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  1. Vivaro 1900 (Renault Trafic)

    My old man's vivaro has a very strange problem and no mechanics we know have managed to solve it. The throttle is electronically controlled. When the van is started from cold, the accel. pedal works. Drive it around totally fine until the van is up to temp. Turn van off & restart = pedal does...
  2. replacing Kangoo 1900 diesel oil pan

    How long should it take to replace the oil pan on my 1900 diesel Kangoo?
  3. renault trafic 2002 1900 dci 100sometimes it wont rev up

    problem with my renault trafic 2002 1900 dci 100 sometimes it wont rev up it will tick over, has anyone came across this problem befor
  4. Renu Kangoo 2003 1900 disel steering wheel

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi , im having renu kangoo steering wheel problems sometimes its working sometime its not , is there a pump in the steering wheel ? or its electrical ? does it have some fuse or something ? what i need to check ? thanks in advance!
  5. Scenic DTI 1900 glow plug relay

    I tried to start my scenic recently but the new battery was totally flat. The cause was that the glow plugs had been on even with no key in the ignition. A new glow plug relay lasted for two weeks and the new relay did the same. Can anybody explain how this can happen - where is the timer...
  6. Scenic 1900 DTI cutting out

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    My brother had this scenic with no problems for five years. Two days after I aquired it the engine started cutting out until it cut out and refused to start. This led to a tow home and then an RAC call out. It was obvious that the power to the fuel pump relays was cutting out after about 15...
  7. laguna 1900 dci put it in to gear but it wont go

    Hi I have problem with my laguna 1900 dci start the car put it in to gear but it wont go with any gears
  8. Laguna lumpy at 1900 rpm

    My 107,000 mile Laguna 1.9Dci is poorly. It ticks over perfectly, but upon reaching about 1900 rpm onwards starts surging and stalling about every half second. Just like you are lifting off on the throttle and back on again. This is accompanied, at times with black smoke. I have been searching...
  9. cambelt on my kangoo van 1999 1900 deisel

    how do i change the cambelt on my renaut kangoo van 1999 1900 diesel belt snaped so got a new head ready to fit any info would be usefull thanks bob
  10. Megane 1900 Diesel 2002 engine cuts out with no prior warning

    Hi My Megane 1900 Diesel 2002 engine cuts out with no prior warning. No leak has been spotted. Ignition sensor replaced. Pipe with rubber manual pump replaced. Renault's computer shows nothing. What else should I check before replacing the very expensive electronic diesel pump and finding out...
  11. 98 megane rt 1900 diesel start trouble

    i have problems starting the car first time in the mornings it turns over almost starts and then conks out. after 2 or 3 attempts its starts and is ok. i can stop it and start it again and it works first time. but the next morning it is the same. i have been told that it could be the...