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  1. Electronics
    Can't see it in the manual.
  2. Electronics
    I feel the lights come on pretty late, later than everyone else driving around me (and the streetlights) anyway. Is there a way I can adjust the sensitivity in the Laguna Mk3? Or where are the light sensors placed, is it the one on the mirror on the front windscreen? Tempted to get to it and...
  3. Engines
    Hello Renault Clio 1.4 cc 16v k4j engine model 2005 manual transmission during change the timing belt, slippage has been happend at crankshaft gear . Power and torque of the car gone down the workman used old way (rise the first piston to its highest level) but the power and torque of the...
  4. In-car entertainment
    Is there any way to modify the radio volume at start other than 15? I use an iPod interface and 15 is too low
  5. Electronics
    We picked up a brand new Clio Dynamique S Nav Dci 90 last week and it has the new LED headlights which are very bright with pools of white light and I noticed that there is no inside head light beam adjuster dial as I would have expected, the one that you use to dip the beam when the car is...
  6. Electronics
    I hope someone can help me with this. I have recently failed my MOT because the dipped headlights are too high. This may be due to the fact that I put new tyres on the front whilst the rear ones are near the limit? However I have searched everywhere to see how to adjust them without success...
  7. Transmissions
    Hi, my 05 scenic that I've only had a weeks use out of since I bought it due to engine trouble has started to slip on the clutch going up hills. I'd really like to keep it going for the next 2 months without fitting a new clutch. I know it probably automatic adjusts itself but is there some...
  8. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi Members, This is one thing I love about Renault you get the chance to ask questions and hear advice from experienced users. When I purchased my Renault Clio MK3 06 there was something myself and my dad wasn't happy about and that was the amount of pressure required to feel the brakes...
  9. Engines
    Hi guys, Is possible to slacken off the tension of the clutch pedal on a 2011 MK 3 1500 Scenic Dynamique Deisel and if so could someone explain the procedure. Thanks Hamer.
  10. Engines
    Hey guys! The car failed M.O.T , Failed the exhaust test. I'm pretty sure it needs valveadjusting because i can hear them tap badly***128512;. Can u explain step by step how to do it, I just dont know the order where to start. I mean with the intake or exhaust , and when to turn the crank...
  11. Brakes/Hubs
    There's a long, black-plastic centre console. Has 2 side screws, accessible from back seat & easily removed but this only permits the console to lift up an inch. At the front end there are no screws ... it seems to slide in to the dashboard without any obvious clips. Tried prising it out...
  12. Engines
    Hello everyone, I'm sorry to do this really, firstly I'm not from UK!! My name is Marwan, I'm from Cairo, Egypt. Sorry for signing up for Renault UK Forums as a citizen for UK while my nationality is Egyptian and my current location is Egypt as well. Although we have no forums here in Egypt...
  13. Tools & equipment
    I have to adjust the direction of the windshield wiper arm on the driver's side of my renault fluence 2010. They told me to unscrew the screw on the bottom of the arm, lift it and place it 2 cm higher. I unscrewed the screw but it is impossible to lift the arm. Is there a special technique to...
  14. Interiors
    I've had a look and cannot see anything jammed in the runner. The runner on the door side seems to release ok but the other seems stuck. There is some electric wiring around this point. Does the seat adjuster have some form of lock that is electrically controlled? Possibly connected to airbag...
  15. Engines
    my car is ticking and i dont like it, it has manual tappets so how do i go about adjusting them and do i need any specific tool for the job? :confused:
  16. Electronics
    how do i adjust the self leveling headlights on my renault clio, and can they be locked so not to self level
  17. Electronics
    How I adjust a clock in renu kangoo model 2001 RN ? Thank you
  18. Electronics
    This is a long story so pull up a chair, put the car in for its MOT last year knowing the drivers side light was iffy, the garage then apparently had to electronically adjust the lights so that they would pass the MOT, somehow it managed but he said they were on the lowest limit. So after months...
  19. Electronics
    Hi there im new here and have been searching google for a answer. we recently brought a Renault Laguna 3.0 V6 24V Initiale 5d Auto and both the electric mirrors wont adjust the switch on the door will let them both fold just when i try to adjust nothing. can any one help
  20. Engines
    Does anyone know how to adjust the idle tickover on renault espace 2001 2.2 Diesel engine. The accelerator pedal is electric so can't be adjusted there. Thanks