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  1. Engines
    hi ,my clio 35,000 miles will not start, fully charged 12,8v battery cranks engine fine,checked spark at plugs ok,cleaned tdc sensor, checked throttle valve is operating and no faults showing on OBD reader. I can`t understand why it won`t even attempt to fire if the plugs are sparking. The only...
  2. Ask the Experts
    Good Day. I have a problem with my renault megane 2006 1.6 16valve struggeling to start seems to be overfueling. Does start when I remove the pressure from the fuel system but only keeps running as long as I pump the gas otherwise it will stall and refuse to start up again untill I remove the...
  3. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi good people.I just joined the forum and still taking in a lot of info.Basically I am trying to get a solution for my megane 1 wich struggles with cold starts.Apparently a TDC sensor problem.Secondly Im hunting for a service manual. Thanks
  4. Heating & cooling
    suddenly developed an issue with my scenic 2002 the engine cooling fan suddenly stopped working right in the middle of city traffic needing me to hard wire the cooling fan to get home obviously the cooling fan works just wondering what the layout is on the car ie is the temperature sensor...
  5. Engines
    just wondering the best make of spark plugs for a 2002 scenic 1.6 16 valve
  6. Engines
    the rpm sensor/tdc sensor in my scenic 2002 1.6 as started giving issues.Im just wondering the best place to go for one fairly near to me in south yorkshire not a dealer,there are some on flea bay that look a lot iffy
  7. Engines
    Thanks for reading :) I have a 1997 2.0 Megane Cabriolet with the F7R engine and had the garage confirm that my misfire was due to ignition coil ( two in fact seem to have failed at the same time.). Problem is Renault don't stock them and eBay/internet search hasn't revealed any. Does anyone...
  8. Engines
    Hi all. I have a quick cambelt question. My cambelt is due and would like to do the job myself although I'd like to know if using a locking kit necessary to complete the job. Is so (I'm assuming it is) where is the crank pin hole located and how do I get hold of the locking tool. also how...
  9. Engines
    Has some one seen torque diagram for 2.0 16 valve petrol engine? All I found is max torque 188Nm at 3750rpm. It was found here I would appreciate torque form factor curve to optimize fuel consumption.
  10. Engines
    It looks like my F4R engine is missing something - actually these two parts I'm asking about. There is somethin more in this pic What are those two hoses fitted in right end of injection gallery? One in front (large...
  11. Engines
    Good Day to all, Cold and windy day here in Cape Town :) I would like to know if anyone can shed some knowledge on the following matter... Ive got a Clio2 1.2 16valve with a hole in the one piston, I decided to buy a 2nd engine and use the current one for future use regarding parts etc. I...
  12. Tools & equipment
    is there anywhere i can download a workshop manual for my car
  13. Exhausts
    were is the idle speed control valve located thanks
  14. Engines
    i haven't been on this forum for about 18months. i had a loud rattle upon start up and was told it was my dephaser pulley. had it sorted including all my belts and all was well. i went for this years mot and they said there was a slight tapping or knocking on my engine. i had an oil and filter...
  15. Engines
    HI .. i have a problem with my megane runs fine when cold .. starts first time everytime with no issues untill it gets warm ..i have had it plugged into an obd2 and have changed all the coilpacks , the temp sensor , o2 sensor ...It is still doing the same thing ..Renault want £80.00 + vat...
  16. Engines
    how difficult is to replace timing belt on a laguna 1.6 (16 valve engine), i have bought the full timing kit, and a engine timing tool kit. i read somewere you need to remove one of the engine mountings in order to replace it. i have replaced timing belt on a number of cars before, but...
  17. Engines
    hi run out of petrol in my 1.6 16 valve v reg clio been having starting problems and also cutting out since now wont start at all please can someone help!!! me graham
  18. Engines
    How easy is it to change the exhaust manifold on my car
  19. Engines
    while driving my v reg clio home from work i suddenly lost power at 50 mph, i got it towed home and found the cambelt had teeth missing, does this always mean the valves are bent or not.
  20. Engines
    Hi, I want to fit an aftermartket air filter. All the universal ones at halfords have circular fittings. The Meg has a oval shaped pipe as far as I can see or can I get rid of that and fit some other piping. I don't really want to spend hundreds on a full K&N kit, but does that include piping...