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  1. Renault trafic 2.0 dci 2007

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    Hi van has lost power no higher than 2700 revs diagnostics say fault in A circuit ,ERG Electric fault light is on on dash I***8217;ve cleaned erg and new air flow meter no change????
  2. Scenic II (2007) 1.5 DCI 106hp - Battery

    Hi, It´s time to exchange the battery on my wife´s scenic. Struggling to start up in the morning, already putted in a charger, went well for a couple of days, then came to same difficulties. The problem, is that I can´t read the battery specs to buy another and exchage. I figure that should be...
  3. Scenic mk2 "check parking brake" fault **Fixed**

    hey Guys and Girls, im new to this so please go easy on me! i have a 2007 Scenic II, i have a check parking brake fault, i can clear the fault and drive it all day with no issues if i do NOT use the parking brake lever, as soon as i do it comes up with the fault. the only trouble code what...
  4. 2007 2.5 Renault master

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    Engine runs fine until weather gets to freezing like this morning. On starting van 1st thing it starts as normal engine ticks over nicely step outside van van stops on its own ,get back in van and restart everything ok engine continues to cut out. Leave foot slightly on excelorator and get...
  5. Renault Clio 1.2 TCE 2007 Oil in breather Pipes, power loss and burning blue smoke

    Hi, I have a Clio MK3 2007 1.2 tce problem is oil everywhere in the air inlet and breather pipes. When you boot the car the turbo boost comes in for a split second and then a major loss of power and back to vacuum, blue smoke out of the exhaust, also will not pull up a hill. The rocker cover...
  6. High pitched sound when slightly revving cold engine? Clio 2007

    Clio MK2's seem to never not have a fecking issue. Yesterday I noticed this slight noise. Wasn't as bad as it was today. Car had been sitting all night. The sound only seems to happen when cold. Noise is non-existent when its at operating temperature. I've included a video of the sound and what...
  7. Scenic 1.9 dci (2007): intermittent loss of power

    2007 Scenic 1.9 dci 142,000 miles. Occasionally when I try and accelerate - no power. It feels as if the turbo is stuck, or no fuel is getting through. After 5-10 seconds, eventually power comes back. I am thinking the possibilities are; - stuck turbo wastegate (lube it?) - fuel blockage issue...
  8. 2007 Clio rear heated window only partially working.

    Hi everyone. Tonight it was freezing and I had to dig out my ice scraper. I usually start up the car. Heat in full pointing to the windscreen and turn on the rear heated window. I***8217;ve noticed this last year too but the top and bottom of the window seem to clear alright. But the middle...
  9. Clio 1.2 Tce 2007 - FLASHING EML

    Right, possibly at my wits end with this car, probably quite a long story so please bare with Right to start things off I have had my Tce for nearly 2 years and over the years I***8217;ve modified it, decat, front mount, Clio 182 injectors etc Now, I took my car to engine dyamics for stage...
  10. DF046 Clio MK III 1.2 2007

    Hi, Looking for any advice to help resolve DTC DF046. Once cleared it’s there at next ignition on, engine not running, when starting sometimes car goes into limp mode, spanner on and check injection on dashboard, when code reader attached along with DF046 codes DF079 & DF092 will now appear...
  11. 2007 master side lights and dash lights not working

    As per the title. If I try to turn the side lights on, I get nothing, no indication, lights, no voltage at the lights and the dash lights don't come on. If I go to dipped beam, that works but still no dash lights. I presume the dash lights are linked to the side lights. All other functions on...
  12. 2007 Megane CC 2.0 Petrol Auto Engine Timing

    Hi all, Paul in Perth Australia here. I have just bought a 2007 Megane CC 2.0 F4R Auto. On my way home after around 80Km the oil pressure warning came on the dash :( I got the car home and checked the oil which was fine. Then tried to remove rocker cover (apparently Renault do not allow...
  13. Trafic 2007 warning lights ??

    Warning lights are displaying MIL, Glow Plug, & SERV. But no faults are showing on reading with 3 different obd readers, 2 at local garage + my torque reader. Engine has started & run normally for a month - 1500miles- Am I right in thinking a glowplug might be down? Also the trip computer...
  14. 2007 clio dynamique clutch juddery

    I have a 1.4 Clio dynamique 2007 . When morning when I left my feet from the excelertor. The Clutch begins to grab a little-almost like a Jolt. When the engine is relatively warm there is no sign of it. I m not sure if it is the disk on the OSF that my needs replacing. It engages fine-does not...
  15. Laguna 2007

    Hello. Does laguna 2007 diesel has Bluetooth to connect with mobile phone while driving? Thank you.
  16. Renault Megane 1.6 petrol 2007 crank but no start!

    I have problem with no start. But car crank I can try 10 times and with lucky it work 2 times. I usually drive the starter engine for 10 seconds and sometimes it's good for it to start I have check parameters with clip. Crank sensor work. Camsensor work. Start is ok. Voltage is ok. Only dtc...
  17. Renault Master II (2007) - Need engine room fuse box and relay diagram?

    Hello, I have a 2007 Renault master (2.5 DCI with 120 bhp I believe it is). Now recently the main lights stopped working, both at once. I replaced the bulbs although they looked OK; no change. I checked the fuses under the steering wheel, none look like they have blown. (I replaced one...
  18. Espace 2007 Tailgate intermittant

    Hi all, I found a lot of tailgate/rear door lock issues on the search function but none really describing my problem, here it is; I bought this Grande Espace 2.0Dci 2007 few months ago, lovely car, my second Espace and working like a champ. Since a few weeks the tailgate seems to refuse...
  19. Espace 2007 rear mirror conversion to auto dim?

    Hi, I tried searching for more info here but couldn't find any results, hope someone can help me here. My 2007 2.0Dci Espace has a standard rear view mirror. I had been told they are pretty easy to replace by an auto dimmer version. Sometimes there is apparently already a plug behind the...
  20. Nissan Primastar 2.5 150 2007 Oil Pressure Light

    Hi guys, The Oil Pressure light keeps illuminating whilst i drive. I have changed the Oil pressure sensor but still the problem persists. The oil level is fine and i've just had it serviced but the garage says the only way to get rid of the warning light is by changing the dashboard? Has...