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  1. Replacing Timing belt kit for 1.6VVT

    Evening all and thanks for reading. I am a new user so be gentle lol. I have just been quoted a 5 hour + and bumper off job at my local garage to replace timing belt kit and water pump on my recently acquired 2007 Megane 1.6vvt. Is this correct in being a big job, or is my garage trying to...
  2. Engine SWAP Scenic mk2 1.6vvt 2005 k4m 782 **Sorted**

    This is more of a progress report on, rather then I need help to do, as done many a engine swap in my 16+ years in Trade. So my sorned (being given to my skint sister) Scenic 1.6vvt is getting a heart transplant, due to a smokey, rattling engine .... Today I finally started and removed the...
  3. 2006 Scenic 1.6vvt , Not impressed!

    General Chat
    My daily runabout for the past 16 months has been a 2001 Y plate 1.6 Scenic expression +, which I paid the grand sum of £250 for as a stop gap after a disaster with a Ford. I thought maybe it's time for an upgrade. A 2006 Scenic 1.6 for sale locally at £1300, looked like a reasonable option...
  4. 2005 Scenic 1.6 16vvt persistent misfire issue

    Hello All Hope you'll are able to help but I have a persistent issue with my 2005 scenic. I had a check emission fault came on the dashboard and a misfire. So I did my research and I change the dephaser and timing belt, spark plugs and all the coils. she start smooth (I dont hear the dephaser...
  5. Lower timing belt cover 1.6vvt

    Does the crank pulley have to come off again to get the lower timing belt cover back on ?
  6. 1.6vvt timing belt tensioner

    I am just going over all my bits before the job. I have a Gates tensioner like Fig.2 right, in this link. The eccentric is free to rotate in the bore. To get the pointer to move I have to lock the eccentric with a pin at...
  7. Megane 3 1.6vvt Intake Air Temp Sensor

    Hi, New here and hope this is not a duplicate :) Where is the air intake temp sensor located on the Megane 3 1.6vvt ? I stripped half the engine bay to get the air box out (seriously complicated, fussy way to get to the air box by way of removing the battery and ecu and ALL that wiring..!!)...
  8. Scenic II 1.6vvt alternator extraction advice **Fixed**

    Does the 1.6vvt alternator come straight out the top and can the belt be unloaded without going in through the wheel arch? Charge fault light came up last night. Made it home almost 30 miles on dips. Battery 12.35 Volts cold this morning Checked out terminals. Gentle tapping on the casing and...
  9. 2005 Megane 1.6vvt oasis not starting

    I've had huge problems with my Megane. I only bought at 64k 3 months ago and I'm having a nightmare. It's really struggling to start, and when it does it loses power or has no power when I put my foot on the accelerator. So I had a diagnostic and was told it was the dephaser pulley which...
  10. Megane 1.6VVT 2004 Chugging from cold?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi guys, bought a S/H Megane 2004 1.6 VVT, and from the day I bought it, its a bugger to start from cold. Doesn't matter how warm it is outside, I have to start it, immediately rev it to over 1300 rpm, and even then the revs wander all over the place. If I don't , it just dies. After about 30...
  11. 2007 Scenic 1.6VVT - Stuttering and hesitant. Fuel related?

    Hi I have a 2007 Scenic (approx 50K on the clock) which has been hesitating on pull away and in low gears, and very occasionaly at higher speeds. My mechanic has been after replacing the cambelt for the last two years, so i did so at my service & MOT last week. The dephaser pulley was done at...
  12. Spark plugs on 1.6vvt scenic

    Hi all, I,ve got a query I hope someone can help me with.I purchased a 2007 scenic 11 1.6vvt a couple of months back and have changed filters/oil etc, and today went to change plugs as dont have any service history prior to purchase.(cam belt/dephaser changed since I purchased) Started with...
  13. 2011 Megane 1.6VVT issue

    Hello, Just to give a bit of history of the car, its 2011, only done 20,000 miles when the issue started and my average MPG on the clock is saying 32.1 and will not go any higher. I brought my car just over a year ago and have had a on-going issue as sometimes when you press the start button...
  14. 2005 scenic 1.6vvt starter issues

    Can anyone help ,usual card not detected message after a bit of fiddling around card detected .But then sometimes starter does not engages just grinds might do this once or twice and then engages.Starter checked OK new solenoid fitted .Wondering if card is issue or may be other electrical
  15. Camshaft sensor location for Megane Mk2 1.6VVT

    Hi guys, could anyone give me a clue where to find camshaft sensor in Megane Mk2 1.6VVT? I have attached a pic of my engine. Thanks
  16. 03 Megane 1.6VVT Auto Spares/Repair

    For sale
    I have for sale an 03 Megane 1.6VVT Auto. I am just gauging interest for a few weeks and am open to sensible offers. Failing that I will break it. The car has been on my drive for the last 6 years and I am sick of the sight of it! I stored it for a friend who has since moved away and it has to...
  17. scenic (grand) 1.6vvt oil pressure switch

    Hi please help. I occasionally have the oil pressure light come on when pulling off at low revs). The oil level is good so the next step was to change the oil pressure switch. I thought I new where it was so I ordered what I thought was the correct one (FAI Oil pressure switch from euro car...
  18. Scenic II 1.6vvt lumpy idle help

    Hello, We have a Scenic II 1.6VVT it's an '05 with about 100k on the clock. It's been regularly serviced since we've had it (and before) but it has a strange idle problem. If it's pointing down hill, it idles absolutely fine, nice and smooth as you'd expect. If it's on the flat, it's okish but...
  19. Help with megane 1.6vvt karmann 2007

    Please I need Help with my 2008 Megane 1.6 VVT It works for some while then it comes up with an error saying 'CHECK INJECTION' sometimes adds up 'CHECK EMISSION' I have gotten new spark plugs and coils , i have even serviced my Injectors . i used a Renault CLIP here are the errors ; COMPUTER...
  20. Megane 1.6vvt difficulty to start (with videos)

    Hi guys, I have bought used megane 1.6vvt convertible 2006. After 2 weeks it's started to act funny as it takes more and more attempts to start. Once when it's worms up its easier, which mean that I don't need to try it 10 times for 7 seconds but maybe just 2 times. There are some mornings when...