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  1. Engines
    I need advice on engine power loss on traffic 1.9 tdi. coil light on dash shows with intermittent loss of power? I know it***8217;s sensor related any ideas?
  2. Engines
    I got a y reg Clio 1.9tdi . Haynes dont cover the tdi in their Clio manual. What can do is get the Scenic and Megane Haynes just for the engine. Any other options?
  3. Transmissions
    Hi does anyone know the torque settings for the 6 bolts from clutch to flywheel?
  4. Transmissions
    Hi, new to forum. Looking for some assistance in getting clutch back on friends scenic 2. Changed master and slave cylinder after slave failed. Bled the system to death by removing connector on bell housing, pressure bled, press and hold open nip close nip pump 2 man bled, reverse bled with a...
  5. Engines
    hey i had bought a Renault megane and i have had a issue with a unknown oil leak i had 3 mechanics who i know very well struggling to find the problem. it isn't puddle leak but over course of a week im loosing a large amount of oil even small amounts when stationary. we cant see a clear sign...
  6. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi, I have 2 wheel studs broken in a front hub, can anyone tell me which models have the same hub, the driveshaft splines are larger than the petrol.:cool:
  7. Transmissions
    Have been having difficulty selecting 1st and 2nd gears on above car, also reverse doesnt fully engage every time. (6 speed gearbox with reverse rear right). If sit with car parked and try selecting gears, after 3 or 4 tries it begins to work more smoothly but concerned at damage being caused by...
  8. Electronics
    Hi everyone, Got a problem with my wife's 2001 y plate Kangoo 1.9 dti rxe non common rail engine. She was driving towards a roundabout with a double 90 deg bend on the approach first left then right earlier in the week and geared down to 2nd for the first approach bend, lifted the clutch and...
  9. Engines
    Hi there, I own a Renault Scenic 2003 Fidji 1.9. It turns over a couple of times but starts when cold, if I drive to the supermarket, shop for approx 20mins then try and start the car it won't start, it turns over but will not kick in. Sometimes I can keep trying and eventually it will start. It...
  10. Engines
    Anyone If I flush out the catalitic convertor with petrol will it wash out all residue oil that might be in there?,and just maybe it might stop emitting smoke.I can not find anything else wrong with the engine.Desperate for it to pass the mot.:confused::(
  11. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello to everyone on the forum,Ive just purchased a 2000 laguna 1.9 tdi auto aleize with just 53k on the clock, any advice/tips would be most appreciated,many thanks,Ian.:o:o
  12. Engines
    Hi, anyone know of a how-to guide for replacing the water pump on my Scenic? I’m sure I’ll figure it out myself but wondered if anyone knew of some useful tips or tricks, or pit falls to look out for? I have searched this site and Googled but I can’t find anything to help. Going to attempt to...
  13. Engines
    Hi, difficulty navigating this site so here's hoping I'm in the right place! My problem is with a 2002 1.9 megane authentique tdi. Left it over new year for 4 days. Despite record low temp, there was plenty battery, starter turning but not starting. Glowplug light and rear screen heater light...
  14. Engines
    Please advice what I need to check for. I see lots regarding EGR valve needs cleaning out but looking through the manual I see a Valve and a EGR solenoid so not sure what needs cleaning. Also had a look on Ebay to maybe get a replacement and they look completly different again. Please help I...
  15. Engines
    My cam belt has snapped will the head and valves be damaged on this model. Thanks :driving:
  16. Engines
    hi all I'm new here but asking you guys for help with my laguna's turbo. Yesterday engine lost power rev's wide open massive smoke coming out of exh. Stopped engine straight away pulled card eng still running!!! stalled it with the clutch. turbo is 1500 miles old. Question is does does it...
  17. Engines
    hi a big hello to everyone im new to the forum. i have a 52 reg 1.9tdi scenic and when driving it starts to whistle and i have also a oil leak and they is also orange light on the dash on all the time which i think is to do with the heater plugs.does this mean the turbo is on its way out ? any...
  18. Welcome to RenaultForums
    After owning this car for so many years, i have now found somewhere to share information. dave 007
  19. Engines
    Hello, I've been having problems with my Espace for several months, and having done several searches, and reading the forums here, it seems clear we have an EGR problem. We now have another problem - where on earth is it? Can anyone advise where it's located in a 1.9 53 plate model? I've...
  20. Engines
    Hi there, After taking my 2001 lag 2 to renult they told me i need a new turbo and pipes. also problem with egr vaulve. Changed turbo, and cleaned all associated pipework(inc inter cooler). and cleaned egr vaulve. The car will only drive for few minutes before total loss of power. wont even...