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  1. Engines
    hi guys, i hope you can help i am trying to remove the starter motor on my laguna can anyone provide step by step guide on how to remove it, i cant find anything online (or in the forum on removing this one) (also help on where the mounting bolts are would be a great help) thanks in advance
  2. Transmissions
    Hi, I'm looking for some advice. Due to part-ex my Laguna on Thursday this week, and sods law the clutch pedal has gone over the weekend. There's basically no pressure behind the clutch, it just seems to push straight to the floor. I'm no mechanic, however from many conversations today I've...
  3. Tools & equipment
    My Scenic two Navigator auxiliary pulley wheel needs replacing. I took the old one off by engaging a gear and locking the brake disk. The crank pulley bolt came off no problem. I only now realize that I will upset the timing as there is as far as I can see no keyway on the pulley or the...
  4. Engines
    2011 plate 2 ltr 90k on clock keep getting check injector flash up on screen then goes out straight away does this very randomly but mainly at low speeds or off the gas decelerating any ideas please driving me mad nothing shows as a fault once pluged in either changed glow plugs any ideas welcome
  5. Transmissions
    Hi I have a 56 plate Laguna 2ltr Automatic (4 gear) As it approaches the gear change point at about 2.5k revs, a whine starts to build up. As soon as change occurs, all is good again until revs approach next gear change. There is no noise if the gears are kept in neutral and the engine revved...
  6. Electronics
    Hey everyone, I am having a really hard time finding the TDC sensor in my car. It is a lemon I bought from a person who scammed me (it's been under water). It has been repaired but I am having an issue with starting the car. First it sometimes drops to 2nd gear and says "check gear box"...
  7. Heating & cooling
    So just to give a bit of history to start. I had a water leak from the radiator, I foolishly used Radweld to fix it...shortly thereafter it started overheating. My initial theory was that the radiator was leaking again and that was causing the overheating. So off came the bumpers and I...
  8. Engines
    I have a problem with the engine hunting. It does not affect performance or cause the engine to stall ! Any advice to probable cause and rectification would be greatly appreciated
  9. Engines
    Hi - I am new to this forum and submitted my first request for help today. I have noticed that I have not provided all that I know about my problem, so I am re-submitting. My Laguna has recently developed a fault which is becoming difficult to diagnose. Early on a very cold morning in March...
  10. Engines
    My Laguna has recently developed a fault which is becoming difficult to diagnose. From cold (must be really cold) the engine always starts first time. Starting from warm or hot is extremely difficult – sometimes impossible (and I wait until the engine is completely cold again). The plugs are...
  11. Engines
    Hi I have a renualt espace 2ltr 2004 any time I drive it the van belt over heats and starts to melt and the signals on my dash says stop any1 got any ideas why this is happing
  12. Electronics
    Hi does anyone know where the front Fog lamps relay is I have fitted the lamps and wired into the loom fitted the fuse in the B11 and also replaced the column switch. On activating the column switch the indicator comes on on the dashboard . Now all i need to know is where do i fit the relay?
  13. Engines
    Hi i have a 2ltr dci Megane, 2008. i have an engine light come on and a message saying 1. check injection, then 2. check emissions. I want to check out the EGR valve but dont know where to find it, on the 1.9 it stands out. but not on the 2ltr. Can anyone point in the right direction and any...
  14. Engines
    Good afternoon, My Laguna has it's starter motor stuck and i need to replace it. First of all where is it. Secondly how do i remove it. Many thanks Stamford
  15. Transmissions
    hi i have a new clutch kit for my car and im needing help in the removal of the old clutch as there's no Haynes manual for it. im just wanting abit of advice what is the best way to remove it thanks in advance jp.
  16. Engines
    Well I fueled up my tank 3 weeks ago at Tescos in Bellshill to go to the girlfriends in Yorkshire, got 10 miles south on the M74 when I started losing power on the hills, crappy acceleration and rough idling on the road works on the A66, so injecter cleaner added and changed fuel filter, topped...
  17. Engines
    Hi, I have a Renault espace 2ltr turbo 2004 and the service warning keeps coming on, even after I reset it back to 18000miles. If I stop and remove the key card and put it back in again its fine until I put pressure on the engine, like over 3000 rpm or go up hill it then goes into limp home...
  18. Steering and Suspension
    can anyone tell me the possible faults to my steering wandering play in steering and nearside wheel jelly wobble
  19. Exhausts
    were is the idle speed control valve located thanks
  20. Engines
    hi i have just looked at a cheap megane scenic problem reported by owner is that behind engine on the drivers side there is a fuel leak that is also letting in air to system causing lost of fuel and stalling due to air ? i cannot see anything from front of car , what is back there , how do you...