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  1. megane mk2 2005 cabriolet

    Ask the Experts
    Hi My rear window heater (defroster) and heated wing mirror (both sides) stopped working (defrosting) when pressing console switch it lights up checked fuses in glove box all appear ok could it be a relay ? everything else in car works ok Thanks
  2. Upto date Sat Nav CD for 2005 Laguna

    Hi all, I've recently acquired a 2005 laguna, however, the Sat Nav CD is so out of date, the street I live on, which was built 12 years ago, isn't on it. Can i get an up to date cd or will i need to change the system to a more modern one?
  3. 2005 Renault grand scenic - play in the steering rack joint

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi I***8217;ve seen a 2005 Renault grand scenic 7 for sale and needed some advice. It***8217;s had the same owner for 10 years and has 12 months mot and full service history. There are a couple of issues i have picked up from the mot history and wondered if I should leave alone? Basically on...
  4. Signs you need a new battery trafic 2005

    Hello everyone I recently purchased a new trafic (old one). I had noticed that after being parked over night the clock would re set to midnight. Then a problem with cold starting. Turns out that it was a knackered battery and that's why the clock had been resetting to 00.00 Happy days and...
  5. Kangoo 2005 Tailgate Replacement *** Sorted ***

    Hi all, Someone crashed into the back of our Kangoo and the tailgate took the brunt. It wouldn't open initially but I've managed to do it now, but the whole thing is crushed in and needs replacement. Fortunately it seems like the frame of the car hasn't distorted etc, so I've sourced a...
  6. Renault Megane 2005 ECU problem

    Hello, While diagnoseing with a Renault clip The injection control VIN NO. Is not showed as the others controls VIN (UCH , DASH BOARD, etc..) Also It shows a fault on Multiplex diagnose screen with VARIABLE PAS which is (ECU MEMORY FAULT) The engine is running but roughly & the acceleration is...
  7. Master 2005 starting Problem

    Hi all. I have a master on a 55 plate 3.0cc 140 The problem is it takes a long time to actually start. It fires then cuts out. It took 24 turns of the engine this morning for it too start I have had the EGR Valve remapped and blanked, one new fuel injector and 3 reconditioned, glow plugs one...
  8. 2005 1.9dci trafic poor starting

    Hi. My traffic recently has cold start issues. It starts fine when warm but doesn't start very well when cold. There is unburned fuel not enough to cause a cloud but enough to smell. I have noticed that the glow plug light that used to stay on for a few seconds now doesn't even stay on for one...
  9. 2005 Laguna 2 wiper problem

    My husband has requested that I make a posting here for advice. My old Laguna 2 front wipers have stopped working for no apparent reason. The rear screen wipe works, as does the washers so my feeling is that it is unlikely to be the stalk. He said the fuses appear to be fine. There is no...
  10. megane mk2 2005 cabriolet boot divider switch

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I have a renault megane mk2 Cabriolet which has a roller blind boot divider which when extended trips a microswitch Does anyone have a picture of the switch or send me some images of the switch area reason is boot lock stuck rear seats are fixed cannot access boot cannot trigger roof mechanism
  11. Switch radios between Clio 2002 and Symbol 2005

    Ask the Experts
    Hello everyone, I have on my symbol this type of radio with that update list. I want it changed with one like this from my older clio 2002 wich looks like this . The problem is, when I insert the older radio in my symbol, it won't display anything just the clock and...
  12. 1.5 dCi 2005 Kangoo - Starting Issue but doing the miles!

    Hello all, Sorry that my first post is a request for help! I have been doing my nut in trying to work out what is wrong with our 55 plate Kangoo as it's struggling to start. I have looked at the sticky thread created by the user Coventry but other than the leak-off test everything seems OK...
  13. Laguna II 2.0 16v 2005 - Dashboard Issue and missfire

    I hope this is the correct section. I have been having an intermitent problem with the dash on my Laguna II for a little while, where the dash would reset itsself. This would happen about once a week, the whole dash would go off the come back on, as though the car had just been started, the...
  14. 1.6l petrol 16v 2005 megane, confused idle after electronic throttlebody cleaning

    Hi, I did a throttle body valve cleanup on my megane couple of months back and have been driving it regularly since to let it learn by itself the new positions for the valve. Seems like the idle is good normally when I start it but gets up to 1500 - 2000rpm when I any of the following: 1. on...
  15. My 2005 1.2 Clio wont start

    Ask the Experts
    Hey I'm here for some ideas on what could be the problem with my clio. I brought the car second hand last year in August and it sat on my drive for a few months before i got my license back from dvla. During this period we were turning the car over but not driving it due to a lack of inusrance...
  16. Renault Espace 2005, second gear - no power

    This is my first French car and local car mechanic cannot fix the problem. I already blow a lot of money. Problem: Sometimes when the car is in second gear, I press the gas pedal but nothing going on. Engine not response. Or takes a long time. Mostly at a lower speed and when going uphills...
  17. Megane 2 2005 1.5dci kombi HANDBRAKE FAULT.

    Hello, i have almost new brake pads and discs. But handbrake wont work. I tried adjusting it from the interior, almost adjusted it to the max and when i pull it wents hard, but wont brake. So i took both my calipers off, i screw the piston in on both sides, cleaned everything, put them all back...
  18. Renault clio 2005 sump gasket ?.

    Hi guy gonna change the sump on my 55plate 1.2 clio i have purchased a sump offline however i cant seem to find a gasket for it... when i rang euro parts they said this clio does not have a gasket you only use gasket paste is this correct ??
  19. 2005 scenic parking brake intermittent fault

    Well my parking brake appears to be physically functioning fine. It randomly beeps and a error message of check parking brake appears whilst the car is In motion and once the message cones up there's no life to the epb. It's been doing this a short while. I've had a garage diagnose and replace a...
  20. Renault Clio Community 1.2 16v 5P 75 ,2005

    My Car has suddenly developed an Engine Whine in 5th Gear at speeds from 100km/hr to 12okm/hr. Gearv level also pops out of gear ocassionally. Mileage is 136,650km. Can anyone advise what the problem is Thank You