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  1. espace 2.2td overheating problems

    hi, just back from holiday in france & had a small problem with the electric fan on the grand espace 2.2 dt 1998, when waiting to board the ferry the temp gauge rose to 5 bars (usually sits at 4) then just as i parked up the stop light came on the dash with the water warning sign, checked under...
  2. crunching gears on my espace 2.2td mk3

    hi i have just had my clutch master cylinder replaced and ever since i have a horrible crunching when selecting 3rd gear and sometimes 4th can anyone tell me why this might be thanks davie!!!:confused:
  3. grand espace 2.2td timing belt

    hi, can anyone advise me on a rough price guide i should expect to pay for changing the timing belt & kit on a 1998 grand espace 2.2td please? i would supply the kit myself & hopefully get a local mechanic to do the job rather than main dealers but need to have a rough price in mind, cheers, gordon.
  4. Grand Espace 1998 2.2TD matrix*Fixed*

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I know the matrix is a bad job but having very little money after paying £2.5 k due to cam belt braking i have taken the plunge to have a bash at it!. I have stripped out all the dash and now have the main support fame with the blowers and steering column left on. I have removed the main...
  5. Espace - 2.2td 1998 - Showing Fault Code

    hi guys never done anything like this before.but i think i might have problem with our used espace. 1 day old to us? ive had a fault code come up on the dash suggesting that it has a problem with its injection system but when a good mate put a fault finder on to it ( a snap on system)...
  6. Espace 2.2td 1998 model non start

    Hi all could anyone shed any light on this 2.2 turbo diesel espace recently fitted laguna engine in it have done around 3 thousand miles since no problems wife came home in it last night no problems went out this morning to start it fired slightly now wont start has fuel no imobilliser as was...
  7. Espace 2.2tD TDC marks?

    Does anyone know an easy way to establish TDC for 2.2tD engine? I am about to remove the timing belt and have found the marks on the cam pulley and injection pulley but nothing on the crank pulleys. I think I will try the 7mm pin into the crank web which is mentioned in the manual (Laguna) but...
  8. 2.2td hard to start

    hi, to all my 2.2td has recently just started to take 2 or 3 attempts to start, on looking at engine noticed air pockets in fuel line before and after fuel filter also when engine running any ideas how to remove air thanks :steam:
  9. 2.2TD Hesitation and clouds of smoke

    when pulling a way sometimes the is a hesitation before it picks up, and then covers the cars behind in black smoke. any clues??
  10. espace 2.2td sluggish

    hi, was wondering what sort of speed through gears on espace 2.2td 1998 only mine seems very slow and the slightest of inclines engine slows right down even with foot to floor 1st gear no more than 20 mph after that very slowthen the minute on a flat bit of road speeds up slightly .i think turbo...
  11. 98 espace 2.2td heater matrix pipes

    Heating & cooling
    hi any one know of the where abouts of the heater matrix feed pipes as i have a blockage and ned to flush out but i have no manual so it dont make life any easier on where to start:confused: ?????
  12. 98 espace 2.2td heater problem

    Heating & cooling
    hi i have a 98 2.2td espace with the dual heater control the passenger side blows warm but drivers side and windscreen blows cold some pple have told me could be head gasket if someone has had same let me know how you fixed it??:)
  13. Espace 2.2td (1998) head gasket change

    Can anybody advise on the practicalities please. I bought one with a failed gasket and it looks like more of a job than expected.
  14. Espace 2000 2.2td -- service indicator Reset???

    Hello, Please could someone help, I've recently changed the battery on my espace and ever since then the 'service' warning appears on the display screen after start up, followed by the airbag symbol. (I suppose this symbol is displayed to frighten me?) How can I reset this display to remove...
  15. 1999 Grande espace EGR Vlave 2.2td

    Hi all im trying to remove the egr valve on my grande espace but i cant shift the torx bolts that holding it in place has anyone done this before any tips that cold help etc. :confused: Ive booked it into the garage bu i would like to give it one more try before it take it in any help would be...