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  1. 2.2dci hp fuel pump.

    New pump fitted & no fuel discharging from the hp port. Lp supply / return working fine. Any help appreciated.
  2. 2.2dci hp fuel pump

    Confirmed lp fuel circulating through hp pump but no fuel being discharged from the hp pump on winding engine over. Lp electric pump runs & charges the circuit.
  3. intermitent non-starting driving me crazy! espace 2.2dci starter not engaging

    Good evening people, Ive got an annoying intermittent problem on our espace 2005 2.2dci. Sometimes it will start fine. but more and more recently, generally it will not. Basically you press the start button and there's a click but the starter does not engage. I replaced the battery which is...
  4. 2.2dci espace advice/manual

    Hello again, been working away so not had time to finish my 1.9dci engine rebuild, but did have time to repatriate a lhd french 2.2dci espace from uk to france, flew through the MOT here, but inspector told wife dipstick was out and had spilled oil !! i think this is all my fault, i told her to...
  5. Renault Laguna 2 2.2dci hot engine heavy start. Please help.

    Hello guys, I'm really trying to figure this out as it has been bugging me ever since I bought the car. The engine starts ok at first. If I go around the city and the engine gets at the optimal temperature, eventually outside is really hot, it starts really, really hard, heavy. I have changed...
  6. Service Manual required Grand Espace Dymaniqie 2.2DCI

    Tools & equipment
    Hi All The husband of a friend has recently bought a Grand Espace Dymaniqie 2.2DCI They are struggling to find a Haynes manual or similar. It is a 2005 model but all they can find run up to 1999 Please can someone point me in the right direction Many thanks Steve
  7. Recon engine for an 03 espace 2.2dci

    Hi, I have an 03 grand espace 2.2dci which we love as a family. However, it has had a few major issues over the past months and i have been advised that I need a new engine. As the rest of the vehicle is in such good condition I think this is a good option, but buying an exchange engine seems to...
  8. espace 2.2dci alternator removal

    i have an 04 plate renault espace 2.2dci and the alternator needs replacing, can anyone pleased give me instructions on how to get the old one out and how to put a new one in, my mechanic is struggling to get it out
  9. 2.2dCi Laguna II No Fault Codes, No Power

    Hello, This I think is an odd one. I put a can of upper cylinder cleaner through my 2007 Laguna 2 phase 2 (2.2 DCi, G9T engine) following the instructions on the can (hold at 2000rpm, squirt 2-3secs, repeat once revvs drop again) and now it has absolutely no power. I wonder if my fuel trims...
  10. New clutch slipping after 17k miles espace 2.2dci

    Hi all, I wondered if anyone can help me.... about 2 years ago I had the clutch replaced at 99000 miles - not because it was worn out or slipping, but because the DMF had failed. I posted the below thread about my decision to swap to solid flywheel arrangement...
  11. grand espace 2.2dci 2005, heater problem

    Heating & cooling
    Hi my heater is turning on at all speeds but after about three to four minutes i start to get a noise from where seems to be the pollen filter is located which gets louder and then it cuts out , i have replaced the pollen filter but same problem . I dont think its the resistor because the heater...
  12. grand espace 2.2dci 2005, fuse location

    Hi im just wondering before i strip the engine down to replace a reversing light switch, is there a hidden fuse somewhere that could have blown. After reading a few posts on the forum Renault seem to be a bugger for hiding fuses , i have checked the interior fuses in the little storage box on...
  13. Emission control warning light fail Laguna 2 2.2DCI

    My Laguna 2.2 DCI Grand Tourer 2003 failed EU test (in Norway)due to the emission warning light NOT glowing when the car is started (when several other control lamps do lit up). I had a check at the Renault dealer: THey found no diagnostic messages. Assuming that it could be the instrument...
  14. 2004 2.2DCI - Throttle body vacuum pipework missing.

    Been doing some odds and ends on our GE, this morning i pulled the EGR and hacked off the crusted soot, but i noticed that the throttle body flap is disconnected. Not just disconnected, the vacuum lines are totally missing. They've left the vacuum valve plugged in to stop it from throwing a...
  15. 2005 2.2Dci Espace Check Injection

    Hey folks, i have a 2005 Espace. 2.2dci. It's showing check injection at times when the engine gets warm and say for example im going up a hill. I can drive it for about 40 minutes from cold and no bother then it will throw up the Check Injection message and goes into limp mode. If i switch the...
  16. Espace 4 2.2dci, vacuum test

    hi all... anyone know easiest accessible point on a 05 2.2dci espace to test the vacuum level, and what figures to expect at idle, and higher rpm? I suspect low vac, as I am not getting turbo boost at low revs, despite new genuine turbo and actuator and VNT. I note also now the brakes are not as...
  17. Laguna 2 Phase 2 2.2dci - Snapped Dipstick

    It turns out I have the quite common issue of a snapped dipstick. However, I can find no real info on how best to remove it. Its snapped too far down to fish it out manually. So: Does the dipstick tube unbolt at all? Or is it a sump drop job? If sump drop, how tricky is the job? I've done a...
  18. Laguna 2 2.2dci - How hard is changing the thermostat?

    Heating & cooling
    So, day 3 of Laguna ownership, and I drove to work as normal (yesterday I had to go a different way due to traffic so it wasn't a fair test) but today I did the exact same route I've done for 4 years in a few different cars. The temp gauge took about 10 miles of fairly fast A road to move at...
  19. Espace 2.2dci no power when cold

    No power when cold, after a while the engine will pick up and I get a "Check Injection" warning. This can also happen when on the motorway. Had this "Check Injection" warning many years ago when the car had only done 62,000, resulted in the engine blowing up and having to pay around £6500 for a...
  20. Laguna injector codes 2.2dci

    Hi guys only new here but just seeing if someone can help I have a 2007 laguna 2.2dci witch when doing a DPF reset has also reset the injector codes they are all now AAAAAAA and stupid me didn't write them down when i got the chance is the code the 7 characters on the top of the injector ...