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  1. Laguna II 2.0T engine burning oil

    Hello , I am having problem with the engine of my laguna 2.0 turbo , it stars burning oil, 0.5 liter in 4500 km . The engine has only 46000 km , in perfect contrition with all the survives in Renault . Right now , after contact with Renault France , I have chance the oil again and after 1500 km...
  2. Renault Espace 2.0T auto 2006

    Hello everyone. Please could you let me know if this has happened or if you know what it could be I decided to do an innocent radiator flush. Afterwards when I started the car it gave me the following errors in the dash: 1. Check gearbox 2. Parking brake error 3. ESP error I managed the...
  3. Espace 2.0T auto petrol 2006

    Ask the Experts
    Hi all. I decided to torture myself and buy an 2006 Espace 20.T petrol and I think I have bought a lemon. I suspect the gearbox is fault as now and then it doesn't want to change from 2nd to 3rd but my biggest issue now is when I want to pull off from a traffic light or stop street it doesn't...
  4. 2004 Espace 2.0T ABS problem **Sorted**

    I have bought a Espace IV with an ABS problem that I need to fix. Have tried to read the fault codes with DDT-2000 and a VAG adapter but not manage to make it work. Read only ECU live values. Fuses seems OK, will double check that I have measure all of them (2 or 3?) Have tested the signal...
  5. Espace 2.0T cylinder order

    Hello, Does anyone know the cyclinder order for the Renault Espace 4 2.0T engine, ie. which is cylinder 1-4 Many thanks
  6. Espace 2.0T Coil Wiring (Missfire)

    Hello I recently acquired a 2004 Espace 2.0T as a project, I have run out of research options and was hoping someone on the forum could help me? The issue is that I have only been able to get it to run on 2 cylinders, the wiring loom to the coils has been butchered up and I am sure its this that...
  7. Single mass flywheel conversion for Laguna mk2 2.0T F4Rt

    Hey all, What are the possibilities to convert a DMF to a lighter single mass flywheel on a Laguna mk2 with F4Rt? My current flywheel is going, so I'd rather replace it with a solid one. I tried googling and found no info or conversion kits. Maybe there are other Renaults which can be...
  8. Renault Megane III Coupe 2.0T

    My mottah!
    Well, Hi! I really wanted to do thread about my Renault, and now it is the time. I will try to update my thread regularly and post pictures when I do something. Me and my car are located in Estonia. I bought it in 21/01/2018. *Car itself: 2009 Renault Megane III Coupe 2.0T 180hp *Mileage...
  9. Re-Mapping an Espace IV, petrol, 2.0t

    General tuning
    Hi Guys I'm new to this forum, I have done a search but can't see anything about this so apologies if it has been discussed before.... I am trying to build a 2.0 Turbo petrol Espace IV with a bit of go in it and as such have used a Megane RS225 engine, that has been forged etc, at the moment I...
  10. Megane Dynamique tce 2.0t

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all...hopefully picking this up on Monday. Been told it's been remapped, definitely lowered and has a full powerflow stainless system. What things should I be looking out for?
  11. Megane Mk3 2.0t 180

    General tuning
    Hi All, my names lee ive recently just joined the forum so still trying to get use to the whole layout, I currently own a 2010 Megane Mk3 2litre turbo (180)BHP and have recently just carried out a general service oil, filter changes (minus the pollen filter) as I have read that's a bit of a...
  12. Espace mk4 2.0t lambda sensor 2 replacement?

    Hello, Can anyone help me with how to replace bank 1 sensor 2 lambda sensor? Thanks in advance
  13. megane dynamique 2.0T 165hp

    Want more performance 0-60....on a torque in Aylesbury offer a remap for £247 plus vat with a 35 HP should see the mo just doesn't push me in my seat enough 0-60 in 8.5 secs,just isn't exciting enough..if I get upgrade to 200 HP...what will be 0-60...
  14. megane 2.0T dynamique 5door 2005/05

    Hi all....My megane 2.0Turbo dynamique has a engine vibration,especially at idle and above 2800rpm....No knocking just a vibration which is quite bad....engine runs good and still performs good... Don't know what it is....any advice greatly appreciated.....Happy new year !
  15. Espace 2.0T throttle body error DF0328 **Sorted**

    Hey everyone, Renault Espace 4 2.0T petrol Didn't drive the car for a month while we were away. Upon return it immediately threw the dreaded Injection Error and went into limp mode. The actual error is DF0328 - throttle potentiometer coherence track 1 and 2 It runs fine until it the water...
  16. Espace Mk4 2.0T clutch pedal gone to floor **Fixed**

    My 2005 2.0T Espace Mk IV clutch pedal has dropped to the floor. I can pull it up, but have no clutch action. It's hydraulic but it failed just like a snapped clutch cable. The car drove fine (with careful rev matched gear shifts) but eventually I had to stop so it was an RAC recovery job. I...
  17. 2.0T intercooler pipe help

    Hi all, I had to remove the intercooler pipe last week and now I can't get it back on, there appears to be a knuckle on both the solid plastic pipe and the metal intercooler pipe, these knuckles DO slip over one another but I can't get the plastic pipe to go any further on. There's no room from...
  18. Laguna II 2.0T Vacuum Issue

    Hi, My 2004 Laguna 2.0 Turbo (petrol) is running very badly to the point where it is not driveable. I removed the engine cover and found that a hose had snapped so I replaced it (the piece I replaced has Fuel Hose marked on it on the picture). This has not improved the situation. The...
  19. Espace IV 2.0T Turbo

    Hi, We've got a 2007 2.0T Espace with a 'whirring' turbo (like the cops are following). Avoiding long journeys, can we expect it to explode imminently or is it worth chancing it for a while? We got a quote of 2'000 Euros to fix the turbo (we live in France), but having looked at the...
  20. 2.0T Auto Laguna initiale spec Mk2 phase 2 for sale

    For sale
    I'm selling my Laguna 2.0T 55 Reg It has full service history with lpg conversion using Ramano multipoint injectors which also has full service history It's done 105k miles faultlessly, it's had everything it's needed since I've owned it. It had a new cambelt and water pump fitted and has...