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  1. Retrofit Adaptive Cruise Control in Megane IV GT 205

    Hello, I recently bought a Renault Megane IV 1,6 TCe GT 205 EDC. I would like to know if it is possible to retro fit Adaptive Cruise Control into this car. I bought the car used, and would off course have added this option if I bought it from new. However if it is possibe to buy the parts and...
  2. 2008 Renault Laguna III 2.0 Turbo GT 205 - 4 Wheel Steering (Very Rare)

    For sale
    Renault Laguna III GT 205 I have owned this car for 18 months and have enjoyed every mile of driving it. Genuine sale - very rare car, drives really well. Recently did the NC500 in Scottish HIghlands and the car was fantastic, did not miss a beat and also returned 38mpg. The car is for sale...
  3. Laguna III GT 205 user!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi I am new to this forum, hope I can meet fellow Laguna Mk III users and if you are a GT 205 driver (hatch not the coupe) you are indeed a very rare breed!
  4. Laguna III GT 205 - 4 Wheel steering - Steering wheel failure error message

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi I am posting this, after trawling the internet without any luck. I have a Renault Laguna MK III GT 205 which comes with 4 Wheel steering. Recently both the front wishbones and both rear axle beam bushes were replaced. Since then I occasionally get a Power Steering failure message. Now...
  5. 2017 Megane GT 205 Gearbox Overheating

    Anyone else with a 2017 Megane GT 205 seeing a Gearbox overheating message and loosing power? There was a recall for a software update to resolve but mine still has the same issue. Renault now say they need to replace the Clutch pack but they don't have any!! I have to wait for an update...
  6. Laguna 2.0 T 205 GT Sport Tourer 09 Advise

    Hi All, After 9 yers of Laguna II Initial ownership with minimal issues, I have seen a 09 2.0T 205 GT estate for sale for £3.995 from an independent garage. The car looks great, however I would like to know if there is any known issues with this model and if there is anything specific I need to...
  7. Megane GT 205 EDC problems

    Hi weekly problems with my Megane GT: EDC: Keyless: Bluetooth: ambilight:
  8. Laguna 205 v Megane 225

    Hi could you please tell me the difference between the laguna gt 205 and the Megane 225 engines? Are the injectors the same size? I'm enquiring on a Remap for my laguna 205 and I have been quoted 235bhp A Megane 225 is quoted at 260bhp so is there anything I can swap to get the same 260 from...
  9. Will 205 45 r17 alloys fit my mk2 2002 clip?

    Wheels & tyres
    I have just bought these they are the right bore and stud but not sure if they will fit
  10. F4Rt engines in Laguna 205 and Megane 225 are the same?

    Hi and firstly thank you for your time. Long story short, I've been looking for an induction kit for my 55 plate M2 P2 Laguna GT 205! I've kind of settled on the idea of a Pipercross Viper kit! After weeks and possibly months of searching and emails, I can't find one! Finally I've found one for...
  11. Laguna II GT 205 Interior Parts

    Hi Everyone, As in the title, I have a Laguna GT205, it has 130,000 miles on the clock and the interior (and exterior to be fair) is showing some wear and tear, mostly around the ash tray and the door handles. I'd also be interested in getting original, floor mats as I bought the car with...
  12. Laguna 205 GT Hatchback

    Hi All, Posting this ad on behalf of my mate who missed the car that he wanted on ebay, by the time he made up his mind the ad had been removed. I've searched all week for him but the only one for sale is with a dealer who's overpriced it imo and is 400+ miles away. So, this is a long shot...
  13. renault laguna gt 205 for sale

    For sale
  14. remapping my '59 laguna coupe GT 205

    General tuning
    Hi all, newbie here. well, after a day of buying my wife a 2010 megane coupe and myself a '59 laguna coupe gt 2.0 205 I want to remap the laguna. has anyone here done this or could suggest a good mapper? cheers all!
  15. Scenic I, 205's at the front & 195's on the rear

    Wheels & tyres
    Good Morning. This is my first post on here. I hope im not asking something that has already been asked, I had a little search but couldn't see anything. I part exe'd my Megan for a Scenic on Saturday and its GREAT. I'm slightly ocnfused by the wheel configuation though. The car has...
  16. Newbie with Laguna GT 205 Turbo Tourer

    My mottah!
    Hi everyone, new here and I thought I would post some photos. I've just bought a Laguna GT 205 Turbo Tourer with just about every option apart from Sunroof/Pan roof. I have a couple of niggles but I guess this isn't the best area to ask advice? Here are some pics:
  17. LAGUNA III 2.0T 205 and dCi 150

    Cars & motoring
    After driving my Laguna for nearly 3 years it's nearly time for change. I've done some research picked what I like and compared. -Accord EX GT diesel manual -Volvo S80 D5 Sport auto -Laguna III GT All of them 3-4 yrs old available under 10k Volvo - too big, expensive to run Honda- cool car...
  18. Do I need to have Extra Load tyres 205 55 R16 these are not low profile?

    Wheels & tyres
    I know this question has been asked many times before, but i cant seam to find the correct answer. I have a laguna II sport tourer 2.2dci, with 205 55 R 16 tyres, I purchased 4 years ago and no one told me when I bought it that it would need extra load tyres. I have never bought extra load for...
  19. 205, 55 R 16 tyres, do i need to have extra load?

    I know this question has been asked many times before, but i cant seam to find the correct answer. I have a laguna II sport tourer 2.2dci, with 205 55 R 16 tyres, I purchased 4 years ago and no one told me when I bought it that it would need extra load tyres. I have never bought extra load for...
  20. Tyres for 2005 Laguna GT 205

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, Just want advice on what best replacement tyres for my GT 205. Thanks in advance for any answers.