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  1. Continental headlamp adjustment *** Sorted ***

    Greetings! This is my first post. I'm hopeful someone out there has found this. My new (2019) Captur has the ability to adjust the headlights for driving abroad. That's great, I go to France next week. The handbook has a picture, showing an adjustment screw on top of the light unit. It has a "B"...
  2. Handbrake adjustment

    Hi everyone, we have just come back from an amazing weekend away in our selfbuild campervan, she's a 1999 renault master 2.5 diesel. However during our 193 mile trip the handbrake suddenly decided not to fully work, I would say it only really works 50% ie I can lift the lever all the way up and...
  3. Renault Megane 1.5 dci headlight adjustment and camshaft sensor

    Hi people I have two questions 1) I know how to adjust headlight up and down, but have not figured out how to adjust side to side. Some where somebody told there was like a nut somewhere but i took a look and cant figure out how 2) I have problem with my camshaft sensor and videos on...
  4. Headlight adjustment

    Ask the Experts
    As part of a permanent move from the UK to Spain, I am importing a 2008 Scenic. To pass the ITV (Spanish MOT), I need to permanently adjust the beam direction from the headlights. Does anyone know if this adjustment is possible from within the existing headlamps units or would I need to buy...
  5. Megane CC MK3 - handbrake adjustment

    Hi all, I recently brought a Megane Coupe Cabriolet MK3 (1.9dci). I absolutely love the car but can't find a Haynes manual or anything on internet to help with mechanical issues on this model and it appears to be different from the regular Megane?? So my first question is how do we adjust the...
  6. Hand brake adjustment

    Hi All wonder if any one can tell me where the handbrake adjusts from on a 57 plate Renault Clio car the videos on you tube are not very helpful cause I***8217;m not to sure what Mk the car is I think it could be Mk 3 or 4 can anyone help
  7. Renault Clio 2005 Rush seat recline adjustment not working

    Just bought a Clio rush 2005 and it's got Renault sports seat in it. However, the seat adjustment lever on the driver's seat to be able to recline back isn't working. How do I find out what the fault is?
  8. headlight adjustment

    Hi - have 2018 Trafic and it advises that there is an adjustment to the headlights when driving on left hand side - soon taking it to France where will register it. Does anyone know whether the adjustment is enough to go through a control technique (French MOT) ?
  9. Renault Master, Passenger wing mirror issue

    Hello there, I've recently bought a Renault Master 2010, but the passenger side wing mirror adjustment is not working at all, the drivers side will adjust no problem at all, however the passenger side does not respond to the mirror controls. I've checked the fuse panel but it seems to not list...
  10. Alloys central bore adjustment recommendations!

    Exterior styling
    Hi, could anyone carry out or recommend someone in the South (Dorset/Hants/Sussex) that can increase the central bore of a set of alloys? Got a set that are 60.1 but need to be 66.1 to fit on to the Megane! Thanks
  11. Clio 2 handbrake adjustment.

    Are the rear brakes auto adjusted or manually adjusted. My car lifts slightly on the right rear if I use the handbrake whilst still rolling indicating that that side is braking first/harder than the other. I had the same thing on a Ford Escort. Also, I read that the hub nut must be replaced...
  12. Renault Master mirror adjustment

    I have just bought a 1998 Master with no signs of mirror adjustment either manual or electrical. Is it me or am I missing something. Any help please.
  13. Clio mk2 rear brakes adjustment

    Hi, I've noticed that one of rear wheels is turning harder than the other one (without handbrake). According to my findings the rear brake shoes adjusment should be automatic but it seems there is some kind of issue and one rear shoe is touching the drum. I would like to answer whether there is...
  14. Megane mk3 handbrake adjustment?

    Does anyone know where/how to access the handbrake adjustment on a 2009 Megane mk3 dynamique? I've tried Googling but no success. I've also undone the two rear screws on the centre console but couldn't get it to lift up. I was guessing it'd be hiding under here. Thanks in advance for any...
  15. Automatic Headlight Adjustment

    New Koleos owner, 09 Privilege and quite impressed with it. However, headlight beam feels too low and there is no adjuster dial - handbook says it has automatically adjusted beams, I assume this is based on load somehow? Anyway, any ideas how to manually adjust the beams up - had a look under...
  16. Scenic 3 drivers seat height adjustment

    Hi Looking for some advise or solutions to a very annoying problem lol, for some reason the drivers seat on my Grand Scenic 3 keeps on lowering slowly over the course of the day after I adjust it to a comfortable height for my driving position. Is this a common fault and is it a main dealer fix...
  17. Scenic Seat Height Adjustment

    I noticed this morning that there is a large gap between the plastic handle of the seat height adjuster and the seat body (see picture). I'm fairly certain that normally there is a less of a gap than this and that the handle usually fits snuggly wrapped around the seat body doesn't it? I have...
  18. Clio IV - headlight dip adjustment

    I have a 2016 Clio Dynamique S Nav, and want to know how to carry out a headlight dip adjustment for visits to mainland Europe. I understand it can be done, but there are no instructions anywhere around other than visit the dealer. Is it a problematic adjustment or is it in fact fairly easy both...
  19. Seat back adjustment broken.

    Hi. Just picked a 07 grand scenic up (well Wednesday) only thing wrong with it is that the drivers seat won't recline. When you pull the recliner lever up it's loose and nothing happening. What do I do to replace it ?
  20. Trafic clutch adjustment

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    hi all i have looked on this site a lot about info on my clutch, but could not find much on weather it has an adjustable clutch or not, and how to adjust it i have read quite a bit about high clutchs on the renaults, mine is deff right at the top, and if i shift from 1st to 2nd and let the...