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  1. Intermittent starting problems-Clio dynamique 2007

    I have a 2007 CLIO DYNAMIQUE. When 8 go to start it . It fails to start (misfire). I called the useless breakdown service who cannot find a fault because it starts. I called an electrical who sprayed some brake cleaner which assist it to start (which lasted 2 months)but now misfiring is more...
  2. Renault grand scenic 2007

    Is anybody breaking a scenic or grand scenic as close to Coventry as possible? I'm looking for the drivers door card, the black plastic external strip on the offside door & if I can find a metallic gold then I'm also after the boot lid
  3. 2007 clio wont start

    hi everyone i have a 2007 1.2 clio the head lights were staying on and as a common fault i changed the fuse and relay box under the bonnet as one of the relays had melted to the fuse box after changing this the headlights are now working again but after disconnecting the battery to get the old...
  4. 2007 mk3 immobilised

    General Chat
    I have a 2007 mk3 Clio was running sweet only 50k on it full service history well looked after car jumped in it today and turned key nothing all i***8217;m Getting is immobiliser light constantly flashing very fast anyone had this happen to them if so what***8217;s the next step thanks
  5. Kangoo 2007 1.6 auto starting problem

    Occasionally when turning the key to start the engine nothing happens. I cannot hear any clicks and the lights do not dim on the dashboard. The battery is good quality and less than 2 years old. If I try immediately to start it again the same happens. If I switch the key to off and wait 10...
  6. Clio 3/MK3 2007 Dim Radio Dash Display

    Hello, my unit is dim which displays the radio, time ect, i can see the screen works but seems like a bulb is out.. is this a easy fix and how would i pull the unit up from the dash to change.
  7. Clio 2007 No heater fans at any speeds

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I'm new to doing repairs to my car but I'm wanting to start learning myself instead of always taking it to a garage. Spent a while trawling through the forums to diagnose my issue so I understand there are a lot of similar threads about this however I still have a few questions. The main...
  8. 2007 2.0 16v f4r inlet manifold gaskets

    Could any of you kind people please advise if fitting new inlet manifold gaskets are a reasonable job for a competent diy'er ? Also anybody kindly tell me the part numbers for the parts in need ? Thanks in advance
  9. Wanted 4 Dynamique 2007 Canasta Alloy Wheels

    I am looking for a set of 2007 CLIO DYNAMIQUE alloy wheels with tyres in good condition in the Manchester/Salford area (the picture of the type I want is attached).
  10. 2007 Espace interior vent fans won't turn off

    Ask the Experts
    The interior vent fans come on automatically on high speed as soon as you put the key card in place. They remain on in high speed when starting the car and driving. The climate control panel does not seem to work to control the settings. The fans turn off when you turn off the car. Any...
  11. Clio Campus (mk2) 2007 - Cabin filter location

    Heating & cooling
    So just doing my first service and I***8217;ve run into a problem. Can seem to find the answer on the web. Changing the cabin/pollen filter. So looked in the usual places below the windscreen on the near side and under the glove box. Can***8217;t seem to see anything obvious. Watching the...
  12. Whining 2007 Mk3 Clio

    Hi all, I have a 2007 1.2 Mk3 Clio and a while back it developed a whining noise which has gradually got louder. Got my stepdad to have a look/listen while doing an oil and filter change on it and he reckons sounds like it's coming from the alternator. Whine increases pitch with revs and is...
  13. 2007 Clio campus 1.2 8v Spark plug size.

    Hi all. What is the size of the spark plugs in Clio campus? Also which is better, Bosch or NGK or any other recommendations. Cheers!
  14. grand scenic 2007 2.0dci rear wiper not working

    Hello everyone & merry xmas to you all i am hoping on some advice on my grand scenic 2007 2.0dci privilege the rear wiper stopped working i have checked the fuse in the passenger glove box & the fuse is ok but there is no power to the fuse so was wondering if there is another fuse elsewhere that...
  15. 2007 Renault Trafic no start after fuel filter replaced **Fixed**

    Hello, I changed the fuel filter on a 2007 Renault traffic. I changed the filter and I reused the same diesel inside the housing. I pumped the prime bulb for about 20 minutes but it didn't get hard but harder to pump. I started the van and it fired up but died out shortly after. I tried to...
  16. Trafic 2007 / need help!

    Hi everyone, firstly let me thank you for any help you can offer as I'm now completely fed up with it. Let me explain... I replaced the engine and gearbox on my 2007, 2.0dci 115 Trafic. Both were 0 miles recon units, 4 new injectors,.new cam and crank sensors, new egr valve also. I have code...
  17. Traffic DCI 115 2007 fan belt diagram **Sorted**

    Spent the last two days in the barn replacing my in the final stages, desperately need a diagram showing the routing,there are seven pulleys in!!!!!
  18. Oil Pressure Fault Warning 2007 Megane Scenic

    Hi all, I've seen this question pop up in other places but not found a solution so far. 12 months ago I had a replacement 1.6l petrol engine fitted to the car. The car had done over 100k miles; the replacement engine only 34k. One month ago, I was stuck in traffic waiting for an accident to...
  19. Renault Clio 2007, won't start

    Good evening, My Clio yesterday decided to not start, have searched the wide web and can find nothing really identical to the issue mine has. The car won't turn over, tried jump starting spins 4 times then cuts out. if you turn the key to pos 2 wait a few seconds and try to start nothing...
  20. renault clio dyn 2007 s bodykit side skirt wanted

    trying find the nearside skirt for the above bought as a bodykit from new:frown2: