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  1. From Peogeot 306 to renault Clio

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    Hi Guy's, I've now traded my Peugeot 306 in for a Renault Clio ...She is a cool metalic black diesel on an 02 plate....goes like a bomb...and saves me loads of money on tax and fuel..... looks as if this forum is maybe better than the Peugeot one..... I'm now going to explore the rest of the...
  2. Peugoet 306 - Corrosion On Rocker Cover

    Other makes
    just a quick one , i have bought a 306 on an 02 plate 72000 miles. i noticed that the rocker cover is rusty around the edge and looks like it is deteriating. there was a rubber seal around the edge which i peeled back to observe rust what could cause this cheers daz i dont know alot about the...
  3. Peugeot 306 Heater Fan Not Working.

    Other makes
    Hello all, my aunty currently drives an S reg Peugeot 306 1.4 petrol with air con which does not work but the heater fan has stopped working to clear the front window, fan does not operate at all. I will check fuses tomorrow but if its not the fuse anyone any idea's what else it could be. I am...
  4. Oops! Went to buy a 306 came home with a Clio

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    Hello everyone, Well as the title says the 306 had gone and was offered the Clio. 2000/W Renault Clio 1.2 Grande RN 5dr in silver. Done about 75000 with PSH. Cambelt done last year. Managed to get it for £625 so (still) quite happy. Theres a couple wee fixes needing done (exhaust blowing...
  5. Martyboi's GF's pug 306 *RIP*

    General tuning
    Well i said i would start a new thread on the 306, so here it is:d it's a 1997 2.0 8v xsi, and its not a bad little mottah :) at least it's French :rofl: she's got big plans for it:rolleyes: so it will probably end up with a huge body-kit :rofl: Ive been getting a few things...
  6. Buying a Pug 306 1.9D ( Non Turbo ) - Advise req'd

    General Chat
    Hello from "LO" :) After 6 weeks of hunting the auctions and local rags I "think" we have found a good little car for Mrs L20 but thought it wise to ask here for tips on what to look out for in terms of a diesel car ( as I have never owned one ).. Car is a 1994 - 306D 1.9 with 100k on the...