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  1. Electronics
    Hopefully you awesome people can help with this..... Purchased 1994 Trafic Holdsworth minibus conversion (which has been bodged into a camper) three days ago, tonight noticed two flashing LED's under the windscreen above the steering wheel - they look like some sort of alarm warning lights...
  2. Tools & equipment
    May I kindly ask for assistance on where I can safely download a workshop manual. I am from Davao Philippines and is a bit rare to find parts or info on these cars. I looked up in you tube and videos are mostly in Russian. I have a snapped timing belt. Worked on Mitsus and Toyotas...this is a...
  3. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi, I've been searching the internet high and low but cannot find the answer to what should be a really simple question. Please can somebody tell me what the warning light in the top right corner is??? I've got a 1994 Renault Master T35d 2.5 horsebox which has been running really well until...
  4. Electronics
    dose any one know if they are supposed to have central locking on the rear doors
  5. Engines
    hi everybody! right, im living in france so i bought an espace 2.1td (as ive always liked that particular model) anyway the guy i bought it from changed the water pump & cambelt but he did it badly . the water pump leaked (he didnt torque up the bolts) and on start up it squeaks like a c!!t and...
  6. Wanted
    Hi all. Any ideas where i can buy a replacement side sliding door for my 94 trafic? And how much are they going for? Regards, a weary and tired Mandymoo ?
  7. Engines
    Hi all. Thanks for accepting me to the group! I noticed last night a diesel leak on the drive but it was predominately in one place but about 4 other random spots too. It only drips when the engine is running. Ive checked the tightness of the bolts from the injectors which seems a good seal. If...
  8. Engines
    hi all thanks for letting me join im the proud owner of a renault rimini 1994 recent purchase few queries if anyone can help 1 its labelled as a turbo yet i can see no turbo in engine and i know what to look for so im guessing engine replacement unless someone knows that there wasnt a turbo...
  9. Electronics
    I have an old Renault master van and have an issue with the headlights - normal headlights do not work, but the full beam does. Any ideas?
  10. Engines
    my 94 megane making terrible racket but only in [email protected] gears @ when i change up to them,if i f i drive car in 3rd or 4th from a standstill there is no noise from gearbox ,advise appreciated
  11. Steering and Suspension
    Hi, Am trying to replace the Inner Ties Rods. With full lock I can secure the actual Steering Rack Rod to protect the Steering Mechanism. Similarly I can get a really good grip on the Inner Tie Rod Ball Joint housing using a big pair of mole grips with curved jaws that fit snug around the...
  12. Welcome to RenaultForums
    I recently bought a 1994 Clio 1.2RN having a few small problems and hoping to find some support / answers here. Loving the car, real fun drive.
  13. Steering and Suspension
    Have sold my Espace.:( Have spare a NEW power steering rack + other spares. See Forum/miscelaneous/market place/for sale.
  14. For sale
    Sad day. My Espace 1994 MK II phase III has blown head gasket and as I have no time to fix and uneconomical to pay garage I have sold for scrap (though hoping buyer will fix it). :( I have left over some spares...anyone interested? 1. New power steering rack (note NEW not recon) £160. 2. 2 rear...
  15. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all, have yesterday purchased my 1994 renault Trafic motorhome, replacement to Colin the campervan (rest his soul)! Few jobs to do, including swopping single passenger seat for double to allocate 3 seatbelted passengers, but hopefully nothing too taxing for 41 year old female with limited...
  16. Wheels & tyres
    Hi, can anyone tell me what the toe, castor and camber angles are for my 1994 Espace please? Thanks a lot, Graham
  17. Brakes/Hubs
    As title, is there an easy way to tell which it is without stripping down? Thanks
  18. Engines
    hello, Ive been given the task of fixing a Renault Clio Williams that has been sitting for a couple of years. It was a Cat C right off before, but all body and chassis work has been repaired fully. Just before it got put into storage it it ran but developed a starting issue, the starter...
  19. Electronics
    For the last few years I've owned a Renault Master 2.2 petrol from 1994. It... has been a bit of a bumpy ride but I tend to never give up on a car until it's in flames or wrapped around a tree (I have more then one vehicle in my yard...). For a while now I've been struggling to sort out an...
  20. Electronics
    1994 ESPACE turbo diesel MkII phase 3 indicator repeaters removal from wing. Once again Haynes manual is inaccurate and unhelpful. Haynes says prise the lens from the base..WRONG. To remove unit from body just use a screwdriver against the black rubber gasket to gently pull it out of the...