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  1. Carminat 6cd changer problem

    Hi guys, i am new owner of Laguna 2 phase II with carminat mp3 cd changer and gps/bluetooth. The problem is that on the screen when i select cd i get no disk, when i try to eject cd nothing happens. Also i can not put cd i can not do this i can not insert the cd like something is stuck... Also i...
  2. cabasse auditorium tronic 6cd to add blue tooth for streaming

    I have a Laguna 2 Privilege Saloon with Cabasse auditorium tronic stereo with MP3 CD and 6 CD changer. There might to be 3 ways of achieving this. 1 Find a second hand Cabasse radio -mp3 CD unit from a later model and replace the existing radio and or 6CD changer with it. 2 Connect a blue...
  3. megane 2 6cd changer

    In-car entertainment
    hi guys new to forum so hope this is in the right place.ive searched site and cant find answer to my problem.i have a 2005 megane 2 dci and it only had standard cd player with cubby hole underneath.i purchesed 6cd changer and leads hooked it up put code in and all is working problem is...
  4. MP3 input to Espace Mk IV 6CD head unit

    Hi all After a thorough trawl through various posts on this topic I've drawn a blank. I want to add an MP3 input to the Cabasse 6-CD in-dash stereo, but the plugs don't seem to match previous photos/instructions. I've found what seems to be the tuner unit under the driver's dashboard (it has...
  5. need a USB adaptor for Laguna II Privilege with cabasse auditorium tronics and 6CD

    Hi I am trying to find a USB adapter for my car. I thought I had found something from Connect 2 but they told me and the listings on ebay state their products are not compatible with audio systems that have 6 CD changers. I have been unable to find out as yet whether that simply means I...
  6. Laguna III 2008 change List radio to Carbasse 6CD

    In-car entertainment
    Hello great forum, I need some help for transoform my Laguna from the normal sterio list radio to a 7"inch lcd and carbasse radio! The problem is that i have all Multimedia cable and all CD changer + radio +amp+ and CAN with box, in this box i have a proble to find this im my Laguna that...
  7. [G. Scenic II, wiring] Upgrading FROM 6cd Cabasse TO aftermarket unit.

    Hi everyone! This is my first post to the forums so wanted to say hello and briefly explain the problem I'm facing. I previously had a Scenic having Update-list stereo fitted, which I upgraded to Pioneer 8400BT. I also bought an interface to preserve steering wheel controls. Fitting of the...
  8. Fitting 6CD headunit

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to wire up the other connector on the rear of the 6 CD head unit, the on in my uploaded picture which is blue. I believe this one illuminates the CD head unit when the lights are turned on. I have sourced the 6 CD unit and the cable for...
  9. Renault Megane 6CD changer

    In-car entertainment
    Hi, I have a 6 CD changer in my Renault megane and when I was trying to eject a CD from six cd changer it got stuck in the player. Now I cannot eject, load or play any cds in 6 CD changer. What can I do? If I buy some stereo removal pins & remove the set, will I be able to fix it ? Please...
  10. Cabasse Auditorium 6CD pinout

    Hi i have in my Laguna fabric music Cabasse Auditorium 6CD How is posible to connect another CD player(Sony,Philips)? Where are wires for speakers or does someone know pinout of Cabasse?
  11. Cabasse Auditorium 6CD dash changer wiring

    I have a Cabasse Auditorium 6CD in dash changer but have no wiring or any idea of wiring colours, there are two sockets on the rear of the unit one green with 15 pins and one black with 3 pins. I have all compatable units, amp, sat nav etc these are out of a 2003 Lag ll Initiale Sport Tourer...
  12. cabasse auditorium 6cd changer

    Hi, I have problem with my cd changer. It doesn't play all disks. The laser reader is broken. Please can someone help me. I can't find a new reader
  13. Cabasse Auditorium 6CD dash changer - Laguna II HELP

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all Have inherited a Laguna II, 1.9dci Priv, it came with the Cabasse Auditorium 6cd in dash unit, but it wasn't wired up as previously it had a dvd player, anyway, found the correct wires etc but its not working, does this run alone or does it run from a seperate amp/tuner etc as i cant...
  14. Laguna 05 face lift in dash 6cd changer

    In-car entertainment
    Hello! Can sombody help me please! I need a cable for my cd changer to the head unit, it is the factory dash fitted 6 cd changer and the cabesse head unit! I think I will need the code as well for the cd changer! Can sombody help me please with the cable and code! Thanks for any help!!!!:o
  15. how can i use laguna cabasse 6CD auditorium aux input

    I have a GPS device that have auido output. I wanna listen musics in that device from my car ampli and speakers. How can i use cabasse auditorium aux input. what type a connector bult in cabasse ampli. Will i directly connect GPS devise audio output to the cabasse aux input?
  16. Megane - Cabasse 6CD changer Installation

    Cabasse 6CD changer Installation Does anyone have any idea where the ampli tuner is supposed to be mounted on a Megane estate? The 6cd head goes in the dash and the second box in the boot, apparently, well I can't find it. I have bought the two units and now don't believe that it is possible...
  17. Cabasse auditorium 6cd Aux Output

    Help Please! :) I just wondered if it anyone knows how to get an auxiliary output from this system so I can add an Amp and sub into the boot of my car. Renault Dealerships and Renault UK head office don’t have a clue regarding their sound systems. When I mention the megane cabasse auditorium...
  18. 6CD Player into a Magane Tourer

    Hi - just bought an 07 Megane Tourer and wonder if anyonce can help with what might seem an obvious question. Took my 6cd player out of an older Renault - lead fiited easily and steering wheel controls worked perfectly - it all seemed too easy !! BUT, I can't find any suitable location to mount...