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  1. Formula 1 news Rosberg admits his starts are proving a "weakness" that he must rapidly address as he seeks to counter Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton's run of four straight Grands Prix victories. A poor getaway in Barcelona meant Rosberg was...
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    :MORE @ I wonder why they would do that :rolleyes: perhaps it's because Fernando's test laps are so consistent....or maybe because his technical feedback to the team is so good...........or just perhaps it's because there are...
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    Awww never mind :rolleyes: :d
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    Really glad to see we are so well protected:rolleyes: The threat seems to be from within the realm:crazy: :crazy: Our data is safe :(
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    Fernando Alonso has accepted the blame for his crash with BMW Sauber's Nick Heidfeld in the famous Loews hairpin during Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix. Heidfeld, whose car was damaged after the collision, turned into the Spaniard's Renault as Alonso tried to pass the German. "I was trying really...