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  1. Megane 2 1.6 2003 - Normal Revs at 70mph?

    Hi Chaps, Newb here! I've owned many cars in my time, but this is the first Megane i've owned. Megane 2, 1.6, Petrol 2003 plate. It has a few niggles that i'd like some advice on. 1) rattle on startup and failure to Idle when cold - doing research on here i beleive this is the Dephaser issue...
  2. Megane II - Cut out at 70mph with Check Injection message?

    Searched with no luck so really helping someone here can help. I have a 2004 1.6 Megane II, was driving today when it decided to cut out while on the M25, and simply display 'Check Injection'. Called the RAC, who came and tried to fix it. The cam sensor was replaced (the one near the bell...
  3. Kangoo DCi power loss at 70MPH - Help!!

    I have a 53 plate kangoo DCi 1.5. When on the motorway specifically around 70MPH the engine management light comes on and I have a loss of power. If i let off the gas so revs fall below 1500 then the light goes off and power is restored. It doesnt always happen but is becoming more frequent now...
  4. Clio 1.5 dci 86bhp making fuzzy noise above 70mph / 2500 revs

    My clio (08 plate) has had a recent injection problem - warning light came on, diagnosis came back with turbo fault, verdict, had to change turbo solenoid. Have had it back for a week or so and have now noticed that above 70mph or 2500 revs (only in 5th gear) the turbo / injection makes a weird...
  5. What RPM @ 70mph?

    We have a 2010 clio 1.4 diesel auto. It is not very economical - 36 mpg on the m/way. Question - what rpm should the engine be at when travelling at 70 mph. Ours is at 3500. Is this correct?
  6. Heavy smoke while accelerating and cant get above 70mph on dci 80 and low mpg

    Hi I have a Clio dci 80, I bought it around 2 weeks ago, I had the passenger side drive shaft changed, well back to the problem. I know that its a 80 bhp model but the car doesnt seem to wanna accelerate, and if i do rev it up all i can see is lot of smoke behind me. I also cant go above 70mph...
  7. Ocillating low pitched whistle at 70mph 2-2250 rpm

    My clio has developed an oscillating whistling noise (it is not the normal turbo whistle), I can't hear it when the car is stationary and I rev it. It sounds like it is comming from the rear of the car but it is always difficult to be sure. It is worst when driving at 70mph, is also present...
  8. Megane Mk3 1.9 Dci 130 Revs at 70mph

    Just changed from a Megane Mk2 1.9 Dci 120 to a Mk3 1.9 Dci 130. The engine is revs high then my old 1.9 dci at 70mph and above. The mk2 1.9 was 1700 revs at 70mph and 2100 revs at 80mph in 6 gear, but the mk3 1.9 is 2000 revs at 70mph and 2500 revs at 80mph in 6 gear. Is this normal for the...
  9. Renault Scenic 1 - High Engine RPM At 70MPH

    Hello, all.. I apologise if this is covered in a thread elsewhere, but after some searching for "power", "RPM" etc, I couldn't find any which really matched. It could be my imagination, but I think there's possibly something amiss.. My X reg 1400cc Petrol Scenic II needs me to sit at 3700RPM...
  10. Clio II abs code 59 at 70mph only

    Hi all, new here, so hopefully doing this the correct way :d. Car 1st: Clio II 1.2, 53 plate,abs light: code 59 drivers front wheel speed sensor. Sensor replaced, all fittings cleaned up, de rusted etc, car driven under 70: ok, hit 70- light on,code 59. Trying to find way round forum...
  11. R reg Espace cam belt @ 70MPH up hill

    On way back from holiday, tanking up hill, thud, no power, cam belt gone, Green flag, home on 3 transporters! Espace now in local garage £30 per hour. Is it worth them looking to see how bad damage is? They are quoting 3 hours to get an idea of how bad. With 154000 on the clock and a possible...
  12. Power steering failed while doing 70MPH on the M25

    Steering and Suspension
    Not a fun experience recently, while driving home. Was doing a steady 70MPH on the M25. Felt a slight jerk with the steering, and immediately a load beep from the dash. The display said "power steering fault". Can't remember the exact words. I exited the M25 and stopped in a convenient place...
  13. ABS fault at 70mph

    Recently my Clio has developed a fault whereby the ABS & SERV lights illuminate when my speed reaches about 68 mph. However, when I turn the ignition off, wait a couple of seconds, and turn the ignition back on - the ABS/SERV lights reset themselves an everything functions properly. I wondered...
  14. 3.5 revs at 70mph?

    Cars & motoring
    Hey! My Laguna RTi 2.0 '97 runs at around / just over 3.5 on the rev speedo at 70mph in 5th gear. Is it supposed to be this high? I swear on my 1.6 Escort, it was about 2.5 :confused: Cheers!
  15. Problems with my passenger side Widow, it drops on the M62 at 70mph!!

    :confused: I was driving along and my window just drop while I was drving. Called the AA out and they used the pliers to lift the windows up and wedge it with a thick paper. Left it there overnight and the next day, the paper drop into the gaps in the window. Called Renault garage in Pontefract...