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  1. Workshop manual - Master 1 1997 Diesel

    Tools & equipment
    There doesn't seem to be a Haynes manual or Peter Russek - I can't find a manual that isn't for the petrol M1 or the 1997 mii anywhere online, anyone know where else I can look? I thought about getting one off emanualonline or manual4you but they look like scams to me? Found this online one on...
  2. Vauxhall Arena Van 2.5D 1997 Speedo Cable

    Other makes
    Hi everyone looking for a speedo cable for Vauxhall Arena van 2.5d 1997, and could anyone confirm if the Renault Traffic uses the same parts. Thanks
  3. Laguna 1997 OBD protocol?

    So I have this Laguna with a ABS-, and Airbaglamp in the dash. I'm trying to get the fault codes so I know what to fix, but I can't connect to the ECU. I have bought a 12pin to 16pin adapter so that I can connect standard obd2 readers as no one seems to have the 12pin plug. I'm using a ELM327...
  4. Renault Laguna RXE 2.0 v8 1997 diagnostic tool

    hello guys Which scanner can I use to read a 12-pin OBD?
  5. 1997 Trafic 2.2 petrol running very rich

    I have recently bought a 1997 Trafic for spares or repair which has the 2165cc petrol engine with injection. It is running very rich, to the point where it can die sometimes. It seems worse on idle, but I think this is just that it can cope better at higher revs. There is no diagnostic port as I...
  6. left hand drive Renault trafic 1997

    Ask the Experts
    will a Renault trafic french van be a good donor van for uk model ie engine gearbox straight swap.power steering. straight install .any other problem might arise .my son has found one in france Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  7. Clio 1997 1.4 Auto Exhaust Rattle

    Hi, I have an annoying rattle, mostly at idle/low revs. I think I have identified the source as the front heatshield. Looking at it, there is a part at the back of the heatshield where it goes all the way round the pipe and there is a bit of play there (pic attached - part in question is to...
  8. 1997 Clio Mk1 1.4 RT Auto - Auto Trans Service

    Hi there, Car as above, 46k miles, can't see that it's ever had the oil change on the auto box. Not horribly black but slightly brown/pink colour so think it needs doing. Couple of questions: 1. Manual says Dexron II, I have some Dexron III on the shelf from a previous car, presume no issues...
  9. 1997 Clio - Various Electrical Questions

    Hi there, New member here, picked up this little car for beer money a few months ago initially thinking of it as a stop gap car but it's been reliable and surprisingly enjoyable to drive and my son turns 17 next Feb so thinking we might keep it and pass on to him to learn in. This being the...
  10. 1997 Clio 1.4 Auto

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Picked this up a few months back for £300. Got a few niggles to sort out so joined here to get some info.
  11. Clio 1997 air bag computer needed

    Hi, I'm a newbie and need help :surprise: My Clio just failed the MOT because the air bag light - on day and night! crying2: Having moved since last year I found a new renault garage with diagnostics. Couldn't repair it because the air bag computer that's broken. Renault don't make the part...
  12. Renault t110 2.1 d 1997 wont start **Fixed**

    Hi can anyone help , my camper has been running sweet but i left it for a wekk and now it wont start dosent fire up , i fitted an in line fuel filter back in april as the old priming one was letting air in and ive checked glow plugs but it just wont fire up any help on this would be much appreciated
  13. 1997 laguna front strut

    Steering and Suspension
    HELP PLEASE . Hi Good Morning Reg number R38*** I'm struggling to find the lower cup the spring sits in '' 7700822908 ( N/ s front strut for a 1997 phasen1 Laguna 1.8 estate ) ((New or used will buy either the lower cup or whole strut down to the two large securing bolts)) . It's the...
  14. 1997 Safrane II Air Con Compressor

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all. I hope this isn't too stupid a question and it hasn't been previously asked somewhere. The A/C compressor has failed on my 1997 Safrane (R206 DPN 2.0 Petrol) and I can't seem to find anywhere to get one. Martin (the garage mechanic) has told me that none of his sources stock this...
  15. Megane 1997 gearbox type

    Hello, I have an old 1997 Megane 1.6l with automatic gearbox. Which is now dead and I am looking for used one to replace it. I have found that my AT gearbox type is AD4. I am wondering is it all I need to know when buying gearbox? I have seen that same AD4 gearbox is in Clios and Scenics as...
  16. Clio RSI 1.8 Mk1 1997 water leak drivers side

    Hi, I have a Clio RSI 1.8, and have been driving it for a couple of months now, but unfortunately it has been leaking from the drivers side. It is only leaking while driving, but when the car sits, it doesn't. I have cleaned the windshield drain pipes, and been searching around the car for a...
  17. Engine bay noise

    Hi all, Hope someone can give me a direction to follow as this one has me stumped... I have a 97 Megane classic 1600e. it started developing a noise when traveling at around 50mph, just a very short bursts then silence at first. Since then the noise comes in after about 5 minutes from cold, and...
  18. Clio MK1 1997 Radio not working **Fixed**

    Hi all, On my Clio recently my original radio stopped working after I fiddled with the top courtesy light. It just doesn't turn on and I've unplugged/plugged all the wires on it's back. Can this be related with courtesy light or maybe a fuse ? Any ideas ? Cheers
  19. scenic mk1 1997 help.

    I am new hear and this is my first post so hello to all. I have recently purchased a 1997 scenic RT 1.6 petrol, manual and I have a few questions I hope someone can answer please. I purchased it cheap without a MoT off a older couple who don't drive any more as the guy had a stroke. Last...
  20. Megane 97 1.9Dci Oil leak help

    Hi, - sorry its a 1.9DT - silly me! I have an oil leak in part of the engine. I'm not sure exactly where its coming from. It also looks like I have a cracked hose and if you wipe a cloth over it, it is soaked in oil. Is this the leak, or just getting lots of splash back I am not sure. However...