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  1. Engines
    hi guys, i hope you can help i am trying to remove the starter motor on my laguna can anyone provide step by step guide on how to remove it, i cant find anything online (or in the forum on removing this one) (also help on where the mounting bolts are would be a great help) thanks in advance
  2. Heating & cooling
    So just to give a bit of history to start. I had a water leak from the radiator, I foolishly used Radweld to fix it...shortly thereafter it started overheating. My initial theory was that the radiator was leaking again and that was causing the overheating. So off came the bumpers and I...
  3. Electronics
    Hi does anyone know where the front Fog lamps relay is I have fitted the lamps and wired into the loom fitted the fuse in the B11 and also replaced the column switch. On activating the column switch the indicator comes on on the dashboard . Now all i need to know is where do i fit the relay?
  4. Engines
    Hi, I have a Renault espace 2ltr turbo 2004 and the service warning keeps coming on, even after I reset it back to 18000miles. If I stop and remove the key card and put it back in again its fine until I put pressure on the engine, like over 3000 rpm or go up hill it then goes into limp home...
  5. Engines
    hi i have just looked at a cheap megane scenic problem reported by owner is that behind engine on the drivers side there is a fuel leak that is also letting in air to system causing lost of fuel and stalling due to air ? i cannot see anything from front of car , what is back there , how do you...
  6. Engines
    HISTORY SO FAR !!! Bought van as one owner with 107,000 miles on clock, seems very tidy on an 07 plate. Run it for about 1000 miles then disaster..... I fill van with fuel…..within ½ a mile starts running unevenly, drive van a further 10 miles and it breaks down and refuses to start…billowing...
  7. Engines
    ok lets start from the beginning when engine is warm the cams tap like mad from tickover to 2000rpm could this be the type of oil or a sign that the oil pump is on it way out next it keeps missing a beat well quite a lot of beats in 1st it seems ok 2/3/4/5 gear it will hesitate very badly...
  8. Transmissions
    drops out of top 4th gear when under no presure at 50 mph and sometimes when changing up from 3rd to 4th when starting up a hill. no problems when motoring above 55, goes like a bird and has very good aceleration at all times any answeres plse
  9. Electronics
    anyone got 1 as i seem to have a wiring fault causing fault codes df254 think its spiked the ecu from the oil diffuser selanoid so i need to trace the wires see excactly were they splice off to
  10. Engines
    Hello All, Two years ago i bought my wife a 1999 Megane 2.0ltr IDE convertible for her birthday. Since having the car we have had a lot of idle and tick over issues. Firstly we had the engine manegment light on, so we sent it in to Renault and they replace the fuel regulator. This fixed the...
  11. Engines
    Hi, The car is in a non Renault garage but they don't know what the B0500 code means to fix it...
  12. Engines
    Hi, I will be fitting a new dephaser pulley on my car soon, is it fitted straight out of the box or is there a set up procedure, apart from the locking of the cams and crank etc. I can't seem to find any info on this particular point anywhere. Thanks.
  13. Engines
    Hi, sorry to have to ask this question again but the only answer I received was obviously not correct. 2.5Nm is not much more than finger tight. Anyone know the right figure PLEASE F4R 780 Motor.
  14. Engines
    Hi, Can one of the Tech guys give me the torque figure for the dephaser pulley bolt please. 2000 Laguna 2Ltr Monaco F4R 780 motor. Thanks.
  15. Engines
    Hi, Just recently the engine has started to make a rattling noise from the timing belt area ( sounds like tappets on an old engine ) and the engine is very rough at idle with a slight "putt putting" from the exhaust. Both these symptoms disappear as soon as the revs are raised and you would...
  16. Transmissions
    yesterday and today car appeared to slip out of gear with message check gear box - turned car off/on everything appeared fine with no message displayed! have been told that as I managed to turn car off/on going again with no probs and only 36,000 (fully serviced) - apart from worse case seranio...
  17. Engines
    Car is 2001 2 Litre 16v Petrol Scenic RX4. First symptoms were momentary misfire after a warm restart but this only happened twice and there was at least a couple of weeks of perfect running between these incidents. Then car ran really rough - felt like it was only going on 3 cylinders -...
  18. Engines
    Helloo Can anyone give me any idea what rev should my car be running at, while on the motorway, apprx 70mph? Any info would be great. Ta :confused:
  19. Engines
    have a problem with my 2ltr 16v laguna,has an N7Q volvo engine (1948cc).the car is a 2000 (T) rxe estate which seems to hunt / misfire on idle when first started. cat & lambda was changed 2000m ago and new fuel filter fitted last wk due to leaking....when engine is at running temp no problem is...
1-19 of 19 Results