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  1. Clio mk2 1.5 dci 80 bhp intercooler install

    HI Wonder if any one here can help me. I am rebuilding my wife's 2004 Clio 1.5 dci 65 bhp as the engine blew the head gasket after 170000 miles. So I have had a 2004 Clio 1.5 dci 80 bhp engine and ecu sitting in my garage from a previous project. Which i have dropped into the car and changed...
  2. 1.5 80bhp to 1.9 130bhp conversion

    So i just bought the 1.5dci 80hp and as much as i love the car i could do with a bit more power. Now i would like to do an engine swap but what do i need to change and can i keep the 5 speed box? Also what can i do to get more power if i can get the 1.9? Are there better turbos and injector...
  3. Clio 1.5 dci 80bhp EGR Valve and housing

    Hi Just looking to get someone’s evaluation of the following and some advice on what to do next please I wanted to clean my EGR valve as I believe it is one of the reasons my engine management light is on (Code P0487). So today i started to remove it and come across some issues 1) there is...
  4. Scenic 80bhp how much power

    I have a well serviced 2003 scenic 1.9 dti which was recently purchased. I understand that being 80bhp its not going to be the quickest but i am getting mixed messages as to how slow it should be. I recently had the erg valve cleaned out with a machine and it has made a real difference. IF I am...
  5. 2004 Clio 1.5 DCi 80bhp starting problem

    I have a clio dci on 115k and its difficult to start but after long turns of the key (normally about 3 times) to get going. Engine turns over no problem just doesnt like to kick in first time, but with a bump start itll drive off straight away just wondering if anyone can shed some light on this...
  6. Severe Electronics Problems 80bhp or 82bhp 4 tuning box & clutch... HELP PLEASE!?!

    Severe Electronics Problems 80bhp or 82bhp 4 tuning box & clutch... HELP PLEASE!?! Hello, I have just bought an 05 megane 1.5dci 80 estate. Driving it, all seemed ok, but when we were driving home we noticed the following probs:- *2 front windows not working and 1 is off the rails (so far I...
  7. 1.5 dci 80bhp

    kangoo mpv 2004 wont start engine wont start i've tried everything with this that i can do its been fitted with new high pressure fuel pump new set of injectors and still wont go have tested with noid light getting a pulse also have hooked up the elm 327 interface with scan xl proffessional...
  8. Oil in coolant - clio 1.5 dci 80bhp '02

    Heating & cooling
    Hi guys, Wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice regarding my Renault Clio DCi. I had oil going into my cooling system sometime ago (last July/August). I took it to my local mechanic to replace, he cleaned out the radiator and cooling system as best as he could and I provided a second...
  9. New Clio DCi owner

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi folks, Just bought a lovely 2001 DCi 80 Dynamique for £1500 for the commute to work. She flies along! :d Checked her over with a buyer guide I printed from here so thank you for that. There are a few little niggles but everything major seems solid.
  10. Megane 2002 1.5dci 80bhp Turbo Question

    I have just got myself a 2002 Megane 1.5dci 80bhp. Today whilst looking under the bonnet I have the a question regarding the turbo, well infact more the wastegate. On the turbo there appears to be a wastegate which has a rubber pipe that connects to the plastic air pipe close to the air...
  11. 2004 scenic 1.5 dci 80bhp cv joint

    Wheels & tyres
    hi this is my first post here so hello all, i'm having a problem getting a cv joint for my 2004 scenic 1.5dci 80bhp every where i phone and search is trying to sell the drive shaft, i was hoping to pick up a joint for £20-30 but being quoted a lot lot more for the whole shaft. its a nearside...
  12. front wheel bearing clio 2 dci 80bhp

    Wheels & tyres
    garage or diy ??? is it a hard job or how much it cost from a garage
  13. Clio dci 80bhp

    General tuning
    hey every1 only just got a clio dci 80bhp, thinking bout gettin it chipped, any ideas on any good makes?
  14. 80BHP or 100BHP That is the question :)

    Hi folks sorry if this is a daft question :o but I have had my scenic II 1.5DCI (100) for a month now and I was just wondering what BHP is has because on the log book and various MOT's it says 100 but the sticker on the drivers door pillar say's 'New Renault Scenic dynamique 80' was just...
  15. 80bhp or 100bhp????

    Cars & motoring
    Well i'm not sure if this is the right place to be posting this thread but I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this strange thing with their meganes? I have a 2004 Meg dynamique 1.5 dci sporthatch Now the problem here is that my tax book states that the car has the 1.5 dci...
  16. 2003 clio dynamic 1.5 dci 80bhp

    hey, im not sure if im in the right section i tried the tunning, but wont let me in one of the threads, so i thought i would try here. i got the haynes for my car, and i want to fit an induction kit, but im not sure how to fit it, it's the damn air mass meter sensor thats throwing me out, can i...
  17. Blue Smoke from 1.5dci 80bhp scenic 2004

    I have a 2004 1.5 dci 80bhp scenic which is blowing out a lot of blue smoke and has only just passed it MOT on the emissions test. On start up there is a lot of blue smoke but once you start to drive and accelerate it stops. When the car is left running on tick over there is no smoke but as...
  18. Suspension difference between Clio 80bhp and 100bhp

    Cars & motoring
    Hi guys, An odd question but hopefully someone with good Clio experience can answer this. I have a 04 Clio 1.5 100, my dad has a 04 Clio 1.5 80....since we got them around the same time he has complained that his had a firmer ride than mine, and on both visual inspection and measuring the...
  19. correct oil for 2004 megane 1.5dci 80bhp

    iam doing a service myself on the car , what is the correct grade of oil should i be using for my megane 1.5dci , i do 20000 motorway miles a year.
  20. Mk1 Scenic... 19.DCi... 105 or 80bhp??

    I'm currently looking at changing the Laguna for a Scenic. My budget does'nt quite stretch to a MKII Scenic so have been looking at the previous shape (2001-2003 ish). I really want to stay with diesel power but don't want to end up with the 80 bhp version. Is there an easy way to tell if it's...