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  1. Tools & equipment
    I dont have one - Looking for technical information. Want to run a query and ask the dongle its specific pedigree Anybody have one willing to run a few queries for me?:nerd:
  2. Electronics
    I want to install the Pure Highway 600 DAB radio adapter in my Renault. The radio/cd is the one with Expert and update on it. This has to connect to the Renault using a headphone jack to the aux plug. I can find Aux in cables for Renault but they all end in a headphone jack. Has anyone solved...
  3. Electronics
    Hi, I'm having Trouble connecting my yatour bluetooth audio player to the carminat radio in my Renault Megane 3 of 2011. I've connected the cables as they suppost to be connected (the yatour comes packed with Renault 12 pin interface that is convertered to the big black box of wires that you...
  4. Electronics
    Good afternoon. I drive a 2007 1.9dci Scenic. I have a problem with glove box Phone charger and Centre console 12v adaptor. I have googled this problem and have seen that most of the problem is possibly a fuse. I understand that usually the fuse that runs the centre console and glove box...
  5. Electronics
    Hi There Hope you can help I have a Renault scenic 2005 with a Renault radio model no 132-10 There is a socket on the rear on the rh side when viewed from the back where a plug can be fitted. I believe this socket can be used to put an MP3 socket into the car All the adverts I see are for a...
  6. Transmissions
    Hi guys, i have a megane 1 2002 1,9dci with F9Q732 and JC5 gearbox. I lost drive a week ago. When i removed the right drive shaft i found that gearbox adapter/sleeve splines were eaten out on the side of differential. I was happy that i dont need to remove the gearbox and i replaced the...
  7. Engines
    Hi folks, I'm new to the Renault forums here and this is my first post. current i own and drive a Clio mk2 1.2 16v 2003 and i am trying to replace the old intake air housing for a new cone air filter, i know there is no benefit and some may see this as a complete waste of money however that is...
  8. Electronics
    I have bought a USB/Aux adapter and was told it was a straight swap, however the cable looks the same but doesn't fit the adapter. Now I've been told there is a coversion cable I need to use. Could someone please tell me where I can get this cable if it exists? Thanks in advance.
  9. For sale
    Hi I've got rid of my previous install & radio so now I have the following parts left over 1 x CT27AA13 Aerial Adapter for Renault Aerial Adapter (CON-CT27AA13) - New price £8.75 1 x Connects2 Sony Stalk Adaptor (CON-CTSONYLEAD) - New price £2.99 1 x CTSRN006 Stalk Adapter for Renault...
  10. Electronics
    Hi all, Please can someone help. I have bought an Autoleads PC99-X12 lead to fit a Sony stereo to my Clio but can't figure out the red connector. The seller told me it didn't need the dashboard to be removed... Is the Connects2 adapter better and a straight connection?
  11. Electronics
    Hi mates, Can anyone tell me if I can find (on sale, currently) an adapter for the old Renaults stereo remote control (the one located behind the steering wheel in case of the Renault 19, 21, 25) to fit a newer 2DIN unit, Alpine CDE W203Ri? I suppose it would have to be a kind of DIN to ISO...
1-11 of 40 Results