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  1. Project Kindle 5th Gen as dedicated diagnosis tool

    General Chat
    Background on this is to make a cheap highly functional dedicated Android tablet to diagonose cars via a odbii usb/wifi device, using cheap or FREE or non compliant devices via hacking / modding them. This is a ongoing project for when bored and have free time at night as a carer for my Autistic...
  2. Renault Clio III stuck in 4th or 5th Gear **Fixed**

    Hey, I'm having a problem with my Renault Clio III DCI 1.5 2008. It appears that the gearbox is stuck in 4th or 5th Gear where neutral should be. To even start the engine you have to depress the clutch and when you release the clutch it feels like it's stuck in 4th or 5th gear. The gear...
  3. Renault Modus Gearbox Whining in 5th

    Ask the Experts
    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and I was hoping to get some advice about my Renault Modus 1.5Dci. Lately there is a noise when it goes into 5th gear and a whine when cruising, louder when I accelerate. I have read somewhere that it might be a bolt on the end of the gearbox I was wondering...
  4. Jumps out of 5th gear!

    After searching the web I found in this forum posts about bearboxes with the problem jumping out of 5th gear, on ScenicII 1,6 16V. Some says that the big nut (27mm)that has to do with the 5th gear may have come loose. I removed the cover on my box, but the nut are not loose. And the mounting at...
  5. 5th gear clio 1.2 dynamique 2005.

    Hi im wondering if anyone has had a problem with 5th gear in there clios 2005 reg 16v 1.2 dynamique!! I was driving along the motorway they other day when it slipped out of 5th, when I put it back into 5th it just revs like its in nuetrel! Anyone have any idea before I remove gearbox???? Thanks.
  6. 04 RENAULT MASTER VAN can't select 5th gear

    Hi, I have an 04 master van 2.5dci / 6spd box, It started becoming difficult to select 5th gear a while back, but it now physically won't go into 5 th gear, the shifter won't even click into place. I have checked the linkage etc, but nothing seems apparent, is there a common problem which can...
  7. Megane Mk3 1.5 dCi 5th gear whistle (5 speed) **Fixed**

    Hi, I recently purchased a 2010 Megane and I didn't get up to 5th gear on the test drive. Love the car to bits but it's whistling in 5th - it's a little crunchy to get it into 5th, makes a short squeak noise like the whistle, then whistles during acceleration. All other gears are fine. We took...
  8. Cruise control not working on 4th, 5th and 6th gear

    Hello guys I have a problem that "eats my head". The cruise control won't work after changing from 3rd to 4th gear. It works on 2nd and 3rd above 30km/h but when I change to the next gears (4,5,6) it doesn't work; but the speed limiter does in any gear. The rotary switch is new, bought...
  9. Flappy 1st 3rd and 5th

    Hi guys n gals just bought a kangoo 1.5 dci and it's had a used box fitted from the scrappy buy a good garage but 1st 3rd and 5th gears a quite floppy when in gear 3 being the worst its that bad I keep getting 3rd gear when selecting 5th every now and again I really have to push it to the side...
  10. Scenic 5th gear problem

    I have a 2002 Scenic 1.9dCi. Suddenly lost 5th gear. All other gears ok. If car is stationary (engine running) and 5th gear is selected then as clutch is let out a noisy shaft seems to start rotating but no gearbox engagement. I do all my own mechanics but wondered if this is can be fixed...
  11. Lag in revs when accelerating in 5th

    I've recently noticed the revs dragging when accelerating sometimes coupled with a juddering feeling, this happens in 5th gear but I've yet to test it in other gears. Has anyone any idea what this could be, turbo maybe? Thanks in advance.
  12. what are normal speeds to engage 5th gear

    I have a 2001 Scenic RX4 Diesel 1.9 DCI I always try to use 5th gear when cruising slowly, but sometimes I have to keep going down a gear so the engine runs smoother. Does the 1.9dci require a faster speed to engage 5th gear?
  13. scenic missing 1st, 3rd & 5th. ***Fixed***

    Could still get 2nd, 4th, 6th & reverse. I removed the battery, tray and ECU. This gave reasonable access to the cable which had come out of a clip. I refitted the cable into the u shaped clip, cable tied it into place and refitted the ECU, tray and battery. Worked a treat! Hopefully somebody...
  14. Megane I - only 5th gear available???

    Hi, I'm asking here first... I'm the go-to-guy for a friend with any and all car problems. Her '98 Megane Cabrio (manual) developed a transmission-related problem today. And the car's now stuck in a parking garage at her work. - Naturally I'm the one who's gonna fix it. I'm going to have a look...
  15. Can only select 1st,3rd,5th and reverse gears 1.9 dci laguna 2007

    Yeah this happened after swapping over the engine/box dont think it's clutch related or gearbox as was ok tostart with,something to do with the selector cable i think,even though i've adjusted it with the 6.7mm spacer at the gear stick and it still the same,other gears (all forward direction )...
  16. Kangoo 5th gear gone

    Gday Renault Gods, Got a 2007 Kangoo, started whining a bit in 5th gear on the freeway today and it started popping out of gear. But before I got home couldn't get it into 5th at all. Now I can select 5th, but it's like neutral. All other gears fine, no noises or anything. Any ideas what I...
  17. Scenic 07 1.6 missing 5th and 6th gears

    Transmissions lost 5th and 6th gears. 1st and 2nd is where 3rd and 4th were and 3rd and 4th is where 5th and 6th were. original 1st and 2nd gears positions dont do anything. gear knob also has lost its tension. when the car is stopped and i push the gearknob to the right it stays there and doesn,t spring...
  18. WIN 2 tickets to racing at Knockhill - 5th Oct

    General Chat
    One of our top sponsors David Sleigh from DSR has very kindly given us two pairs of tickets to the Final round of the 2014 Scottish Championship Car Racing series been held at Knockhill for Sunday 5th October. These tickets will give two lucky winners and their guess entry to the event where you...
  19. Wont select 5th Gear in automatic or maual

    Hi all hope you can help I have a renault megane dynamique vvt 1.6 2003 16v hatchback automatic. The problem I have is it wont select 5th gear in auto or tiptronic I have not long got the car not sure if it was like this when I got it thanks for any help :d
  20. 2001 Clio 5th gear proble

    I have replaced the gearbox in a friends 2001 Clio 1.5dci (for the 2nd time). Before fitting I checked to be sure all gears were working, they were. When fitted I checked again before connecting the selector rod, again all gears worked. I fitted the selector rod aligning it with the wear marks...