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  1. 1994 espace 2.1td

    hi everybody! right, im living in france so i bought an espace 2.1td (as ive always liked that particular model) anyway the guy i bought it from changed the water pump & cambelt but he did it badly . the water pump leaked (he didnt torque up the bolts) and on start up it squeaks like a c!!t and...
  2. R21 2.1TD 1992 crankshaft bolt torque setting?

    As the title suggests....thanks in advance. RRRR
  3. Fuel Problems J8S 2.1TD with Bosch VE pump

    Hi one and all. Further to a recent post I'm having fuel supply problems on my J8S 2.1TD. I found sediment and rust in the fuel tank and main filter. The fuel tank has been changed, fuel lines blown through and new tank filter and fuel filter installed. When I start the engine it starts straight...
  4. 2.1td idler pulley

    Hi all, anyone replaced the belt idler pulley on a 2.1td in a 95 espace ???, can't find any info and the manual says refer to main dealer!!, but there is pulley in the gates belt kit. Any ideas greatly appreciated..:confused:
  5. Espace Mk2 (1994 2.1TD) Suspension Geometry

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, can anyone tell me what the toe, castor and camber angles are for my 1994 Espace please? Thanks a lot, Graham

    Hello Renault Forums,. For anyone whose knowledgeable on UN1 Transmissions and there uses, I'd love to pick your brains. I own a 3 TON, 1986 Vixen 21' Turbo Diesel RV/Camper It was produced with a Renault UN1-(not sure of the particular version- I was hoping to be enlightened) 21 Spline 9"...
  7. Renault Espace 2.1td (K reg) clutch change advise...

    Hi all, first time thread long time reader.... i am looking for some advise or tips on changing the clutch on my Espace, i have done a few changes over the years on various cars but none on Renaults, and none on a front wheel drive longated engine set up! I am hoping it will be kind of...
  8. Espace 2.1td gearbox removal.

    Hello. I'm trying to remove just the gearbox from an old Phase 2 Espace - leaving the engine in place. Does anybody know if it's possible to gain access to all the gearbox to engine bolts with the engine still in situ? I can see most of them from beneath the car but it's the top ones I'm...
  9. Espace 2.1TD starting problem

    I have a 1996 Espace 2.1Td which i have not used for a year or so, it was running fine, unfortunatly now it wont start. ive bled the fuel system, but the engine spins over like a watch (not compressing anything), so im thinking the stop solenoid may be jammed in stopping the fuel. Unfortunatly...
  10. Espace MKII 2.1TD Coolant Sensor Location

    I've got a problem that you might be able to help with - I've got a dodgy coolant temp reading (see pic). This is shown when engine is stone cold. Not sure where the sensor is located. I've tried unplugging the purple wire (see pics) but no change to reading at all... so not sure this is the...
  11. What is the max towing weight for a 1995 espace 2.1td?

    Towing & Touring Club
    Hi, Does anyone one know the maximum towing weight for a 1995 Espace 2.1 Turbo Diesel? i am considering getting a 4 berth caravan but cannot find any details anywhere on what weight my espace will safely tow. Just wondered if anyone out there knows the figures off the top of their head...
  12. 1995 Espace 2.1TD pressurising cooling system

    Heating & cooling
    Hi All, Fairly new to the forum, which I think is great by the way and just after a bit of advice or finding someone thats had a simalar problem. I have got a 1995 espace 2.1 turbo diesel and brought it with suspected head gasket failure due to the cooling sytem over pressurising. I have...
  13. 94 Espace J8S 2.1TD camshaft removal

    Hi everyone. Whilst I've used this forum many times I've never felt the need to post until now. I have a new camshaft and rockers for my engine (231k miles) and have read the manual as to how to go about removing the camshaft. My question is: Does the camshaft come out of the front of the...
  14. Renault Espace Mk2 2.1TD starting problem?

    ok i've got my lvl 3 engineering qualifacation and if you can tell me the problem i can fix it but atm im at a loss to what the problem and really tight on money and im really fond of this vehicle. Now recently my car wont start i turn the key and it turns over but not start (tried until...
  15. 2.1td Espace White smoke after cold start

    After the recent cold snap our espace became reluctant to start, but would eventually fire up with a very rough idle and clouds of white/grey white smoke coming from the exhaust. I removed the glow plugs and measured them with a multimeter, 2 read 1-2 ohms the other 2 were O/C, replaced the glow...
  16. Espace II 2.1TD Cam Belt etc

    Hi all, Some friends and I have an M reg 2.1TD Espace with 166k on the clock. We bought it for a pound and are taking it on a banger rally we have organised, but fully intend to bring it home and keep running it. To this end we have done lots of servicing and replaced all the brakes. To our...
  17. Rubbish heater on 94 Espace 2.1TD

    Heating & cooling
    Hi guys, just joined up as I have a problem with the heater on my Espace. Since I've had the car the heater has been poor but working. I replaced the coolant just before Christmas and since then heater has been non existant. Yesterday I had a go at sorting it, assuming it to just be trapped...
  18. Renault 21 Savanna 2.1TD Poor Starting

    Hi everyone. This is my first post and I do feel a little churlish asking for help straight away, but I have a bit of a problem with my aging 118,000 mile N-Reg Renault 21 Savanna 2.1TD and it's worrying me. :o Suddenly the old girl has decided that it will take some few seconds to get going...
  19. 1996 N'reg Espace 2.1td HELP!

    Exterior styling
    Can anyone help me! I need some good Alloys and some were to get some body mod's? Just wondered if I can fit any 4 stud Renault alloys with same sort of load rating? Might even think about making my own body mods up? Any help appreciated!
  20. Renault Espace 2.1TD 1994 Heater Blower problem

    Heating & cooling
    The Heater Blower seems to blow ok for one setting that is for the screen and footwells, If I rotate the knob to any other setting, there is a continuous turning of flaps noise from inside and the Air is blown out of each AIR vent in sequence, it seems to rotate from screen, to side vents to...