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  1. Things to look out when buying an Renault Trafic from 1993

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi guys I'm looking at a very nice Trafic T1100 - T31a (4x4, 2.2l 70kw petrol) this weekend and wanted to ask the experts what I should look out for. The car belonged to firefighters and is really well kept. It only has 35000km on the clock, and I'm inclined to believe that (guy (2nd owner...
  2. 1993 renault twingo 1.2 starting probs

    hi can anyone help me plz, i have a 93 renault twingo with a 1.2 spi engine, its a pig to start, once going it runs fine, it has had new plugs and coil, i have looked at distributor and rotar arm and cleaned contacts, but its still a pig to start any ideas please peeps cheers
  3. does a 1993 renault extra van 1237cc need a catalytic converter?

    Cant seem to find one on my exhaust system
  4. 1993 Clio RT starting/idling problem

    I have a 1993 Clio RT with 67,000 miles on the clock. For the past week or so, it has been a bit of a pig to start....sometimes it will start fine and others it will struggle. Also when it DOES start, the revs seem a tad low so I rev the engine a bit but it cuts out :confused: I wait a few...
  5. espace 2.1 td 1993 battery drainage

    hi all newby here' have probs with the above fully charged battery starts car first thing in the morning after charge will start again at 10pm but leave over night for 12hrs and battery discharged only thing on is electric clock. any help welcome regards baz
  6. Espace 2,1 TD 1993 and skimmed head �. ?

    Espace 2,1 TD 1993 and skimmed head …. ? Hi Yesterday I got the head skimmed and now it is ready for reassembling. ...BUT today somebody (also happy owner of an Espace 2,1 TD) told me that you NEVER skim the head on this type of engine (as mentioned in the repair manual the tolerance in...
  7. Non starting 1993 Trafic Campervan

    About 3 weeks ago my 2088cc diesel campervan started taking longer and longer to start when cold. Runs OK once started, and starts OK when engine warm. Local garage said air in fuel line and replaced flter and manual priming pump - no difference. Still see air bubbles in tubing. They wanted to...
  8. 1993 renault clio running cut out and wont restart

    i need help, i have a 1993 clio 1.2 energy,all stripped out for banger racing and converted from spi to carb by drilling out the stud holes in an onld problem is i was moving it about a week or so ago and it cut out and wont restart due to a lack of a spark coming out the coil,iv tried...
  9. Classic twingo black smoke advice

    Hi all, my names iain from leeds i have just purchased a 1993 twingo, a car ive loved for years i was told when i bought it, that the car is possibly overfueling, when u rev it theres black carbon soot coming out, and the tickover seems up and down from what im told its the same engine as...
  10. What rear suspension? Mk1 Clio 1993 rl 1.2

    Handling & braking
    What rear suspension does the RL 1.2 mk1 Clio 1993 I think it's a phase 1 I'm not sure. I thought it was a torsion bar but I was told that it may be rubber bushings. Thanks
  11. 1993 mk1 Clio help please

    I want to upgrade the air filter to improve the sound of the engine, I am seriously new to this and in experienced, please can I have some advice, pictures of mods you have done and recommended kit, thank you!,
  12. 1993 espace heater only works on full

    Heating & cooling
    I have a 1993 (L reg) espace, the heater blowers only work on full, theres heat when the heat is selected. And cold when its selected. Now its not so much of a big problem but its becasue its noisy (which is normal anyway) and cant hear each other speak its a case of shouting as each other lol...
  13. espace 2 2.0i 1993 clutch

    hello the clutch on my partners 1993 espace 2.0i has packed in ..( burnt out after towing a van out of a grass area ....thats the thanks after a good deed) anyway i was wondering whats the best way to go about it . engine out or gearbox out .and are there any pitfalls eg subframe in the way ...
  14. 1993 Master T35D handbook and jack

    Cars & motoring
    I have just bought a 1993 Master T35D which has no handbook, or jack. Can anybody help with a photocopy or original of the handbook? Please advise about a suitable jack. I am happy to pay.
  15. 1993 clio 1.4rt auto will not start

    Hello, my moms clio will not start. About one year ago the car was working perfect then all of a sudden it started cutting out, but would restart and work again. Then one day she went to start the car and it would not start. since then it has been off the road. She now wants to get it going...
  16. 1993 clio 1.4rt auto not starting

    Hello, my moms clio will not start. About one year ago the car was working perfect then all of a sudden it started cutting out, but would restart and work again. Then one day she went to start the car and it would not start. since then it has been off the road. She now wants to get it...
  17. 1993 Clio with squealing Gearbox on over run

    I'm looking for advice from anyone who has suffered with this problem. how easy is it to get the G/box of in situ, (Haynes suggests dropping the complete lump and splitting it once it's out?) Has anyone replaced a G/box out put shaft bearing?
  18. Stalk control adapter for clio 1993

    hi there..i fited a kenwood stereo in my clio but the stereo has a wire blue and yellow for the streeing control but which adapter will i need? i have the pitch for the kenwood allready the wire connects to the blue and yellow on the back of the stereo?? and the rest to this adapter and car...
  19. 1993 Clio Auto, what does this switch do?

    Can someone tell me what the switch at base of the gear lever does , marked C AND S? , also any idea what the orange light is in the picture? Sorry recently purchased and I do not have a manual.
  20. safrane 2.0 auto 1993 power steering belt slipping

    Hey everyone, i'm a newbie here and this is my first post. Has anyone had a problem with the power steering belt slipping? if so do you know how big a job it is to repair?