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  1. Vulcan and 747 over Knott End

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    We don't often get big aircraft low over here but today the Vulcan flew straight down our st at about 3 thousand feet and a day or two back a Lufthansa 747 passed over at about 8000 ft dumping fuel on it's way to a emergency landing at Manchester. Not good pics but decided to share.
  2. F4r E 747 2.0 16v

    Hello,can any one point me towards any info on my engine please? Its the F4R E 747 Engine number C003517 2.0 16V Haynes manual is very vague if not useless. Any recommendations please? John
  3. MoD admits loss of 747 laptops and secret data files

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    Really glad to see we are so well protected:rolleyes: The threat seems to be from within the realm:crazy: :crazy: Our data is safe :(