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  1. Electronics
    Hello there Can anyone tell me where to find the gps aerial / sensor on my 2010 Grand Scenic ? I think it might have a problem as the Tom Tom keeps thinking its in a different location then it finds itself and works ok for a while. Can be OK for a while or go wrong for days, say a couple of...
  2. In Car Entertainment
    Hi, my Carminat ToMTom Live seems to have no GPS. I need to identify the GPS (satellite) cable to see what connector type is needed for a replacement antenna. I bought a Trafic 2013 with campervan conversion (having pop top roof). The replacement roof has no antenna! I'm thinking that was the...
  3. Bodywork
    Hello guys, hoping someone can help me with this I need to replace the factory aerial on my 99 Megane Coupe, and that will also require a new cable. Had a major issue with water getting into footwell, dripping from roof console, etc. Found that blocked run off drains were the cause, sorted...
  4. Bodywork
    Ive searched everywhere for a reasonably price replacement aerial for my twingo. Some scallywag has ripped the aerial off and damaged the base. A replacement base at a dealer costs 70quid and i dont fancy playing that much. Would a clio or any other model work? I can grab 1 for 20 quid rather...
  5. Electronics
    Got a used Clio 2 2003 5 door hatch and ever since got it, its very bad on weak FM radio stations whereas our previous getz was absolutely fine on these weak radio stations. so i am putting it down to the car aerial or the wire leading to it. Have tried 2 different cd radio units now, both the...
  6. Electronics
    Hello Guys, Since winter I have problem with receive radio station during driving, signal lost or radio mutes itself etc. and also my aerial base not stick to roof... couple millimeters gap... Today I disassemble aerial base and I notice strange white powder. Can anybody tell me what is this...
  7. Interiors
    right so far you have been a bunch of knowledge, and we have got to the point of saying the aerial on the top of the car is faulty. i am having the following issue: there is no satelitte signal being received (fault in the diagnostic says receiver error). now i am looking at replacing the...
  8. Bodywork
    Hi, My above car has an electric aerial stuck halfway up... The motor doesn't make any noise when the radio is turned on/off A) I just wondered if these are easy to replace? I'm also unsure about the coax - I suppose I can Splice it in the wheel arch? B) Is it possible to test that the coax...
  9. Electronics
    The electric aerial is stuck up on my 2003 cabrio. I was wondering if anyone has replaced one with stubby aerial, if so how easy/difficult was it to route the new cable? Or if anyone knows of a replacement that uses the existing cable. Thanks
  10. Bodywork
    Need to replace the grommet on the rear wing electric aerial on my wife's 2002 Megane convertible. Can't see how to remove the aerial. have taken off the rear light cluster but still can not remove the aerial. Any help would be appreciated. ian
  11. Electronics
    Hi, I could do with a heads up before attempting to following in a 2007 Trafic. What do I have to remove dash wise, to run an aerial to the passenger side of the windscreen for a Dabs Radio and for installing a microphone from a hands free kit in the windscreen support on the drivers...
  12. Electronics
    Does anyone know if the aerial on the Megane 2 is amplified? My radio signal is a bit patchy I was thinking of putting in my Kenwood radio, do the factory radios give any trouble? Thanks
  13. Electronics
    Help ive searched and searched may have missed it but cant find help with my aerial wont go up or down when I turn ignition on any help appreciated thanks in advance
  14. Electronics
    Hi all, I bought a new Pioneer 4800BT radio to replace the factory radio in my Clio 3 (2012). The radio came with an adapter to plug the original 2 cables into a single cable in the back of the new radio. There is no slot to plug the aerial cable in, so the radio does not tune. The steering...
  15. Electronics
    Hi Couple weeks ago someone has smashed the antenna from the car roof. It is pretty bad and I have to replace the base as well. Can someone please advise me what steps need to be done to be able to replace the base? I had a look inside and I saw 2 airbags (right and left) and that's why I...
  16. Electronics
    Problems with Laguna aerial ...No signal on radio and aerial built in to rear windscreen ..any ideas as me is confuzzled :confused:
  17. Electronics
    does anyone know how to check the aerial connection on a mk 2 megane
  18. Electronics
    We have just ordered a new Scenic Limited with no extra options. Once we have it then I plan to add DAB to it. Does anyone know if the standard aerial fitted has DAB capability or is it just FM/AM? I am not a fan of the ones that stick on windscreen and will want to install a "proper" roof...
  19. Electronics
    Got in car today cant get a radio signal ..aerial built into back window so is there an amplifier for it if so which fuse as SWMBO put hand book away somewhere safe :eek:
  20. Electronics
    Previously working aerial. Now wont go down, no sounds of the motor working. Does anyone know if it has a dedicated fuse? everything else works electrically - even the radio. I have checked the handbook and diag dvd's,