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  1. Electronics
    hi need some help please the drivers door don't lock with the fob on the key but the passenger side door and boot lock with the remote but the the drivers door don't any ideas what this mite be thanks .:mad::mad:
  2. Electronics
    Hi I have a renault megane scenic 99 t reg rxe 8v 2 ltr petrol, which recently had starting problems (having to try several times until it started- but i cleaned the tdc and problem solved) but since then the car started to very occasionally lose power while i was driving as if it were about to...
  3. Electronics
    hi there, new to forums and having the same problem as this on a 1999 Clio Alize: [click link] (have tried the link there, but it doesn't work.. *grumble*) The remote central locking key battery went flat. It had it replaced but hasn't worked since apparrently. The current battery, or...
  4. Heating & cooling
    Hi A good new year to all! ESPACE 111 99T 2.2DT Just had my water pump replaced and lost the heat on the drivers side. Garage could not get it working again but I needed the car and reluctantly had to take it as is. Anybody got any ideas on getting this heat back on? I found one bleed...