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    hi there... sitting in an awkward situation. seems cambelt has had better days.. does the K7M 710 bend valves if the belt strips its teeth?? motor is turning over but cam is standing still..don't hear any funny noises though.. (wifes car):surprise:
  2. Engines
    hi,can anybody tell me whats involved in replacing the starter motor on my uncles reno laguna 1999 1.9dti, engine code f9q 710,as lives in thecountry and need to tooled up for the job,ie any special tools etc,any advice welcome.thanks
  3. Engines
    Hi, What is a MAP malfunction? A wiring fault? becasue ive replaced the map. The MPG on a run is a rubbish 26mpg & it seems to go fine along the motorway. Ive recently doen the headgasket on my 2.2 dci mk3 espace its the G9T710 Engine + fitted a recon turbo + full timing belt kit, recent boost...
  4. Engines
    Hi all, I am in of a bit of advice as to which clutch i need for my car. I am in the process of swapping the engine and need to put a replacement clutch in complete with release bearing (Hydraulic one) Not sure which is the best to go for and was hoping someone may be to advise of prices...
  5. Engines
    Hi I wonder if you may be able to help. I have a 2001 espace with the dreaded 2.2dci engine. I rebuilt the engine completely after a cambelt failure. All went back together Ok and have done about 300 miles in it with no trouble at all. (Head pressure and crack tested, Injectors re...
  6. Electronics
    Hi, 2 questions in one.. :) (sorry if it should have been 2 posts) I have been thinking of purchasing a TomTom 710 GPS unit. I have a Renault Espace IV with the GPS/GSM sharkfin in the roof, a heat reflective windscreen and the pre-telephone kit. 1/ Does anyone know of a way to connect the...