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  1. Scenic mk3 reverse light wiring access

    Hi guys can anyone direct me as to how I can access the reverse light live feed so I can tap in with a reverse camera please.
  2. Koleos 2017 (pre-CarPlay)... can I access Spotify playlists etc from the car screen?

    Hi guys I've recently bought a 2017 Koleos, which unfortunately missed out on CarPlay / Android Auto found in the 2018 model upgrade. I'm using an iPhone, which I usually connect to the car using a lightening cable, as the sound quality is better (and the connection more reliable) than...
  3. Grand Scenic 3, DCi Fusebox access.

    Hi all, I did a search and couldn't find what I need. So, my query is: Can anyone tell me how to get to the Fusebox located in the Engine bay please, I've had a look for YouTube vids but no joy? I removed the cover for what I assumed would be the fusebox or a fusebox but it looks like that was...
  4. Unable to access the climate controls

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I bought a Megane Dynamique S Nav 17 plate yesterday and everything was fine. This afternoon I went out in the car and noticed that the climate controls (normally located at the bottom of the screen underneath ***8220;Menu***8221;, see attached pic) are only partially visible, not...
  5. Megane 4 head unit access.

    In-car entertainment
    Hi. I have a November build Megane 4 with the Arkymis 8" ics unit. Was wondering if anyone has had the fascia off? I was thinking of amplifying and putting in a subwoofer, but haven't been able find any pics of the back of the unit or instruction for removal. Thanks Snibo Sent from my EVA-L09...
  6. Access to Engine bay

    I have created a really stupid problem for myself by reverse parking my Megane (2005, 3dr 2.0T) in a garage too close to the passenger side wall. Without charge in the battery I can't trigger the central locking so can't get in through the driver's door. I have just about managed to lean over...
  7. Renault Laguna 2 Rear Wiper linkage access.

    Hi, My first time looking for help on the forum. I am trying to remove the rear wiper arm and inner linkage assembly as it appears to be seized solid?? I have a replacement wiper motor to fit also. My problem is that I cannot figure out how to remove the interior tailgate trim to get access to...
  8. Removing Espace IV rear door panel to access window

    Hi, Our rear Espace IV window seems to have fallen off it's 'runner' (motor still works etc), so the first thing I'm trying to do is get the blasted back door panel off. I've removed 2 screws from the bottom of the panel, but have no idea what to do next. I'm presuming I have to strategically...
  9. Access phone directory

    Hi guys. I've just got a 2013 megane dynamique ToTom and have paired my phone OK. However I cannot access the phone direcory by using the controls on the stalk behind the steering wheel. I have to use the buttons on the radio itself - is this normal? My wife just got the coupe version (maybe...
  10. Clio 2006: Cannot properly access fuse box

    I have a Clio 2006 1.2L. The fuse box cover is located left to the steering wheel. I opened the cover to check the central locking fuse as I am having problems with both key fobs suddenly stopping working (all keys on both fobs!). However, I noticed that I cannot properly access all the fuses in...
  11. Cannot Access system settings

    Hi, I have just bought a 2010 Renault Megane Mk3 with built in tomtom navigation. Unfortunately the SD card was not with the car and when i asked the dealer he told me that there was no SD card. No i am trying to access the system settings in order to switch off the Tomtom navigation and also...
  12. Megane MK3 - Can't Access Audio or Settings Menus

    My car went on a bit of weird one the other day. Initially the Radio won't stop, even when the driver door was opened. I thought it would auto stop in 15/20 minutes as it used to. But nope, nothing. It kept going for some time. I checked the fuse for audio and lighter within the glove box but...
  13. Better access to the engine Renault Scenic 2 1.4 ? & IAC Location

    I noticed getting to the back of the engine is a real pain and I need to try and replace a coolant pipe and I wondered if there was anyway I can get better access to the back of the engine? I am also having a problem with the engine stalling and when in idle mode the car judders, which tells me...
  14. Removing clio mk2 passenger seat with no access to underside of car.

    Im trying to get a passenger seat out of a car in a scrap yard and i can't get to the bolts underneath the car. Is there a way of taking the seat off without the runners that are bolted to the underside? And would i be able to put this seat into my car using the runners from my seat? (passenger...
  15. access fuel pump on scenic 1 can you get to it without removing the fuel tank

    Hi all not a newbie been on here a few years ago now back now with a 2003 scenic 1 phase 2 1.4 16v need to find out how to get to fuel pump tank access on scenic 1 can you get to it without removing the fuel tank Haynes manual only shows details for access panel on a megane not scenic. When i...
  16. Renault Modus 1.5dci access problem to glowplugs

    I've recently had the error message "Check Injectors" come on my dashboard with a service light.I've used the below vid to test and replace glowplugs 1 & 4.Both were open circuit. I can only get the scuttle panel and grille off. My air filter inlet...
  17. Renault Megane II R2 Plug Location & Access

    Hi, as per title can anyone tell me where the R2 plug is located on a 2006 Megane II? Also, what needs to be removed to gain access to it? Looking at some wiring diagrams it seems its down the passenger side but I'm not sure exactly where. Do I need to take the passenger seat out to get to it?
  18. Espace IV sensor fan access

    Hi There was an interesting post recently informing me that the irritating whine from my dash is in fact from the sensor fan housed behind the rear view mirror. (Does anyone know the thread?) I can't get the plastic housing off, not unusual on this car. Neither can I find any instructions of...
  19. Access Clio MK3 air box?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking at installing an induction kit to my Clio Rip Curl 2007 and im wondering how i access the air box and remove it? Clips? Screws? Any help or pictures appreciated.
  20. 2007 Grand Scenic 1.5dci Engine Bay Fuse Box Access

    If you have the tools ready this should take less than an hour to complete. The numbers correspond to the image files. There are more images and descriptions if anyone needs them. Firstly take the battery off. There's a bracket to undo at the bottom/front of it. Next: 2877 remove the 3 bolts...