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  1. Renault megane 2015 dci 110hp. The door striker isn't adjustable right?

    My door opens a tad and the door latch doesnt fit snug and makes a small noise. I taped over the striker and seems to quietened it down a bit. I looked at the striker and loosened it and does not adjust and i took of the whole striker and looks like it doesn't move or does it lol? Can i make my...
  2. Renault Kangoo Van -adjustable headlights

    Ask the Experts
    Hi, I own a 2014 Kangoo Van (1.5 diesel). Shortly I’ll be relocating to France and would like to register the van on French plates. In order to pass the CT test (French mot) the headlights will either require replacing (from a lhd van). My daughters bf brother is a mechanic and he thinks I...
  3. FS: Whiteline Rear Sway Bar 18mm Heavy Duty Blade Adjustable Rena... - TMS Motorsport

    TMS Motorsport
    More great items brought to you by: THE MOFF SHOP / TMS MOTORSPORT FS: Whiteline Rear Sway Bar 18mm Heavy Duty Blade Adjustable Renault Clio This Whiteline 18mm 2 point adjustable sway bar = more grip = better handling = outright performance - it's the best dollar for dollar handling...
  4. Scenic - Which are the safest -fixed headrests v adjustable ones

    Which are the safest -fixed headrests or adjustable ones? I have had all versions of the Scenic until the Nov 2016 model. (looks like a Captur - Nissan Juke - horrible shape.) I liked the adjustable headrests in the front, but the model I have (Scenic, Auto, Diesel May 2016) has the fixed ones...
  5. R26 LEDA Adjustable suspension fitted to my Laguna 2?

    Handling & braking
    Could the R26 suspension be used on my Laguna 2 Phase 2??
  6. renault trafic t1000 clutch slipping adjustable?

    hi all just after a bit of knowledge as a novice, my trafic t1000s clutch has started slipping, so just wondered if this was adjustable to stop this.If so then does anyone know how to do it as im a complete novice, but a skint one so going to have to learn. failing this does anyone know roughly...
  7. Gear cable adjustable or not?

    Hello I was wondering if the gear cables on a scenic 2 1.6 manual are adjustable or not? I'm experiencing a few annoying problems with gear selection. The gear stick shakes when accelerating in first gear only. In third, fourth and fifth gears the gear stick feels like it is being snatched, i.e...
  8. Adjustable rear wings among confirmed 2011 changes

    Formula 1 news new moveable bodywork regulations for next season, drivers will be able to adjust their car's rear wing from the cockpit. The change is one of a number of revisions confirmed by the FIA in the newly-published 2011 regulations...
  9. Adjustable rear wing??

    Formula 1
    Did I catch the last bit of news today about this so drivers can adjust on the straight to help overtaking
  10. Pirelli tyres, adjustable rear wings among '11 changes

    Formula 1 news FIA's World Motor Sport Council has agreed a number of significant changes to the Formula One regulations. Among them are a new single tyre supplier from 2011, aerodynamic revisions designed to boost overtaking, and the return of a 107%...
  11. are auto settings adjustable ??

    Hi , I have a 2005 Laguna privelage, and it has some great toys, like Auto wipers and Auto lights turn on , etc . But in the Auto mode the Lights dont come on until its quite gloomy , and I,d have prefered them on a bit sooner if truth were known , also in auto mode the wipers could do with...
  12. Adjusting non adjustable boost on turbo

    General tuning
    My dad was complaining that his turbo didn't seem to be doing much and his car was generally slow and crap. We checked the wastegate actuator and that was fully adjusted as high as possible (on the nuts on the rod that goes to the wastegate) All I know about turbos is what I've read. Anyway I...
  13. Mk 2 Clio Headlight Height Adjustable?

    I have a '03 clio II and i had to replace the passenger side headlight cluster. However the passenger side beam is at completely the wrong height...I do hear the motor when i move the adjuster wheel INSIDE the car, and the lights on both sides do move in tandem - so that works... its...
  14. electric adjustable wing mirror probs

    Hi i got those electric adjustable wing mirrors and they work other than the fact i cant get them to adjust downwards i end up doing it manually. Anyone know if its an easy and cheap job to do.
  15. Laguna timing belt adjustable or not

    Quick brief of whats happened. Was buying laguna no service history from a dealer. Told sales man would only buy if timing belt replaced. One week later salesman says mechanic says it does not need replaced which i knew but wanted it as part of the deal and got salesman to put this in the...