to really describe it accurately), as...
1-6 of 8 Results