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  1. 2007 Laguna 2.0 dci ‘check injection’ fault

    Hi all, I have been looking for an answer on this error, but the symptoms I get are very different from others with the same warning message. When I drive the car from cold all is fine. Once the engine warms up and the revs are below 2000rpm then I get the check injection message. The car is...
  2. Renault Mégane 2 (2007,1.4L petrol) check injection fault

    Cars & motoring
    I have a Renault Mégane 2 (2007,1.4L petrol) and recently it's been acting up. When I stop the car it will sometimes display a 'check injection' warning. When this happens the engine will rev (approx 2500rpm) without acceleration. If I put it into gear it will drive. Once the car is turned off...
  3. Lost my only key!! Clio RipCurl 2007

    Hi guys, Firstly, apologies, as I know there is definitely threads on this already, but I cannot work out how to search for them. When I use the search box in the top right, it just searches Google! I've also had a look at the sticky thread, but there is 101 pages and they are not specific to...
  4. Renault megane privilege 1.6 2007

    Hi just had service and mot, dash is saying check emmisions. Engine light and spanner lit up. Any ideas what this my be.
  5. 2007 scening ac not wonderfull.

    Heating & cooling
    So, summer is coming and I'm getting sweaty. The AC in my 207 scenic kind of blows cold but not much more than just the vent being on. To be honest it’s not at all easy to tell if the AC is turned on or not. I have just got the car so don’t know if there was any previous issue with it but...
  6. 2007 scenic ... can't lock bonnet *** Sorted ***

    Hi guys I had to jump start my car today...not sure why but its starting now... however I can't lock the bonnet. It closes and holds on the safety catch but does not lock down. Any one here able to point me in the direction of a clue? I can see the rubber safty thing but not a catch to hold...
  7. 2007 clio mk3 brake light issues

    Hey there Having an issue with my driver side brake lights on my 2007 reg clio mk3. With head/tail lights OFF, my driver side brake light is visibly dimmer than the passenger and high level brake lights which are working fine. With head/tale lights ON, the brake light does not come on at all...
  8. 2007 Master / Movano optional extra's

    I have another thread running regarding trip computer not working, but since posting it have found more info. It seems (possibly?) that on a Movano it may have been an optional extra? So, a few questions for the knowledgable amongsyou clever folk on here. Was it an optional extra? If so, can...
  9. Movano / Master 2007 trip computer

    On my new to me 2007 Movano it seems the trip computer doesn't work, or doesn't exist? I've tried pressing the button on the wiper stalk until I'm blue in the face but nothing happens. I'm sure when the driver delivered it he said he didn't have to top fuel up as there was 40 miles range left...
  10. All Dashboard lights flashing (Clio 1.5dCi 2007

    General Chat
    Hi All My daughter's 2007 Clio 1.5 dCi has something wrong. Battery is always flat for few weeks. few days ago jump started and went to garage and they said no electrical problem but battery. New fully charged battery fitted. All is OK. Travelled 200 miles and back to London yesterday no...
  11. Whistle noise Renault Modus 1.2 2007

    Hello guys, My 2007 Renault Modus is making a whistle noise coming from the front, if I remember correctly it started when my mechanic changed the timing belt, my modus has 145'000 km and even that it was working perfectly the mechanic said that you should change the timing belt. After that a...
  12. 2007 Scenic 2 1.9 dci: how easy to change condenser?

    Heating & cooling
    Been told by the garage the condenser has a small leak (losing air con over a month+). How easy would it be to DIY a replacement? I have been quoted £450 by the garage, car is not worth that! If I DIY - do I strictly need to change the dryer as well?
  13. 2007 Clio 1.6 Dynamique - Check gearbox on start up

    Hello! I have a 2007 Clio 1.6 Dynamique Auto. So recently I've noticed my car feels sluggish when going up hills or pulling away and it feels a bit like it jumps from gear to gear and sometimes feels like its 'clunked' into gear. It also randomly speeds up too. (I'm a new driver so I hope I've...
  14. Renault megane dynamic hard top 2007

    Ask the Experts
    Cant open petrol cap cant find any other way to no emergency pull
  15. Trafic 2.0 DCI 2007 component identification

    Hi all Time to ask the experts. >:) What are these components? The pipe on the left is caped and empty. The black thing on the right, next to the glow plug relay. On mine is feebly hanging with a precarious zip tie, holding it up side down, by comparison with this photo... A logical...
  16. 2007

    Hi folks, I have a 2007 Espace 2.0dci 150. It has factory fitted rear parking sensors. About while back my wife reversed into a small wall and they stopped working. I felt them all when in reverse and believe the nearside one is broken by feeling for them pulsing or vibrating. When reverse...
  17. 2007 Renault Scenic Mk 2 Headlamp dust caps have different sizes

    Ask the Experts
    Have been trying to find dust caps for the drivers side headlamp, my problem is they are a smaller size to the headlamp on the passenger side which are the 153 874 even if I could get part number to give to supplier as he has already sent the wrong set which I have returned.
  18. found a cable???? espace iv 2007 2.0dci

    hi all can someone please help???? i was about replace the revers light switch, but when i was taking the battery out i found a cabled with a termenal on the end that looks like it would connect to the positive on the battery. any ideas why it would have been disconnected??? i have added a pic...
  19. Rear Wiper Motor 2007 Clio MK3 Ripcurl

    Hello all, Big time car noob over here. One of the previous owners decided that they didn't want nor need a rear wiper on the car, and so removed the whole thing - motor and all. I'd like to put it back on, as strangely I value seeing what is behind me without wiping/smearing the window with...
  20. Renault Clio Dynamique 2007 Petrol 1.6 16V Whistling Noise

    I have recently purchased a Renault Clio Dynamique 2007 Petrol 1.6 16V and have just noticed a Whistling Noise coming from the engine bay when the key is turned but the engine is not started. The noise is not loud but noticeable when the bonnet is open. After a lot of listening around it...