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  1. Renault vavavoom

    General Chat
    I would just like to take up a few minutes of your time to ask you about your thoughts about Renault's marketing . I am doing some research into Renault's marketing scheme for a project and I'm wondering what Renault users think . Do you believe their marketing/advertising campaigns are...
  2. Advertising and Touting for business

    Advertising As per our clearly posted rules it is not acceptable to use the forum as the medium to promote your own business. Please do not link to web sites or adverts for financial gain, especially within usernames. If you use your username to advertise a business, you will be asked to...
  3. Change in rules regarding advertising

    Please note that I have updated our rules: The changes are marked in red and are restricted to the section regarding advertising It is important that people realise that RenaultForums costs money to run. We are very fortunate to have some advertisers on...
  4. Advertising Slogan Generator

    General Chat
    The Advertising Slogan Generator Post up some funny ones, also available is the movie quote generator The Movie Quote Generator
  5. Advertising

    OK from the start, I am not having a moan or trying to demeen the hard work of others. I presume that the Admins have done their best to attract advertisers to the site, but I guess we need more to help with site funding. So, to the point. How are we trying to woo advertisers at present and...
  6. Advertising

    It's clear that introducing the advertising slots on the forum has slowed the pages down slightly. Once we can afford a dedicated server, the pages should speed up. In the meantime, all the ads have now been embedded in IFRAMEs to speed the delivery up a bit
  7. You can't buy this sort of advertising!

    Cars & motoring
  8. Why has the advertising column moved?

    You might be wondering why the ad column has moved from the left to the right of the forums? The answer is that for strange reason the Google spider works better when the ads are on the left. The result is that the ads served to you will much better reflect the content of the pages you are...
  9. MGR advertising pylon

    General Chat
    Anybody got any space for this? ;)