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  1. Abs fault df001 espace 2009

    I just replaced my abs pump. It got rid of the abs fault but now have a fault esp Low voltage.i have checked the 5 amp fuse inside which is there a fuse in engine bay? Thanks
  2. fitting second hand abs unit scenic mk3 ( Sorted )

    Ask the Experts
    hi any body know when fitting a second hand complete abs unit on scenic mk3 what will happen other than the mileage and vin number showing up different . any reason why it should not work and not bring faults up on the dash. thanks in advance, mostyn3
  3. Kangoo ABS removal *** Sorted ***

    Hi all Back again.. I have removed the wheel arch trims to get at the ABS and it looks very tight access. I can't even see the pipe connections easily. I saw a short piece on a Ukranien site(!) that said it could be taken out that way. The car is a 2007 1.5dci. with aircon. Is that correct? Or...
  4. Megane thumping noise ... ABS pump pulsing ??

    Hi, Well here I am again with a strange problem, the sort that only seem to happen to me :confused: The other halfs megane tourer (2008 1.5 dci ) has a problem with a thumping noise that appears to be coming from the front RHS (Drivers side) that only appears when you pull away and reach...
  5. Laguna 2 ABS warning light and handbrake issue

    Good afternoon, We've just been working on the Reno, it's having some pre-mot work done. We've fitted new drop links and the front brake disks were a bit worn. So usual job whilst in the air, put it into gear run it slowly whilst the angle grinder takes the rough edges off. All done and ok...
  6. 2004 Clio Abs warning lights

    I have a 54 plate 1 2 Clio, that brings up ABS, SERV, STOP and Handbrake lights after driving the car for 0.5mls, the sensors and sensor rings are all fine and the is no error codes coming up when live viewing faults, can anyone help?
  7. Espace 4 1.9 Dci ABS Fault DF006/7/8/9/52

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    This was initially an intermittent fault since November (ish) which I put down to the colder damp weather because sometimes the ABS & ESP lights would illuminate for about 5 mins after start-up. Then they started coming on occasionally mid journey, now they are permanently on. I've codes...
  8. kangoo 1.5dci abs fault

    Hi , new to this forum so here goes, I have a kangoo 1.5dci 2005, I have two faults with it, 1, abs fault with shuddering brakes upto 30mph, then abs fault lite comes on and stays on for rest of trip, but the shuddering goes away and seems to brake normally, any ideas out there??
  9. Renault Megane Scenic parking brake fault braking fault and abs light all causing dri

    Hi guys im wondering if you can help me. I bought this nightmare in June past. Two weeks into having the car the boot broke meaning we couldnt open the boot from outside not ideal with kids and prams but we had to do as the mechanic we bought the car off was on holidays. A month past and...
  10. Failed MOT. No ABS or SERV Light. **Solved**

    Hi, I have a 2007 Trafic 2.0dci. Have it about 18 months and don't think the ABS or SERV lights have worked since i got it. Never really took notice. I did a calibration test and they dont light up then either. I think i would have passed the retest if they weren't testing another trafic behind...
  11. Power steering & braking system fault, check abs

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    Hi everyone, just over a month ago I bought a 2nd hand Renault Clio 2015. This morning the dashboard shows there's a power steering and braking system fault, as well as requesting me to check the ABS. THE CAR DIDN'T START EITHER. PLEASE HELP!!!!
  12. 06 Kangoo 1.5 Dci - ABS feels WRONG after fan belt tightened...

    Howdy folks, this is my first post after lurking for a while, please be gentle. The main thing that has arisen in the last week is that when I brake at even low speeds it feels like the ABS is kicking in when it shouldn't and doesn't feel like it used to. It feels really clunky and bumpy and...
  13. renault megane 2009 esp, abs, break system, airbag and power steering fault

    A couple of days ago the sensors on my Megane started playing up, showing every possible error and completely bugging out. On top of the errors mentioned in the title, the doors kept locking and unlocking whilst I was driving. The speedometer went blank, the car temperature disappeared and revs...
  14. Clio 2009 Mk3 ABS pump change

    Hi, I have just joined the forum and have an ABS related question about my Clio 2009 III 1.5 DCi 86 The ABS and service light go on about 3 seconds after start up, they stay on and the stop light comes on if you brake very hard, I've checked the ABS fuses under the steering wheel, in front of...
  15. 2004 Modus ABS problem

    Car is a 2004 Modus 1.2 16v petrol. Car has an unusual ABS light problem, when the weather is warm and dry all is good but when it's damp/wet the ABS STOP light comes on. Diagnostics shows no problems at all and has checked the pump and sent a signal down the cables and no problems have come up...
  16. Megane MK3 ABS Pump

    It seems I have a failed ABS pump on my 2011 Megane 1.6 petrol. it has just under 35k miles. Seems like a really bad design if it fails so easily. Does anyone know why they fail? Does the ABS pump have anything to do with steering system on the megane? a while back I got a random steering...
  17. Espace 4 1.9 Dci ABS Loom / Connector

    Ask the Experts
    I have a 2006 Espace 1.9 Dci with an ABS / braking fault which seems to be stumping everyone, so I'd like to eliminate potential causes one by one. I'd like to check the wiring loom for the ABS, and I wondered if anyone had a schematic of that particular loom please? Or perhaps a pin...
  18. Renault kangoo 1.5 dci abs module replacement

    Hi im looking for some advice on changing my ABS module, it has been sent away for refurb. Can anyone advise on bleeding procedure and is it required to bleed the clutch? Is there any special details i need to know as pump will be dry? Any help will be much appreciated
  19. LAGUNA 3 ABS issues

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, I have a Laguna 3, 2007 2.0 dci dynamic. For the past couple of weeks I have been having an intermittent abs/check brakes/esp warning. When connected to a friends diagnotic we got 2 codes both have no hits when searching the internet. Today I took the car to a garage for diagnostic and it...
  20. abs continuously running

    the abs light has been on for a while as well as an intermittent STOP and check parking brake and brakes. today after a wee jount i parked up the car. the abs pump is still running while the egnition is off and the car is locked. iv had to disconnect the battery. any ideas?