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  1. Interiors
    Anyone help how do I fit Clio sports seats into 2007 kangoo ??
  2. For sale
    Hi All, This is a cracking little car... :) Renault Clio 172 CUP 2.0 with a Professional Turbo conversion by K-Tec pushing it to 230 BHP. Very good condition throughout. The colour is - D43 - Mondial Blue (Only 2,302 Sold) • Turbo conversion done by K-Tec • T28 / T25 Hybrid Turbo Charger •...
  3. Transmissions
    Hi everyone I would appreciate some help/advice. My clio 172 (phase 2) is having a problem with second gear - if I'm gunning it and quickly change from first to second at high revs the gear grinds when the clutch is lifted and won't engage until the revs have dropped significantly even though...
  4. Electronics
    hi guys my central locking is gooing mad locking and unlocking and now has produced another problem where it just constantly beeps all the time whilst driving if any one could help it would be much appreciated
  5. Wanted
    Wanted - Mk2 Ph1 Clio 172 Inner Wheel Arch Liner for FRONT PASSENGER - The section of liner that covers rear of Front Bumper. Must be fully intact with no damage and all fixing points intact. Willing to collect if in North Norfolk or Norwich Area or pay reasonable postage costs with price of...
  6. Engines
    I am having a massive issue with my engine needing replaced... i have a on-going debate on eBay and a few people i know are saying no it won't fit and requires massive modification. I have been offered engine for £275 with upper inlet manifold from 172 as he says that will fit right in like...
  7. Engines
    hi guys my clio 172 is leaking but its only under the drivers seat any ideas iv cleared out the scuttle panel and the drainage hole under the drivers wheel arch any help would be much appreciated as iv not got a clue about leaks
  8. Engines
    Hi guys I have a ph2 03 172 cup, it has been sat up whilst I've been at university for a few months. On return charged battery and drove fine for a week or so. Then ONLY when the engine is hot I began having intermittent starting problems, most of the time in a garage forcourt but has happened...
  9. Electronics
    Hi squad, A few days ago, when i got into the car to drive home, I noted that the ABS, SERV and ESP lights were all on. When I drove off, i saw the STOP and handbrake light come on too. The car was given the "full monty" wash the day before.....including heavy work on the arches etc. I suspect...
1-9 of 197 Results