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  1. Laguna 2 205GT Estate for sale £995 ***SOLD***

    For sale
    My Laguna will be for sale in a couple of weeks time. Just bought a Range Rover as I need some heavyweight towing capacity for a new business venture. I need to swap my Registration off it first which could take a week or two. This is the only photo I have at the moment but will take some more...
  2. LAGUNA III 2.0T 205 and dCi 150

    Cars & motoring
    After driving my Laguna for nearly 3 years it's nearly time for change. I've done some research picked what I like and compared. -Accord EX GT diesel manual -Volvo S80 D5 Sport auto -Laguna III GT All of them 3-4 yrs old available under 10k Volvo - too big, expensive to run Honda- cool car...
  3. 2.0T 205GT Alloys, Drenalic

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, long time no post. Can anyone help me? Recently purchased the Laguna II 2.0T 205GT the front alloys are well kerbed and really require either refurbishment or replacement. Problem is that they appear to be either a 'shadow chrome' or 'nickel' effect and some alloys sourced from a renault...