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  1. 12v Accessory Socket

    In Car Entertainment
    Hiya Guys. I have a grand scenic 2007. There are no rear accessory sockets under the rear seats & no wiring either. Whats the best way of cutting a hole in the plastic to fit one? Ive got all the bits & ive just put the centre console in with no problems now want to fit sockets in the back under...
  2. Holy Jumping Accessory Belts, Batman! (Espace 3 III 16v 2.0)

    Did a long run yesterday in the heat, sat for a half hour for a good heat soak in the engine bay, and got back into the car only for there to be a 'ffffffffgogok' type noise and no power steering! Moved off the parking spot and the alternator low volts warning came on, stopped the engine and I...
  3. Load area accessory socket Trafic 1.6 2017

    Hi I have a Trafic 2017 1.6 sport nav and all i wish to do is enable the accesory socket in the load area. I have found the 2 wires and plug behind the vent type panels on the rear door pillar but they have no power. I looked at the fuse chart in the hand book and assumed that the use must be...
  4. Trafic 2016 12v Accessory Socket

    Having just got a 2016 Trafic Sport 120, I find it only has one 12v accessory (cigarette lighter) socket in the cab, on the dash to the left of the centre console above the drop down cup holder, which is disappointing! I took off the cover for the "multimedia" connection point in the centre...
  5. 12v accessory socket dead. 2005 Scenic 2

    Hope someone can help here. I've recently acquired a 2005 Scenic Expression 1.5dCI. Im quite happy with it, although there are a few niggles that im trying to sort out. Its got the usual fan resistor pack issues, window issues which im building up to. The one thats got me foxed at the moment is...
  6. Trafic rear accessory socket

    Spotted a soft plastic cover on the passenger side trim in a recess between the seatbelts. Perfect size for an accessory socket and room for an illuminated switch. I've some cabling left from wiring my workshop so reused. Blade fuse on positive wire close to battery. Route very simple from...
  7. New Megane DCI Stop Start accessory problem.

    Hi all. I've a 2014 1.5dci Meg. When it Stop Starts the ignition socket / ciggy lighter momentarily goes off on the Start........ When I borrowed a TCI petrol car this didn't happen. It's a real pain as it switches off my digital tuner, leaving me listening to static for several seconds every...
  8. Espace 4 leaking oil after accessory belt failure.

    My 04 Espace 4 2.2 dci accessory belt failed and I decided to drive the few miles home despite the STOP dash warning light. That was in the middle of the night and now I discover that the belt completely shredded into several bits and somehow caused an engine oil leak. I have cleaned away the...
  9. Location of accessory socket fuse in Grand Scenic

    There is a fuse for the front cigar lighter in the drop down fuse box in the glove compartment. I am trying to work out if this fuse also controls the accessories socket in the centre console as mine has stopped working after a usb charging device in it overheated. My front socket still works...
  10. Scenic rear accessory sockets

    Does anyone know where the fuse is for the rear accessory sockets in a scenic?
  11. Espace 4- rear mudflaps, 12v accessory feed in cab?

    Been told today, by local main dealer, that Espace 4 cannot have rear mudflaps- hence Renault don't do them. I have front ones, but don't relish crud from rear wheels splattering the front of my caravan when towing. Also, I need a 12v switched feed in the cab for a monitor for a rear view...
  12. HELP !!!!! ESPACE 2.2 dci accessory belt route

    i need the route for aux belt on espace 2.2dci urgent please ;0) ar in bits on drive and big hammer is looming !!!! belt appears too long but IS right belt
  13. 12v accessory socket

    Does anyone know where the 12v accessory socket wire goes and fuses back to on the megane 3? is it in the fusebox inside the glovebox or the fusebox in the engine bay?
  14. Wiring Megane 12V accessory cigar socket?

    Hi all, I have a 05 Megane Estate and I have various electrical equipennt in it, Satnav...Roadhawk...Handsfree ect. How would I wire in an additional 12v cigar socket that I could hide away and thous keep everything tidy? I've talked to the REME on camp and they've no idea, thanks. (Please be...
  15. scenic accessory 12v sockets

    hi there can anyone help me ,i purchesed a twin 12v socket for the rear or my scenic .the hand book shows it fitting between rear seats under centre seat .my question is does the scenic wiring loom already have connections or will i have to hard wire the socket myself .btw my scenic is a 1.5 dci...
  16. Laguna II key card no accessory setting

    The halfway setting for my key card no longer activates the accessories on my 2002 Laguna II. I have to insert the cards all the way in, to the start position, to get the radio to come on and operate the windows etc. This isn't ideal as the climate control and dash lights come on too. A week ago...
  17. Espace IV - Enabling power to Accessory Sockets without key in ignition.

    Okay, so I've just bought a set of portable DVD players for the barge (they strap on the back of the front headrests) for the kids. They're powered from the standard 12v Accessory sockets, but the power to these seems to be switched off after about 10 seconds of removing the keycard from the...
  18. Rear seat cigar lighters (accessory points)

    Is it possible to install cigar lighters under my rear seats? There are 2 holes covered with blankers but would the wiring be there as well? I'm driving a 2005 grand scenic 1.5dci. Cheers in advance
  19. 2000 Scénic rear accessory plug fault

    Hi Guys and Gals, Just got a Scénic, very pleased with it so far, just one small problem, the rear accessory plug doesn't work! Checked it's connected, can't find the fuse (one in the fusebox is non-existant, ie. there is no fuse holder to put a fuse in. Sooooo has anyone got an idea where the...
  20. Car Accessory Socket

    A friend has a Citroen Picasso (can I say that on here?) with a factory fitted 12v socket in the boot for using chiller boxes etc. Can someone suggest a dealer where I can buy one to be HARD WIRED so that I don't have the festoon of wires I have now! Tried Maplins etc but so far they only have...