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  1. LED's on 1994 Trafic - Help!

    Hopefully you awesome people can help with this..... Purchased 1994 Trafic Holdsworth minibus conversion (which has been bodged into a camper) three days ago, tonight noticed two flashing LED's under the windscreen above the steering wheel - they look like some sort of alarm warning lights...
  2. 1995 trafic

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi All, I know it's not pre-1992 but it definitely is an older renault by today's date so I put it here so as not to get swamped in the newer, hope that's ok...The problem: I have sometimes been losing water from the cooling system, then sometimes not. Now what has happened is I have lost the...
  3. Fit parking sensors Laguna 1995

    Ask the Experts
    I'm trying to fit rear parking sensors to my mothers 1995 Laguna 1. Ideally, I'll fit them in the black strip on the rear bumper. I see elsewhere someone has fitted these on a Laguna 2 by removing just the strip, not the bumper. They said the 2 already has holes for the sensors under that...
  4. Renault Clio 1995

    I have broken the hinge on the tailgate,, but can’t work out how to remove hinge. Can anyone please help. Regards Steve
  5. 1995 renault traffic t1100 wiring diagram

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Anyone out there got or know where I can get a wiring diagram for my 1995 Renault traffic T1100 as there wiring is one mess can you search you cupboards and sheds for and workshop manual please.
  6. Renault master van 1995

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi, I’m desperate for some help to locate 2 headlights for a 1995 Renault Master van, it’s failed the mot because of the lights. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Gemma
  7. sourcing a 1995 j6r engine

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    hi i have a t1400 trafic 1995 petrol i am trying to source a j6r engine and as you can imagine they are like rocking horse s^^t anyone any ideas how to get one.
  8. 1995 Renault 5 1.4 C3J not starting

    Hi I am currently in France (LHD car)and finally had some time to change the throttle body gasket and EGR gasket to stop a squealing noise. Now to the issue, after pulling everything apart, replacing the gaskets and putting it back together. The damn thing doesn't start and perhaps a...
  9. 1995 Clio 1.9 diesel - Lack of power uphill, max speed is low, etc

    Evening, Recently replaced the "SHAFT accelerator DPC PSA" in the delphi injection pump on my clio. There isn't much inside the metallic box that is the pump, but there seems to be a problem. The car starts okay, ticks over fine, and pulls away perfectly in first gear and second gear is okay up...
  10. Renault Master T35D 1995 Monstrous UN5 Gearbox removal

    Hello I've began the operation of removing the gearbox off my old van because the clutch is very stiff. After quite a bit of research over the net on french forums I'm 90% sure that the cause of the problem is a little thing (rotule) in french. This is up by the thrust bearing fork. I suspect...
  11. 1995 Clio 1.9 diesel LHD - fuel not getting to engine

    Made "the plonker's mistake" and put €40 of petrol in my diesel... Drove 200 metres and the car started juddering and pretty much died when I parked it up. Have since emptied the tank by moving the back seat and siphoning through the unit in the reservoir then opening it up and pumping out the...
  12. Clio 1995 16V exhaust system needed

    Hello, believe it or not I'm still rattling around in my 1995 16v clio. Unfortunately my back box has gone and my local garage chap mentioned that because of the erosion on the other sections (in terms of bolts/ joining it all back together) it appears I will need the full system replacing...
  13. Tips for using CAN Clip 1995 Twingo OBD1

    Tools & equipment
    Hello, I have a 1995 Twingo C064 with the 55hp, 1.2L pushrod Cleon Engine, monopoint fuel injection, and OBD1 (big square plug under the bonnet, not the 16-pin OBD connector under the dash). It has an intermittent and severe miss at part throttle and the check engine light is on (it looks like...
  14. trafic 2008 1995 cc

    Heating & cooling
    blower not working in position 4. Also the selector switch will not fully engage into the windscreen only position. (it springs back slightly). any ideas please ? paul
  15. Renault clio 1995 keyfob issues

    Hey and sorry this has probably been asked and answered before but my key fob wont unlock the doors when i press the buttton i have tryed resync it, i have checked the fuses,and when i press the central button inside the car it locks all the doors so that works i only got 1 key. any ideas...
  16. 1995 BTCC Laguna Replica

    My mottah!
    Hi all I've just completed a rally down to Monaco with friends in "BTCC Cars". I chose a Laguna 3L V6 RTI it was the dark horse of the trip and repeatedly proved to be the car to beat The Renault Forums have been really helpful so I thought I would share some pics: There are plenty more but...
  17. 1995 MK1 Clio Bits

    For sale
    PAIR of good rear light clusters, no damage. £15 Ignition Coil, just completed 700 miles round trip. Known GOOD £10 Earlier Type Throttle body with injector and accelerator POT (inlet+outlet close together type) £10 Pair electric mirrors, working quiet and smooth, one has broken glass, with...
  18. safrane 1995 2.2 vi

    For sale
    just been to get parts for my mk3 espace from bust renaults in west mids he has just brought in a 1995 safrane 2.2vi petrol manual box and still a driver anyone after a big old renault project or maybe just parts get in there quick he strips renault espace 3 down to nuts and bolts and parts on...
  19. renault 5 1995 how does pipe seal into brake fluid reservoir

    One of the plastic pipes going into the brake fluid reservoir to the master/slave cylinder is loose. I have pushed it in as far as I can but it does not seem to click and is not sealed - it can be easily pulled out. How can I seal the pipe so it does not leak or pop out? Thanks J
  20. Laguna 1995 Where does this locking ring go??

    Hi. I just found out the problem on my 1995 Laguna 5-speed, and it is a broken ring inside the diff/shaft. But I can't seem to find out where one of the rings to the drive-shaft will go. As the picture show, I don't know where to place ring number 1. Ring number 2 is okay because it's a "track"...