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  1. Electronics
    My old man's vivaro has a very strange problem and no mechanics we know have managed to solve it. The throttle is electronically controlled. When the van is started from cold, the accel. pedal works. Drive it around totally fine until the van is up to temp. Turn van off & restart = pedal does...
  2. Engines
    problem with my renault trafic 2002 1900 dci 100 sometimes it wont rev up it will tick over, has anyone came across this problem befor
  3. Electronics
    I tried to start my scenic recently but the new battery was totally flat. The cause was that the glow plugs had been on even with no key in the ignition. A new glow plug relay lasted for two weeks and the new relay did the same. Can anybody explain how this can happen - where is the timer...
  4. Engines
    Hi My Megane 1900 Diesel 2002 engine cuts out with no prior warning. No leak has been spotted. Ignition sensor replaced. Pipe with rubber manual pump replaced. Renault's computer shows nothing. What else should I check before replacing the very expensive electronic diesel pump and finding out...
1-4 of 6 Results