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  1. Lag 3 2.0T 2008 Transmission replacement

    My car transmission AJ0-007 almost dead and need replacement or repair. I could not find it and i found AJ0-015 gearbox for scenic 2.0DC. Are they identical ? can i use 015 instead of 007 ? On the other hand if i will goto replace gearbox, I want to replace more powerfull gearbox of laguna 3...
  2. 2009 Laguna Coupe 2.0T GT (Best OBD Kit)

    Hi all. I have been looking into getting a WiFi or Bluetooth OBD reader for my 2009 Laguna Coupe GT (2.0 Litre Turbo Petrol) :cool: Can anyone suggest a good but non expensive reader that's suitable for this car? I know the port is under the tray in the arm rest, I have access to an Android...
  3. Renault 2.0T 2006 - Turbo replacement

    Renault 2006 2.0T has just been diagnosed with a turbo failure at the joint I'm told. Lots of white smoke when starting from cold, as the engine warms the smoke dies down but is still visible along with the odour. Questions that need helping with please Does the engine need to be removed to...
  4. Espace IV 2.0T 2005 wipers stop while driving

    3 times now the front wipers have stopped while driving with both arms verticle, this is apparantly a position for replacing the blades. wipers have been on low speed each time. Everything else with the wipers functions normally including intermittent. ...except for the HP headlight washer...
  5. Espace 2003 2.0t AC problem

    Heating & cooling
    I seem to be having the opposite problem as the usual with my AC. The clutch for aircon is always engaged, causing the battery to drain. If i disconnect battery it disengages, when I connect again it engages. I had to remove the fuse to be able to use the car. Do anybody here have any idea...
  6. Espace 2.0t auto 2003

    Hi everyone, new here so unsure if this is the right section to ask for help, I have a 2003 espace 2.0t and everything seems great with it but sometimes when i select p or n it doesn't show up on the dash, If i start it and go straight to d it drives fine no warning lights etc, But when it...
  7. mkIV Espace 2.0t running issues

    Howdy all, having probs with my Espace and it seems like this is the best spot to visit for advice, so I am really hoping you can help point me in the right direction. I am quite happy to get involved in all mechanical work, but most of my experience is Vauxhall realted as I spent my youth...
  8. Speed limiter works but Cruise Control doesn't? (Vel Satis 2.0t)

    Hello! I've just bought a Vel Satis and I'm currently in the process of sorting all the little niggles. The most irritating one is the cruise control. The speed limiter function works perfectly, the master switch and the buttons on the steering wheel function as expected, however when I switch...
  9. 2.0T Auto Laguna 3 Sport Tourer

    Cars & motoring
    Going to pick one up in the next week or so. Anyone got any horror stories ? What can i expect , it's the initiale spec. Does it have bluetooth ? Is the mpg that bad ?
  10. 2.0t vs 2.0 dci

    how do you compare this to engines against each other? I have Lag, 2.0 dci 150hp and I'm considering to change it for a 2.0t GT and convert it to GPL. what are your opinions? reliability and maintenance costs, etc cheers
  11. MK IV Renault Espace 2.0T Auto Power Loss

    Have been having problems with my espace since first getting it . The same as first post here . Taken car to an independent French specialising garage ,who did a diagnostic check on it . Came up with fault code P0120 TPS/Pedal position...
  12. Avantime 2.0T ticking noise under load - with video

    I have an Avantime 2.0T and it has a loud ticking type noise when accelerating through the gears. Only under load, disappears when lifting off and also not there when reving not in gear. I have a video of the noise. Any suggestions of the cause please. Thank you very much...
  13. Mk4 espace 2.0T for sale

    For sale
    Hi everyone. I have a 2.0T for sale. The turbo has gOne and it is not cost effective for me to get repaired. It has 81000 miles on the clock, full service history, all 7 seats, tax and mot and all the usual things the privilege has. The Indy damage to the car is the rear drivers side door where...
  14. Renault Laguna 2004 mk2 2.0T juddering ?

    Hi and thank you for taking time to read my post. Trouble is i was driving home then suddenly the car goes mad service light on engine management light flashing and the anti skid thing has come onto( yellow triangle with car inside on skid mark). Car is also juddering when accelerating now. I...
  15. Laguna Coupe 2.0t Re-map

    General tuning
    Hi guys, I have just picked up a Laguna Coupe 2.0t and am looking into having the engine mapped. Was wondering if anyone has had one done and if they would recommend it? I have gone from a Clio 197 which I was told had limited mapping opportunities due being non-turbo. However, if i had a...
  16. Espace 2.0T Engine Compatabity. F4R794 and 796

    Can someone advise please. My 2005 Espace 2.0 16v Turbo 6 speed manual has a F4R 794 engine. I have been offered a F4R 796 engine. Will this fit, is there any parts I need to swap over or will it not fit at all? Thanks in advance. Alex.
  17. Engine code? Espace 2.0T

    Can anyone advise me of my engine code or where to find it? It's an early 2005 2.0 16v petrol Turbo 6 speed manual.
  18. Selling my 2006 Laguna Initiale 16v 2.0T (auto) hatchback, looking for good home

    For sale
    Hi I'm having to sell my beloved 2006 Laguna Initiale 16v 2.0T (auto) hatchback as it won't tow my new caravan! It's not due to lack of power, it's the fact that Renault limit this model to 1300Kgm and my 'van weighs in at 1400kgm :( Spec'n for those who don't know the Initiale model: 2.0...
  19. 2007 Espace 2.0T - Using Oil!

    Hi, Further to a post a few months ago, our Espace has started to need topping up with oil on a more frequent basis! I put about 1litre into it on 25th May and another litre on the 12th July. In the period I guess its gone about 2000miles. It's been into our local garage who can't find any...
  20. Laguna II, 2.0T, cold start problem?

    Since the cold weather thawed out my 2005 Laguna 2.0T 170ps has started being 'jumpy' for a few minutes after starting from cold. I'm new to Renaults and have heard the coils can play up, could it be these as there is no warning light coming on? Car has 1 previous owner and has covered 22,000...