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  1. Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, are the shock absorbers the same on the hatchback megane mk2 as the convertible mk2? Cheers
  2. Steering and Suspension
    Hello guys, I own a MK1 Clio 1.2 E7F 708 . B57A. My rear shock absorbers are damaged and I will change them, searching for something cheap. I found out a set with only 120***8364; including rear and front (4 pieces) Here's the items on official site...
  3. Wheels & tyres
    At my last MOT, around 6 months ago, there was a comment that there was play in the rear shock absorber bushings, and a recommendation that new bushings should be installed soon. This was a little surprising, as it's only a couple of years since new shock absorbers were installed. I have...
  4. Wheels & tyres
    Hi, to anyone who is interested in changing their shock absorbers and springs, this maybe of interest. Long story cut short, After a spring snapped on my Laguna 2 around march this year, I had my car into a garage for new Springs, shocks and mounts. The car was never correct after this as it...
  5. Steering and Suspension
    First post so I thought I would offer this story to the community and somebody can tell me what I did wrong::confused: I thought this would be one of the easiest jobs to do on my RT estate. Did a Google search and posts for Lagunas 'general' talked about an hours work. :) First problem is the...
  6. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Does any one know how the front shocks of a R19 Mk1 compares to those of a R9 and R11. I have noticed on my Megane that the shocks are basically the same as the R11 and R9 but the on the megane the coil bed flange is higher up on the shock and the mounting holes at the bottom are bigger. I can...
  7. Steering and Suspension
    Hi, can anyone tell me, whether the same shock absorbers, are used in Renaut Megane I hatch and Renault Megane I coupe ? Can I get it fit from the hatch, to the coupe? :confused:
  8. Steering and Suspension
    I'm truly stuck here! I have removed both upper and lower mounting bolts but the shock absorbers are still stuck in. (I assume these are the original shocks at 1st purchase because of the amount of rust build up.) I've sprayed cans of WD40 where the shock absorber slides into the hole (lower...
  9. Cars & motoring
    hello, I have a 2002, 2.0 renault scenic rx4, that needs new rear shocks, but when the registration number is typed in, the part that comes up on the computer is for an incompatible shock absorber. Does anyone know the correct part number for rear shocks for a 2002 renault scenic rx4 2.0...
  10. Steering and Suspension
    hiya, I've had some problems with my renault clio sport where I recently had new shock absorbers fitted and they've gone. I've been told the ones on my car aren't suitable for it and not sure if that is true. Does anyone know what reference they should have? The ones I have are: 553225 WF 30 K
  11. Steering and Suspension
    Hi guys! My Avantime needs a pair of rear shock absorbers. There aren't any available from Renault and they want silly money! Can anyone on here confirm that the correct part number is 6025409948 please? Also, assuming it is the correct number, are there companies who may be able to supply an...
  12. Steering and Suspension
    Clio 2, 1.2 16v, 2001. Had front shocks rubber mountings changed. After 2 days I noticed top mountings have a clearance of 3 to 4 mm. Mechanic says not to worry.... Should I believe him ? Original knocking noise almost gone.
  13. Bodywork
    Hi there! My 1.9 dCi 2002 sports tourer needs rear (very bad) and front shock absorvers. From what I have read in the forum, its seems Renault does sell them at nice price! Question is, are they good quality? Can we, with same money, buy better absorvers? I would like to know prices, and...
  14. Steering and Suspension
    I have been told that my shock absorbers are broke, and now i am starting to feel it and realise. How much will they cost me new/second hand? Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  15. Steering and Suspension
    Hi ,I have just got a Nreg 1.4 rt Clio auto as a run around but it needs new front shocks,im told there a lot of variants ive bought one but bolt holes dont match and wheel toes out,help?:crazy:
  16. Engines
    Hi All, Newbie on here and after some advice. Dear old RX4 failed the dreaded MOT on rear shockers and a drop link. Everything was going fine on changing the shockers til it got to the bottom bush. Damn thing will not budge.........have had the WD40 out (loads of) had the BGH and chisel out and...
  17. Steering and Suspension
    My clio's drivers side front shock absorber basically burst yesterday, fluid everywhere, totally rough ride etc, so Ive taken it to the garage this morning. I had a look on the internet and many places suggested that its best to get both replaced even if one fails, something to do with...
  18. Steering and Suspension
    I need some help, i own a 2004 scenic, 1.6 engine and i would like to know which brand shock absorbers will best fit my car?
  19. Steering and Suspension
    hi, can anyone tell me how to replace my worn shock absorbers? i've been told it's pretty simple once you know how!!! thanks
  20. Handling & braking
    I'm looking around for a bit f tuning for my Laguna III, but it seems that despite 2 years of car availability there are no spings that for the new model. Anyone can help? International order is not a problem. In finding the same problem with silencers. I got a 1500dci estate. Thanks in advance